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Codificador giratorio incremental, codificador otico, codificador magnetico, sensor de velocidade, saida de pulso –Codificador giratorio incremental, codificador otico, codificador magnetico, sensor de velocidade, saida de pulso fornecido por Shenzhen Xinyak Sensor Technology Co., Ltd.
What if you could get in some fitness time in the comfort of your own home, with nobody on the machine behind you judging your TV choices? Caution: Consult your physician before beginning this or any weight loss or exercise program. Trying to get in shape and lose weight before I try to have another baby and so far this machine has been great! The only negative about this is my instruction booklet was missing steps 5-7 and the pictures of all the parts.
The magnetic incremental rotary encoders GEL 293 are based on contactless magnetic scanning of an integrated ferromagnetic precision target wheel. The rotary encoders work with differential, magnetic- field- dependent sensors and a precision target wheel.
Rectangular signals are output with different signal patterns which provide a clear direction detection and a high data re- liability. The encoder electronics is coated with a highly effective protection against humidity, salt-water atmosphere and cor- rosive vapours. The additional fixing of mechanical parts with special plastic prevents the electronics and the connections inside the en- coder from vibrating. Due to the high resolution ( direction of rotation dependent pulses per revolution) a DC output current is obtained which shows a low harmonic content even at a very low speed range (e.g.
Pulses independent of the direction of rotation and of con- stant duration are derived from the square-wave signals as per signal pattern V and output on the 2nd track. The signal patterns S, SN, V, VN, X and XN have HTL levels, the signal patterns T, TN, U and UN have TTL levels. The following stated data for each signal pattern refer to ca- ble type LiYCY 6 (10) x 0.25 mm2 between encoder and subsequent electronics.
The polarity of the current output option A can be reversed by the connection of pin J or green core. Customer-specific modifications to mechanical and electrical features are in principle possible.
Recommended substitution: For existing customer transition, and for new customers or new applications, contact Allegro Sales.
The A1354 device is a high precision, programmable 2-wire Hall effect linear sensor IC with a pulse width modulated (PWM) output.

The BiCMOS, monolithic circuit inside of the A1354 integrates a Hall element, precision temperature-compensating circuitry to reduce the intrinsic sensitivity and offset drift of the Hall element, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, proprietary dynamic offset cancellation circuits, and PWM conversion circuitry. The A1354 device is provided in a lead (Pb) free 4-pin single inline package (KT suffix), with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.
Allegro’s products are not to be used in any devices or systems, including but not limited to life support devices or systems, in which a failure of Allegro’s product can reasonably be expected to cause bodily harm. You can generally expect to lose up to 2 pounds per week with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise. Took me 2 days to assemble only because I split it another reviewer pointed out, the directions are far more complicated than the actual assembly! The resilent housing with a flange size of 115 mm is available with radial connec- tor or cable outlet. The sen- sors scan without contact the tooth structure of the target wheel and output a sine and cosine voltage. Thus, the proper and continuous op- eration of the encoder even under extreme vibration and shock loading is guaranteed.
In addition, a signal dependent on the direction of rotation is obtained from the signal pattern (counting direction); it is output on the 1st track.
For encoders with signal pattern S, by reversing the measuring current the di- rection-dependent S-signal is also reversed.
When mounting with aid of pressure plate DS 290 the posi- tion of the zero signal is adjustable at the rear side. The dynamic offset cancellation circuits reduce the residual offset voltage of the Hall element. Hop on this elliptical, and you can work out while watching your favorite "guilty pleasure" reality show. Started at 5 minutes on my first day and now up to 16 minutes after having used it only 3 days..definitely challenging?? The integrated flexible hollow shaft coupling of the encoder is mounted on the drive shaft with a diameter of 16 mm. The integrated evaluation electronics converts the analog sensor signals into incremental output signals. The harmonic content depends on the pulse frequency and the determined attenuation, lat- ter influencing the rising and trailing edge times as well as the delay time in case of erratic changes of the speed. The speed for the maximum current of 20 mA, which was specified in the order is indicated on the ID-plate (eg, "4000 min-1").

The A1354 device converts an analog signal from its internal Hall circuit to a digitally encoded PWM output signal. Hall element offset is normally caused by device overmolding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress. By mounting the encoder with the aid of DS 290 pressure plate a frictional connection between the hollow shaft and the drive shaft is ensured. The attenuation is factory set so that the harmonic content p at rated speed is ≤ 1%, it is also indicated on the ID-plate (eg 'd5'). The pulses follow a possible change in the direction of rota- tion with a short delay so that any downstream counting cir- cuit can be set to the counting direction prior to the pulse.
The coupled noise immunity of the digitally encoded PWM output is far superior to the noise immunity of an analog output signal.
The high frequency offset cancellation (chopping) clock allows a greater sampling rate, which increases the accuracy of the output signal and results in faster signal processing capability.
The signal dependent on the direction of rotation can be in- verted using a switch accessible from the exterior (switch 1). It is recommended to perform the drive shaft with a driver fitting the groove of the hollow shaft, in order to avoid slippage of the encoder shaft. Circuit using a HEXFET drive IRF7105, containing complementary N-channel, P-channel power FET (, V1, V2).
Optional designs include a condensate outlet or additionalprotection measures against moisture and vibration for harsh environmental conditions.
Reset signal sent by the µP V2 directly to the gate, set the signal type 2N3904 NPN transistor is connected through the gate of V1.
If the flange side of the encoder should be dust and water-protected, mounting with a intermediate flange or shaft adapter or mounting flange is recommended. For encoders with signal pattern S, by reversing the measuring current the direction-dependent S-signal is also reversed.

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