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Should a power source (transformer or battery) be of smaller capacity than the one supplied, it may not be able to fully charge the capacitor in the time selected. Today, after only 2 days of being back on these units I’m already getting back on my feet. I’m having amazing success with my magnetic pulse generator in relieving pain in arthritic joints and herniated discs.
A surgeon advised me an operation is the only cure for Dupuytren’s contracture - bending of the ring and little fingers that is considered hereditary in men. Over the last 25 years I have fasted up to 15 days in a row, done numerous herbal cleansings, and ate vegetarian for awhile. I had Genital Herpes - please notice I use the word ‘had’, as I am now symptom - free! The opinions stated are the views of Elixa and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. An internal Digital Counter allows the MPG5 to pulse approximately 20 minutes between resets.
LED light indicates either the unit has completed a 20 minute cycle of pulses, or an overload condition has occurred. We now have a Professional Custom Strobe type Capacitor designed specifically for our Magnetic Pulser. The manufacturer rates the capacitor at well over a 30 million (30,000,000) cycles of operation.
Bio-North Magnetic Pole Polarity (-) or South-Seeking is clearly identified on one side of pulsing coil.
This gives the user the choice of applying either Bio-North (-) or Bio-South (+) pole energy to the site.
Additionally, the Magnetic Pulser may also be operated directly from a 12 Volt DC Battery like an automobile cigarette lighter. Finally, at long last here is an extensive update (of the 2003-08-19 original) that many have been requesting. Stop all processed foods (this includes all vegetable oils (unrefined cold pressed oils such as organic Fax, olive (uncooked only) for salads, coconut and palm for cooking are the only exceptions) and most milk products, unless raw, rest are all adulterated. Please note that this is not a permanent magnet but a pulsed magnet and as such the polarity is not an issue, when the pulse collapses the magnetic field reverses. 1) The capacitors develop a memory and don't fully discharge its better to use a number of them in parallel.
2) In the original Beck based designs the flash tube heats and develops some resistance so you need to have enough time between flashes for them to cool down.
3) Using a high current SCR (forces the caps to fully discharge by providing a longer connection than the strobe) and parallel caps from disposable cameras I can now consistently get 12 - 18 inch jumps with #14 fender washers. Specifications: Completely fill tape spool with #14 or 16 enameled copper magnet wire (130 to 160 turns) wound onto the 1" dia. Those interested in using a 12 V DC source use a cheap 75 watt car inverter I bought one on sale for just $7 Cdn! I have also attached a file for the free CircuitMaker Student Version electronics software for those interested in modifying the simple circuit that I have developed.
At 09:36 2009-02-11, Gerry wrote: Hi Chris Could you please give me the remedy for migraine headaches, my wife gets these consistently!! 2) I have used 6x 560 UF capacitors (at 250 v) for the unit - will that be ok when I use 250 volt? Hi, make sure that if you use 220 volt instead of 110 volt that the capacitors can handle at least 450 volt. Also, be aware that the click switch should be made of very good quality - mine blew off afer just 1-2 clicks (where I did not use the SCR also). The SCR is probably a very, very good idea so now I am upgrading my simplified version to the one with the SCR.
NB Please make updated schematics to make the magetic pulser oscillating wth 5.000 hertz or similar. Secondly, I did not clean up the board well enough and caused a small burn across some connection, which were too close to each other. It did not thump as well as I expected, so I added another 2 PhotoFlash capacitors and all was well. Cris, Could not find SCR here would a TRIAC work in place of it in the magnetic pulser circuit? I emailed you Nov 12 to this forum, but I believe that I messed up my new email address, which I have now amended. I hope that you may be able to find time to answer some of my questions from that November post.
Does the inductor to the right side of the schematic circuit represent the magnetic treatment loop? What is the function of the The 10K resistor the Diode and the manual switch in the top schematic? You should reduce the horizontal length of the circuit in order to print the whole circuit with out resorting to separate landscape printing.
No transformer may be less costly, however, it will make the circuit more effective (gause wise) and provide a control range which I would consider necessary for treatment of the immune areas over the heart.
I have examined your circuit more closely and now found the answer to my previous question regarding the inductor.. However, you have not shown the "Therapy Loop" as a device in your circuit, Is it in series with the Induction Circuit? Photos with basic electronics info related to the construction of Chris Gupta's Electromagnetic Pulse Machine can be found on my web site. Chris I would like you to publish a 220-240VAC schematics..You are saving lifes here mate, please do the necessary alteration as soon as possible!Please!
Photoflash capacitors are designed for High-Voltage, LOW current, very quick 'low-load' discharges. Now I am perfecting a Thumper which anyone can make from a discarded Auto-Flash camera and a bit of time. Why is everyone increasing the capacity of their "thumpers" to such high levels, when the original Beck model was designed to create a specific micro current?
I am confused about how to attach the extension cord wire (or speaker wire) to the coil itself. Does he mean that the ends of the coil wire are attached to the ends of the cord wires or soldered directly to the sides of the coil? Hi Chris thanks for putting up with all us electrophobs for many years now. Can you explain for me, how it is safe and not straight mains going threw the coil that would be dangerous. Hi, With regard to the 240 volt operation you should all be aware that lone capacitor at the beginning is forming a voltage Doubler, so removing it and shorting it out would lower the voltage to similar to the that intended at the capacitor bank.
For 240v op I used a 240 to 120v transformer to power it as is without changing anything, works great.
Paul, I am sure of the front capacitor forming a voltage doubler, the problem is at 240v the voltage on the caps is still a little too high for 330v caps suggested they need to be at least 350v with the voltage on the cap going to approx 1.414 x the quoted mains voltage, 400v caps are safer. Anybody who can send me the Schematics of 240 will be wonderfull. Bob Davis of "I have built a super thumper with 4,000 uF of capacitors" please send me the Schematics as the link you gave doesnt work.
Can someone send me schematic drawing of the 240V autopulse circuit. Also where can I purchase a circuit board for the bob beck blood zapper.

Paul please be careful, you are making lots of speculations in your last post which are incorrect and misleading. Anyone know the requirements for a heavy duty switch and have a website that i can purchase it from? Hi Chris & Everyone i»?I built a magnetic pulser I hooked My Behringer power amplifier to a Radio Shack 24 volt transformer to yellow wires stepping up the voltage then I used three 470 uF 200 volt capacitors that I took out some old Computer power supplies It would lift a hacksaw blade around 2 Inch & toss a washer over 2 feet diagonally hitting Me, The problem Is I pushed the voltage to close to 200 volts & put the coil over the top of My head & push the button then Immediately I felt faint & dizzy & sick.
God has given us wisdom to move up in life and grow spiritually please dont waste your life..
Thank you Chris and all of you who posted here with info and questions that help me understand what I need to do to build one of these. I am in process in building one of these and was looking for good Magnetic Wire - its very expensive. It has helped to reduce my frequent and daily cough by approximately 25% as coughing spells are less frequent and shorter most of the times. I have a friend, a retired pharmacist, who does live blood cell analysis so for the past two years I have had my blood checked with a dark-field microscope. I would get migraine headaches and then 15 years ago I caught Hepatitis B while travelling. The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle.
Additionally the Blood electrifier should be modified with an extra battery as this has been found to be better with due to variations in skin thicknesses. If not comfortable, have a someone familiar with electronics like a TV repairman build it for you. This has been eliminated in my circuit, however, you still need some time for the capacitors to charge up. Though a schematics is fine then for me it would be easier to also have a picture to look at. I wanted to make it more powerful than your schematics (also, i could not find any capacitors lowwer than 270 UF anyway). Incidentally you cannot pulse at 5000 Hz at the powers here unless you have a humongous power supply! I am presently in Mexico, so I sometimes have problems getting the locals to understand my bad Spanish and have to use internet pics to order difficult parts.
Cris could you tell me please the difference between a Photo flash capacitor and Electrolytic capacitor. If Chris can't do that, please anybody else who knows how to do it, please do it!Just give us a complete schematic for 220VAC with parts etc. The key to conversion is the total POWER (in Watts) which is a product of Volts * Amps into the device.
A photoflash tube (Xenon) is essentially a glass tube filled with Xenon gas and an electrode at each end. Can you provide a working 240V version diagram, I have now trashed 3 battery flash versions and wish to upgrade but am afraid of the mains connection. Thanks for being. You strip back the insulation from the copper wire from the start of your winding and the end of your winding using sandpaper and solder the mains wire to each end of the winding you have just sanded. They appear to be acting as a simple charge current limiter.They also stop shorting the mains when you fire the trigger too.
I was going to point out the option of putting the caps in series to increase the voltage,(this does have the capacitance however) but had descided to try and guide you towards a lower voltage and probably safer device. The idea with a step down transformer is basically ok however a 100 or 300 watt transformer will simply not work to well and finally blow up. I have an eye Irritation & the Rife Doug coil was Not helping that Is why I was using the magnetic pulser It was the only thing I could figure out what to do without putting Electrode pads on My eyes which I though might get burnt doing that, the magnetic pulser did Not hurt My eyes but I got carried away & zapped My head & neck too but I seen Robert Beck do that too. Best price I found was $20 + shipping for 1 lb of 14awg at 80 ft, or 1 lb of 16awg at 128 ft. For a three week period I used the blood electrifier behind my knees for 45 minutes a day; and I drank 2 cups of colloidal silver water daily. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. Unfortunately neons are not very stable and tend to vary as time goes by and may need to be replaced so use a socket for a quick change. This adds to the already copious data on the negative harm from EMF (Electro Magnetic Radiation).
Or, should I increase the capacitors to capacitors who can handle 400 volt instead of just 250 volt?
I also changed the position of the rectifier (2N5402) as it was too close the PhotoFlash-legs connector.
I mounted the bulb, (100w) in a separate container to reduce the heat and for protection against a capacitor exploding.
I would say that the power drawn can be no more than the that of the bulbs, since they are in parallel, it seems that 120 watts is the max power, however in theory you might need too have a bigger transformer as the effiency of the tranformer is not 100. If you use lower Wattage bulb or bulbs the circuit will work just the same, the transformer can then be cheaper and smaller, the only difference would be is that it will take a bit longer to recharge the capacitor bank between each discharge, which I would have though would not be a problem.
When you put capacitors in series the effect is to halve the capacitance so actually with 4 capacitors in series parallel you will have capacitor in effect a capacitor of 130uF rated at 660 volts. I built a small coil but high Intensity Doug coil I use the same way with No adverse effects. This magnetic energy induces electrical current and voltage in any conductor in its vicinity (human tissue is a good electrical conductor). I started using herbs, enzymes and other natural products and my blood showed I was making progress. The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units, has not been approved by any government agency.
If you want a little sweetener go to totally unprocessed ones such as little unpasteurized honey and cane sugar.
Those planning to incorporate the automatic version must be mindful of this and adjust the timer circuit to compensate this effect. The most expensive part is the coil which can cost as much a $20 unless you build it yourself! However I have also a magnetic waist belt that I use against my skin witht he pulser on the other side. I also covered the back of the board in silicon to prevent short outs between the PhotoFlash capacitor legs. Originally I used 3 650 uF capacitors from old photo flash units, the SCR is rated for 30 amps continuous.
The orginal circuit should still work with only one bulb and create less stress on the diodes and caps in the process. I will comment on some of the other stuff in your post when I get time to check it out. I used two 60w 230v bulbs in parallel .I wanted to use 100w but couldna€™t find red ones in that wattage!
But you still have kept the doubler voltage is doubled.Charge is proportorional to V squared. Did I use too much power Sota specifications show they use 600 uF capacity at 330 volt charge which equates same power If Not My magnetic pulser having less kick. To go with 1 and half lb will cost me close to $40 with shipping. Can regular plastic insulated electrical wire do for a coil? Beck says it disables all viruses, bacteria, fungi, microbes, germs, pathogens and parasites.
Whenever I wore them, my left boot rubbed on my ankle so much that the lymph would flow like blood.

I had to be careful because of my liver - it was a fine line between cleansing and poisoning.
I hasten to add that power is not the be all and end all, indeed, it is quite possible to design very effective low power pulsers with exceptionally fast pulse rise times that can surpass the performance of even the most powerful pulser. One can further reduce the cost if at a latter date you don't want to upgrade to auto pulsing.
So you still have the same charge stored as the standard arrangemet all be it with it being a bit more dangerous with 600v+. They are charged from the 230 volt line via a bridge rectifier in series with a 2 kilowatt heater element. What can I do Is their a Rife frequency that will reverse this what method of Rifing do I use I Am Not sure what to do.
Perhaps some of the first link in this post with IC power steppers would make such device possible and much smaller coil. After four months I used the blood electrification four times a week, but continue to drink 8 ounces of colloidal silver on a daily basis. I went to a health practitioner who uses muscle testing to know what to take and how much to take. This can be accomplished by removing the 10k resistor and the SCR and by simply wiring the a push to close switch in line to the coil.
Need to have some professional attention to this method of inhansing the pulser to penitrate deeper . The rate of charge probably depends a bit on how the bulbs are responding to the double arrangement. Even then it takes about 6 seconds to recharge the capacitors, After a few firings the heater element gets to be red hot. Should the fan fail, (or should the unit be operated for lengthy periods) the unit then enters into a second self protecting mode. I have been using the blood electrification for six months, and I will I continue to do so. The blood electrification and the magnetic pulsing with colloidal silver and ozonized water are by far the best thing I have tried. 1 went on them for the 21 Day Protocol for one hour per day, including the magnetic pulse generator, which I used on a swollen lymph on the right side of my pelvis area.
I have used it on the sinus area on my head with great relief.alson on kidneys same results.
When the capacitor’s temperature reaches a critical point, it will no longer charge to the full voltage and the unit will shut down. Colloidal Silver: The black fungus that grew on the rock wall by the bathtub just disappeared after being sprayed with silver colloid. I would recommend this device to anyone who wants to improve their health without a quick fix. I zapped it for 10-20 minutes a day with the magnetic pulse generator plus 15 minutes all over the body.
It has been long known amongst alternate energy and electromedicine researchers that very high speed pulses have the ability to tap into some form of radiant energy that is generally not recognized by mainstream science.
These 'stiffeners' will sandwich reel's flanges so they won't warp or split as wire pressure builds up while winding progresses. He uses a microwave transformer and 700volts, the apacitors look about as big as coke cans.
But for info to increase the charge rates you can change the bulb rating but take care, you are loosing sight of what this device is for. A disk from a computer hard drive is fired right into the ceiling, so is a large aluminum or copper disk. We bathe and wash dishes from water in our cistern haven’t yet figured out how to reduce the bacteria and what not so skin problems were a part of life.
Devices with very weak but high speed pulses in nanosecond range have been build and efficaciously used by NASA engineers.
Iron or steel washers do not work so well as the internal resistance of the material is simply too high. I didn’t realize this until a month later when my legs turned beet red and swelled up. Anyway I could do with some help with alternative SCR's please and how the 'ek you wire them. To cut out the back emf recharging and damaging the capacitor bang by having opposite polarity I connected a 50 amp cont. Any slight irritation to these areas, such as clothing rubbing on it, increases the swollen red areas. Also I noticed that after 30 to 40 pulses the coil gets so hot that its impossible to hold her in the hand. On occasion, I just plain lose control and scratch the itching areas, which makes it much worse. Also the original capacitors got rather hot after a few discharges, the big capacitors stay completely cool.
Further, an Electrolytic Computer-Grade capacitor is larger, heavier, much beefier and can store many times the ENERGY as a similarly-rated Photoflash device..
I have got together a 10k 3w resistor for the SCR, a 3 amp push to make switch, a couple of 1n5406 diodes (rated 600v 3 amp) and a UH20FCT (which is the SCR) rated at 300v.
I tried many things such as, ozone, antibiotics, pitch (which provided the greatest relief from itching) and hydrogen peroxide. Stress or sunburn from my outdoor activity usually complicates my condition but I still haven’t had a Herpes outbreak. During the first tests it magnetized the shadow mask of my monitor from a distance of more then 6 feet. Gordon was a candidate for a heart transplant but managed to rebuild his own heart by just such a device. Example: If you have two sockets for the bulbs, looking at the schematic you will see that they are wired in parallel, so connect the black wires together, and then connect the white wires together, then get One wire of the AC cord and connect it to EITHER the black side or the white side and sloder it or use a wire-nut.
The other side of the socket(s) wire goes to one side (the CATHODE or side with the band) of the diode. I got 660v rather than 330v that way, which I admit is fooooookin dangerous but it works, and there is no chance of the caps blowing that way. All capacitors ran cool and my switch has worked a few times, I'm not planning on using it much without the SCR as I don't think it's as safe without it.
My smoothing capacitor for the bulbs is a single 120uf 330v (I worked it out because my other caps are 660v) If you look at Chris's brill plan the first cap is 150 v and the capacitor bank is 300v so to me 330 and 660v seemed perfect. I have put insulation tape around the connections to the black box, but just simple sellotape (for now) around the coil, mainly to keep it together.

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