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For all MRI examinations, patients routinely change into a procedure gown and are laying on a table. During the procedure it is important that you hold very still in order to obtain the best possible images. Most MR examinations do not have specific dietary restrictions or other physical preparations. Some patients may experience a ringing in the ears following the procedure but this is temporary and should pass quickly. Thank you very much for the quick report delivery and response for all my requests and inquiries. The on-line purchase process also worked flawlessly and left a very professional and reliable impression to me using your services for the first time – and certainly not the last!
19 months PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to complete the program within 3 years upon acceptance to MRI Program. Employment options include hospitals, clinics and private sector education, sales and research. Graduates are eligible to write the Magnetic Resonance Imaging National Certification Examination conducted by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT).
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a procedure that creates images of the body using radio waves in conjunction with extremely powerful magnets. MRI technologists utilize their communication, patient care and collaborative skills to interact with patients and other members of the health care team. The MRI Graduate Certificate program is a 19-month competency based program offered in a delivery mode designed with the working technologist in mind. Please note that your clinical placement must be completed within 20 months of starting the program. The Distance program is web-based with weekly on-line chats with instructors and fellow classmates.
Ultrasound (RDMS) Please note: a RDCS certification does not meet the admission requirements to this program. Please apply for any exemptions from any MRI courses that you have successfully completed at the time of application using the EXEMPTION FORM.
Exemptions requested will only be considered if the course was taken within a three (3) year time period. The MRI Graduate Certificate program is a comprehensive, learner-centered program that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to competently perform MRI procedures and operate MRI scanners. To ensure that you are registering for the correct course for your cohort, please refer to the model route that represents when you started the program.

You will be assigned to clinical placement site(s) through Michener’s Office for Clinical Education. As clinical education is a major component of all Michener programs, our affiliated clinical sites are integral to your education.
You may be placed in more than one clinical site during your clinical placement period, based on the required clinical competencies for your program and the range of services at the clinical sites.
Clinical partner sites are subject to change, therefore, specific geographic regions may not be available at the time of your placement; other regions may be added. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging program is a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) accredited program and has achieved a six year accreditation status. Functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI fMRI is a functional neuroimaging procedure using MRI technology that measures brain activity by detecting .What is MRI of the Body?
When your procedure is scheduled, however, our staff will review with you all preparation information that may apply. The earplugs and headphones used during the procedure should minimize the ringing in the ears.
Given their impressive safety and efficacy as well as non-invasive nature, MRI systems have seen continued adoption since they were first introduced to the healthcare market. This certification is required to be eligible to work as an Magnetic Resonance Imaging technologist in most provinces.
This non-invasive technique relies on the magnetic properties of atoms, rather than radiation that is used in many other imaging procedures. They are responsible to ascertain each individual’s safety in the MR environment before entering the magnetic field.
Attendance at Michener is required one weekend in the second semester as well as for the first week of the clinical semester.
They include teaching and community hospitals as well as  private clinics primarily in Ontario.
Please note that when you accept a seat in the program, you also accept to go to any of the program’s affiliated clinical sites available at the time of your placement.
The goal of accreditation is to ensure that programs enable their students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to function as competent health practitioners for the benefit of all Canadians. The various body structures produce differing frequencies of radio waves, and these are picked up and converted into digital images by a computer. The coil is a device that sends and receives the radio frequency waves during the examination. The technical staff will be able to communicate with you during the procedure via a microphone in the control room.

Due to the strong magnetic field, there is a detailed screening protocol to make sure there are no metal objects (loose or implanted within your body) that may pose a safety hazard to you, our staff or to our equipment. Rapid advances in the field imaging along with the development of MRI safe technologies have greatly expanded the potential of therapeutic applications.In Brazil, cost and reimbursement remain the top concerns of practicing radiologists who must base diagnostic strategies on cost-effectiveness to a greater degree than their counterparts in the US or EU. MRI technologists utilize their knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the principles of MRI to safely and efficiently operate MRI scanners, assisting in the diagnosis of disease and injury. Working closely under the supervision of MRI Technologists, you will have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills into practice during the clinical phase of your program. Accreditation, an external validation of program quality, is the public recognition that an educational program has met national standards (CMA). MR can image virtually any part of the body but it is especially good for imaging soft tissues such as the brain, spine and joints, as well as the venous and arterial systems.
You will also be provided with a push button hand held communication device in the event you need assistance from the technical staff. The technical staff will review this process with you in detail prior to entering the MR procedure room. As a result of this slow market growth, many US- and EU-based companies often overlook the Brazilian market, focusing on greener pastures in Europe and the US where profitability is easier to achieve and maintain. Effective MRI technologists are patient advocates who display reflective, responsible practice and have strong problem solving and technical skills.
Clinical placements give you hands-on experience in work environments and the opportunity to network with potential employers. During the procedure, the table may move and you will hear a variety of noises ranging from a humming to a loud knocking sound. The technical staff will explain the use of that device with you prior to starting the procedure. Students living at a distance greater than 100 km from Michener may arrange for their exams to be proctored. These are all normal sounds and you will be provided with earplugs and headphones to diminish the effect of the noise. The particular examination you are having may require the injection of contrast material through a vein in your arm and the technical staff will explain that process to you.

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