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Physicist: Magnetic fields are nothing more than the result of combining an electric field with the effects of relativity. In addition to creating magnetic fields, moving charges also experience force from a magnetic field that can be found using another right hand rule.  Point your fingers (on your right hand, of course) in the direction the charge is moving, curl your fingers in the direction of the field, and your thumb will be pointing in the direction of the force. But this all begs the question; how fast do the particles have to be moving so that the magnetic field they generate to pull them together is strong enough to balance the electric force pushing them apart?  The answer is exactly the speed of light (not a coincidence). Classically, two charges moving in the same direction will fly apart slower than normal because of their magnetic field. The protons in both wires see the electrons in both wires as denser due to length contraction.
So if magnetic fields are just weird relativistic effects, then where do magnetic poles, bar magnets, and whatnot come from? This perspective, that all magnetic dipoles (bar magnets, big and small) are reducible to current loops, helps explain a lot of things; like why there are no magnetic monopoles, and why atoms generate magnetic fields (an orbiting electron is essentially a current loop).
There are in these books beautifully clear explanations of the electrostatic force using simple Feynman diagrams (as you provide here), and general relativity using the example of a spinning disk, but no comparable explanation of f*cking magnets.
The outline of the story goes something like a Feynman diagram for electrostatics with moving frames, but that hand-waving doesn’t get at the intuitive heart of why QED should imply basic magnetic properties like polarity, the right-hand-rule, and electron spin. Indeed, the thing I have been looking for in over 20 years of libraries and archives, study books and writings of the best physicists was exactly this: please explain me the steps from QED applied to a bar magnet to the description of the magnetic field created by it. Suppose we create a magnet by using a soft-iron yoke in U shape with a coil wound around it at the middle (bend) part and the ends bend such that we get a nice homogeneous magnetic field between them. This description is a little abstract because you can never actually get a magnetic pole by itself.
Curio asked “why is there no magnetic force on a stationary charge next to a current carrying wire.” I think the electron would orientate itself in a particular direction due to its magnetic moment, but I do not think Faraday would agree with your comment “There is a small attractive force”, as an electric force is the result of a changing magnetic field, and for a stationary charge along side a wire with a steady current the magnetic field is constant. Although physicists can clearly predict magnetic effects; as people have commented above, physicists really do not understand magnetism. Of course a stationary charge placed beside a wire with no current, will feel a small attractive force, due to inducing an opposite charge on the wire.
What has a Physicist to say about the work done on a particle => Force ? the distance it moved in relation to a magnet? I have an even more difficult problem with the magnetic field (and electrostatic and gravitational fields as well).
I think that saying it’s just coulombs law and relativity is begging the question a bit. The thing that got me for a while was why a charge moving next to a neutrally charged wire carrying current; why that charge curves.
Q: Can planes (sheets) be tied in knots in higher dimensions the way lines (strings) can be tied in knots in 3 dimensions? Q: Why can’t we see the lunar landers from the Apollo missions with the Hubble (or any other) telescope?
Q: When you write a fraction with a prime denominator in decimal form it repeats every p-1 digits. Q: Since the Earth is spinning and orbiting and whatnot, are we experiencing time wrong because of time dilation? Q: How good is the Enigma code system compared to today’s publicly available cryptography systems? Q: What would happen if there was a giant straw connecting the Earth’s atmosphere right above the ground to space?
Q: If the Sun pulls things directly toward it, then why does everything move in circles around it?
Q: If a long hot streak is less likely than a short hot streak, then doesn’t that mean that the chance of success drops the more successes there are?
Q: If time slows down when you travel at high speeds, then couldn’t you travel across the galaxy within your lifetime by just accelerating continuously? Q: If nothing can escape a black hole’s gravity, then how does the gravity itself escape? Q: If the number of ancestors you have doubles with each generation going back, you quickly get to a number bigger than the population of Earth. Q: How do you define the derivatives of the Heaviside, Sign, Absolute Value, and Delta functions? Q: If you flip a coin forever, are you guaranteed to eventually flip an equal number of heads and tails?
Q: Are there examples of quantum mechanics that can be seen in every-day life, or do they only show up in the lab? Q: What kind of telescope would be needed to see a person on a planet in a different solar system? Q: Using modern technology, are we any closer to turning lead into gold than alchemists were hundreds of years ago?
Nos ja ouvimos falar muito dele, sabemos sua aplicacao pratica, mas o que realmente e o magnetismo? Essa palavra se refere a fenomenos fisicos decorrentes da forca entre imas, objetos que produzem campos que atraem ou repelem outros objetos.

Todos os materiais possuem magnetismo, a diferenca e que alguns o tem um pouco mais forte do que outros. Ha tambem o paramagnetismo, no qual certos materiais sao atraidos por um campo magnetico, e o diamagnetismo, em que os materiais sao repelidos por um campo magnetico. Alguns materiais sao chamados de nao magneticos porque os seus efeitos magneticos sao tao pequenos que sao desprezados. Um campo magnetico e uma maneira de descrever matematicamente como materiais magneticos e correntes eletricas interagem. Um ima e o que faz a bussola apontar para o norte – o pequeno pino magnetico em uma bussola e suspenso para que ele possa girar livremente dentro da bussula e responder ao magnetismo do nosso planeta. Os campos magneticos exercem uma forca sobre as particulas no campo, chamada forca de Lorentz. Tanto as interacoes eletricas como as magneticas sao elementos de um mesmo fenomeno chamado eletromagnetismo. Maxwell desenvolveu um conjunto de formulas, chamadas equacoes de Maxwell, para descrever esses fenomenos.
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Geomag Magnetic Construction SetCombine magnetic rods and spheres to create geometrical shapes, physics and chemistry models and more! This unique magnet construction set allows you to combine magnetic rods and spheres to create buildings, structures, spinning tops, mathematical shapes, physics and chemistry models and much more! Bank Holiday Delivery Information Please note any orders placed after 4:30pm on the 29th April will not be dispatched from our warehouse until 3rd May 2016. Frank Marquardt is director of content strategy at The Barbarian Group, a digital services and creation company.
Traditional advertising worked through distraction — an interruption to our sitcom, a page between magazine articles, a banner teasing our attention at the top of a webpage.
Magnetic content is content that’s good — content that gets people’s attention with great story or outright hilarity. As one element of a brand’s broader content marketing strategy, magnetic content is the premium stuff: It can powerfully augment the everyday flow of comments and questions and links you’re sharing in your social media channels, garnering earned media attention that drives interest in your brand and builds audience for it.
Here are five strategies to get you started defining magnetic content for your 2012 marketing mix. Denny’s web series "Always Open" features comedian David Koechner conducting short interviews of fellow comics like Will Arnett, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman in a Denny’s booth at a live, working restaurant. The most magnetic content lives over time, building community around an experience — think of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Seinfeld. Look at Lancome’s Visions of Beauties, which invites people from around the world to share what beauty is to them through photos, videos, and tweets.
The Internet makes it easy to extend excellent content, creating a transmedia (multi-platform) experience that builds off an initial execution to offer many different ways to engage. While the video itself is a masterful story that speaks of Hornbach’s core values of loyalty, friendship, and neighborliness, it served as one piece of a broader experience that included Facebook profiles of the film’s characters and construction manuals for the furniture featured in the film. Magnetic content doesn’t have to offer something inspiring, but, when done well, inspiration can have an enormous effect.
The campaign extends across multiple media, but the film that provides a framework and platform for a series of crowdsourced philanthropic fundraising hits an emotionally resonant note that’s fresh and unexpected, especially from a brand: “Your life is your life. Consider how IKEA Sweden communicated its promise of “better sleep for everyone.” It commissioned six Swedish musicians to modernize classic lullabies — a simple idea, harmonizing perfectly with the product’s promise. Then IKEA took the idea a step further, extending beyond the simple lullaby (which it later sold as an album on iTunes, with an album cover that looked a lot like a banner for IKEA) to commission six different artists, each of whom created a music video for a lullaby, featuring IKEA beds.
Researchers in the journal Science have reported that they can now create a cloak that hides objects from static magnetic fields. The team was led by Alvaro Sanchez at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain, working together with experimental scientists at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, and they’re describing a magnetic cloak that could be made inexpensively with readily available materials. The interior of the cloak is lined with turns of tape made from a high-temperature superconductor, which can repel magnetic fields.
This cloak is simpler than previous invisibility cloaks, since its permeability is isotropic instead of anisotropic, meaning that it has the same value in all directions.
The overall cost of this cloak was about €1,000 (US $1,000), which is a small amount when it comes to this kind of research. Everything is in motion, its just that some motions appear static because they are repetitive or being looked at from a macroscopic viewpoint. Mathematically, the electric and magnetic fields can be derived from an electric potential field and a magnetic vector potential field, which can themselves be derived from a single scalar field. But, subtly, it’s not that that spin *generates* the magnetic field- that spin IS the magnetic field!!! Imas permanentes, feitos a partir de materiais como ferro, experimentam efeitos mais fortes, conhecidos como ferromagnetismo. Outras formas, mais complexas, incluem antiferromagnetismo, em que as propriedades magneticas dos atomos ou das moleculas se alinham ao lado uma da outra, e o comportamento vidro de spin, que envolve interacoes tanto ferromagneticos quanto antiferromagneticas.

A agulha da bussola se alinha e aponta em direcao ao polo sul magnetico da Terra, que corresponde ao polo norte geografico. Ha quatro forcas, ou interacoes, fundamentais: a forca forte, a forca fraca, a gravidade e a forca eletromagnetica.
The magnets are strong enough that each structure is solid, yet the pieces can be pulled apart with ease. If there’s no relevance to your brand, there’s no magnetism for your brand, so you want the content to reflect your brand aspiration and engage around its promise.
The quirky questions and silly interactions don’t open any new doors, but they meet Denny’s millennial target through recognizable actors and goofy situations, evoking a cultural sensibility toward diners as places where people come together and talk and eat in a casual environment. As a crowdsourced campaign, Lancome has set up an aspirational, brand-resonant experience around beauty that anybody can participate in as a contributor or voyeur. Hornbach, a German home improvement and DIY chain, created the 10-minute film The Infinite House, to introduce the launch of its online stores. These extensions from the video provide ways for people to immerse themselves more deeply in the story and engage in a richer experience with the brand. It can root the content in the brand’s values and associate the brand with a meaningful stand. Everybody relates to meeting friends in a diner; we all have personal experiences of beauty.
The lullabies aired on the radio and a website provided a place to watch the music videos and read about the artists and their beds. It offers a platform and extension that goes beyond a simple, dead-end execution, and creates conversation around an experience that is relevant to your brand. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Any magnetic fields enclosed within a superconductor would be undetectable from the outside.
The resulting cloak is less than perfect, but it convincingly demonstrated the raw concept and that it can further be improved using existing materials. A forca magnetica em uma unica carga eletrica depende do tamanho da carga, a sua velocidade, e da forca do campo eletrico e magnetico.
O campo do eletromagnetismo lida com a maneira como as particulas eletricamente carregadas interagem umas com as outras e com os campos magneticos. This set includes 54 rods and 32 spheres made of tarnish-resistant, nickel-plated steel for extra durability. And the Holy Grail of brand-produced content is magnetic content — an emerging buzzword eMarketer describes as a form of marketing that “involves blurring the lines between content and advertising,” and calls out as one of the top trends for 2012. In fact, you can maximize your impact if you design your content experience to live as a platform.
Levi’s Now Is Our Time plays with this idea, pulling together brand values of pioneering, freedom, and equality to connect with its young, independent-minded customer. Finding ideas that can produce magnetic content only means thinking hard about what a brand, product, or service stands for, and how we might relate it interestingly to our experiences.
However, X-ray machines and sniffer dogs would probably not be defeated by this kind of cloak. How many people carrying hazardous materials have passed through those so-called “security checks”?
The experience evolves over time, bringing people together across space to weave together a story about the very thing Lancome’s products aspire to: beauty.
A Hall probe was used to map the magnetic field and researchers discovered that the field lines did not enter the cloak itself. And its power lies in the degree to which it reflects and expands people’s vision of themselves. The exactness of this cloak which could be made perfect, using currently available materials.
I suspect people like GW Bush, Dick Cheney and other mafiosos have very large stakes in those”security companies. It appears, though it is not entirely certain yet, that the Arhanov-Bohm effect is caused by the Magnetic Vector Potential outside of any measurable electric or magnetic fields.
I believe it is fairly likely that if we were to study the highest level of these fields, we would find other effects that are missing when looking solely at magnetic and electric fields. I have seen such a formulation where the wave forms of matter are distorted in ways that cause the effects of relativity. Wave mechanics can also account for quantization and the indeterminancy of inter-related quantum measures, because the same thing is easily demonstrated to occur when measuring waves.

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