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Same poles of the magnet like in the electricity repel each other and opposite poles attract each other. Where; k is the constant, m1 and m2 are the magnetic intensities of the poles and d is the distance between them. Magnetic flux is the number of magnetic field lines passing through a surface placed in a magnetic field.
Diamagnetic matters: If the relative permeability f the matter is a little bit lower than 1 then we say these matters are diamagnetic. Paramagnetic matters: If the relative permeability of the matter is a little bit higher than 1 then we say these matters are paramagnetic.
If you move the magnet placed near the circuit you produce current or, if you change the current of circuit you can get current in another circuit placed near it. We show the current in two ways, if the current towards to us we show it with a dot, if the current is outward we show it with cross.

Experiments done on this subject shows that currents in the same direction attract each other since they produce opposite magnetic fields. This was in my first Space studio and it was the first piece after art school that I regarded as successful.
The following three pieces were part of series which explored the effect of air movement upon, and the interrelationship within, an array of individually magnetised semi mobile elements. The following three pieces were part of a series exploring the visual harmony imposed upon an ordering device as a consequence of a connected constraint. I was interested in the way polythene carries an electro static charge which results in mutual repulsion. If you break the rock into pieces you get small magnets and each magnet also has two poles N and S.
On the contrary currents in opposite directions repel each other since they produce magnetic fields having same directions.

The constraining order was the height and direction of the upper elements and my interest was in the activity of the wire support. When we calculate magnetic field of a magnet we assume that there is a 1 unit of m at the point we want to find. Magnetic field produced by solenoid is constant inside the solenoid and parallel to the axis of it.
The above piece used colour reflecting wind vein elements mounted upon plastic sprung supports.

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