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The frequency needed for coupling of the prototype coils illustrated was 10 megaHertz with another notch at 20 megaHertz. The current needed to establish the coupled, self-resonant one-loop pairs is low, as the resonance operates in quiescence. If flat bifilar spiral coil windings are connected in series the self-capacitance of the coil, created by neighboring windings, is dramatically reduced, enabling higher frequency resonance. However, if the bifilar coil circuits are wired to create opposing magnetic fields in a reverse-series connection then the resultant inductive load of the coil is decreased proportional to the cancellation of the magnetic fields.
Magnetic resonant power transfer has sparked a race in the electronics industry for applications. A dipolar solenoid is the most common type electromagnetic coil, consisting of a simple helical winding. Consider that a tuneable, RF inductive furnace heating-coil would suffice the primary of a formidable Tesla coil within a few kilowatt power range.
Scalar enticement of a "virtual monopole particle" may be conceived by thinking about a conical coil brought to its natural, self-resonant electromagnetic frequency as a harmonic oscillator.
A sinusoidal waveform of a self-resonant conical winding would center on the section of rings providing the most conservancy for the energy envelope. Differently said, a triangular wave summed with the harmonic waveform, and forced into the resonant envelop as a pulse-driven excitation, will create a scalar stress wave as a traveling ring on the cone surface, moving along the axis of the cone. Nucleosonic Resonance --a psiFi theme seeking resonance against the nuclear phonon responsible for the fine grain of quantum events.
The tripolar solenoid consists of windings that share a common axis, or core, usually cylindrical, but with half of the coiling wound oppositely from the other half. Associated with the Rod of Aesculapius of ancient Greek origin, the Caduceus coil is typically a winding on a cylinder in opposing bifilar arrangement. The caduceus coil may be made with insulated wire wound on a cylinder, beginning in the middle of the wire length from one end of the cylinder. The caduceus-wound coil is known for having low values of inductance over a large range of frequencies when used in an alternating current circuit. Anomalous effects in inertial mass deviations during current changes in the caduceus coil have been reported, as well as a one-dimensional line of information regarding the cancellation along the axis of the cylinder. THE ORIGINS OF THE MEDICAL CADUCEUS: Snakes are familiar symbols of healing to modern medical personnel because of their presence on the medical caduceus.
The toroid winding passes through the hole of a torus surface multiple times over part or all of a toroid surface.
The toroidal coils create a magnetic flux that is mostly circular, joined to itself, inside the toroid's circular tube.
Poloidal windings are wound around the major diameter, the long way around, of a toroid (see Fig. A supertoroidal winding consists of a wire wrapped around its own length, and that wrapped around itself again, and that assembly wrapped on a toroidal form. Segmented, multiple circuits on a toroidal ferrous core are often found as a toroidal transformer, with primary and secondary windings, or more, on the same core. A Hopf fibration is a mathematical term referring to circles on the 3D surface of a torus, produced mathematically from a 4D geometry. Many electrical phases (poly-phased) can energize these respective circular entwined coils on a torus surface. The Native American shamanistic tradition of the dream-catcher, as an artistic work of spiritual portent of string, feathers, and such, in circular fashion, is hinted in the geometry of nine Villarceau circles enclosed by a nine-twisted helix connecting itself as a torus.
The artist-engineer concept illustration of a nine-twisted three-phase conductors (outer loops) radially feeding nine spokes to nine Villarceax circles, toward a vorticular stability within a magnetic resonant envelope. The Dream Catcher —in reference to the cognitive affectation of the exotic field effect of a levitating anti-gravity device. Concept illustration of dielectric voltage gradients appearing as complement geometry to three helical coils on the toroid surface (coils not shown). Frank Znidarsic explains that the quantum events mediating magnetic force (or a [di]electric field) have a duration involved.
This author suggests that the interfering harmony concept of Richard Merrick affords a narrative toward a control of the natural forces.
With this configuration, it is conjectured that pulse programming will enable several stable flux patterns at resonance, including rotating flux patterns. A poloidal winding, wrapped around the large diameter of a toroid, would produce a polarity above and below the torus hole. This author's approach to nucleosonic quantum refrigeration applied science experiments details a programmable power source, wherein a 3-phase pulse supply could modulate a non-sinusoidal component into the wave form over time (wave-shaping). The concept of the Golden Error Phase Wave entails a control theory wherein the missing phase may be programmatically imprinted into any 3-phase power envelope with controlled duty cycle and depth, and also rotated between the phases with precision.
It is a programmatic control of the missing phase that may avail the creation of valence patterns within the magnetic resonant field.

An experimental device driven by a chaotic ring amplifier is conjectured to cross Znidarsic's Velocity, toward manifestation of the exotic effects of Ning Li, formerly of NASA, attempting to duplicate Eugene Podkletnov's astounding results. Premise of assumption: The "white noise" of the chaotic ring oscillator operating at low RADAR frequencies and low power may yet have cast across its spectral signature the shadow of the nucleo-sonic, or Bose-Einstein condensate qualities predicted by the rogue classical physics of Frank Znidarsic, principled on a new model quantum-transistion more conformant with reality. The Moebius Edge Gallery depicts several degrees of torus knots showing the connection symmetry that produces equal-length bifilar paths.
A Moebius strip (translucent) with a magenta circle as the center path of the Moebius strip. By creating a torus knot as a continuous conductor loop closed upon itself, diametrically opposite connections across the torus will register little inductance. The magnetic polarization of a ferrous medium that is linked with itself to form a ring will distribute the molecular strain of the magnetic medium equally around the ring, as a strain system. The circular strain system of a self-closed-strain-system can be "wound up" like a clock, storing strain within a twisting, circular topology. A Halbach-ring array of magnet segments is an approximation of a magnetic phase-wave, where each segment is a stepwise rotation of the angular phase of polarization (direction of magnetization for the segment).
A torus knot is a phase-wave topology of a dual-angular-moment, or a twist on the circular cross-section of a torus surface. A torus knot is capable of interacting with itself across the torus hole, increasing in cross-interaction as the minor diameter is swollen to reduce the hole size through the torus center. Therefore: certain degrees of a torus knot will mutually entertain also a segmented Halbach-ring mono-momenta, or a singular angular moment around the torus center axis.
Current induced magnetism would experience segmentation as a monopole erupting the torus on top, a similar monopole in polarity on the bottom side of the torus plane, with an equatorial band of opposite polarity on the poloidal perimeter of the torus.
The potential energy stored within the dual-monopolar-system (the tripole) is a function of its inductive loading and the slope of the current change, and will likely exhibit a resonant notch within the overall resonant envelope of the whole knot. The magnetic flux pattern causes an anisotropy, or an unevenness, in the equal distribution of strain in the molecular system that is proportional to the appearance of the tripolar potential. Geometric solution for an inertial drive coil: programmatic harmonics induced on a segmented, poly-phase torus knot, capable of asymmetric leverage upon the harmonic envelope via the timing of the pulse-complex driving the 3D array. An electromagnetic swiss roll coil is made by wrapping foil and dielectric sheet around a cylinder form. A Swiss roll spiral coil has been used in arrays to create a magnetic wire wherein the magnetic amplitude at either end of the cylindrical axis is always equal. Interestingly, Hendershot seemed to be the only person capable of activating it, but was "unable to provide a satisfactory scientific explanation" for why his creation worked. The coil pictured on a fluorite quartz point is a woven coil style used by Wilbert Smith of the Canadian DOT. Wire was wound from the slot area and the winding progressing up and around the out side surface of the 'doughnut', and finally back up in the slot area. An inductively coupled transponder comprises of an electronic data carrying device, usually a single microchip and a large area coil that functions as an antenna.
A small part of the emitted field penetrates the antenna coil of the transponder, which is some distance away from the coil of the reader.
The antenna coil of the transponder and the capacitor C1 to form a resonant circuit tuned to the transmission frequency of the reader.
As described above, inductively coupled systems are based upon a transformer-type coupling between the primary coil in the reader and the secondary coil in the transponder. To reclaim the data in the reader, the voltage measured at the reader's antenna is rectified. China Good Quality Cell Phone USB Charger, Dual Usb Wall Charger and Universal USB Charger Kit International Trade Site. Electromagnetic waves are a form of energy waves that have both an electric and magnetic field.
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4 illustrates a flat-spiral Tesla winding (upper) as a primary winding at the center of a fine-wire-solenoid of thousands of turns as the secondary winding. The medical caduceus has its origins in WWII, when medics used it as a symbol for a flag of truce. When switched off, the flux will collapse, unless an adjacent winding segment is switched on before the flux collapses. Please realize that magnetic resonant coils will not couple when oriented at a right angle to each the other.
For more than 30 years Lester Hendershot worked on an over-unity device that was thought to be tapping into a magnetic force field. Nevertheless, the fuel-less generator was demonstrated many times from 1928 to 1960, and its validity was attested to by several witnesses including Charles Lindbergh (1). Imagine a doughnut shape basket squashed in on the sides so as to form a slot in the center rather than a hole.

This means that all the energy needed for the operation of the microchip has to be provided by the reader. The voltage U at the transponder coil reaches a maximum due to resonance step-up in the parallel resonant circuit. This is true when the distance between the coils does not exceed 0.16 l, so that the transponder is located in the near field of the transmitter antenna (for a more detailed definition of the near and far fields, please refer to the chapter "Physical Principles"). In the terminology of radio technology the new elementary frequency is called a subcarrier.
It will charge your iPhone 4 or 4s efficiently by this magnetic resonance wireless charging system. It comes with one wireless power transmitter, one receiver case, one plug wall charger adapter.
Electromagnetic waves are different from mechanical waves in that they can transmit energy and travel through a vacuum. We use microwaves to cook food, transmit information, and in radar that helps to predict the weather.
This is the range of wavelengths from 390 to 700 nm which corresponds to the frequencies 430-790 THz.
At this point in the electromagnetic spectrum, scientists begin to think of these rays more as particles than waves. Naudin[3] is an image of iron fillings showing the pattern of the opposing magnetic flux of either coil half.
But its association with medicine goes back even further than that to ancient Greece where the snake entwined upon a walking staff was one of the accouterments of the healer-god Aesculapius.
He claimed that when he switched power to the coil, the room he was in seemed to be shrinking in toward the coil. For this purpose, the reader's antenna coil generates a strong, high frequency electro-magnetic field, which penetrates the cross -section of the coil area and the area around the coil. This voltage is rectified and serves as the power supply for the data carrying device (microchip).
This additional power consumption can be measured as voltage drop at the internal resistance  in the reader antennae through the supply current to the reader's antenna. Data transfer is by the ASK, FSK or PSK modulation of the subcarrier in time with the data flow.
Radio waves are often used to transmit data and have been used for all sorts of applications including radio, satellites, radar, and computer networks. Microwaves are useful in communication because they can penetrate clouds, smoke, and light rain. Gamma rays are sometimes used in treating cancer and in taking detailed images for diagnostic medicine.
The Aesculapian staff has often been confused with the caduceus, the heraldis wand used by Hermes. When the cable linking all components together imparts its own sound, the audio signal is corrupted. A capacitor C1 is connected in parallel with the reader's antenna coil, the capacitance of which is selected such that it combines with the coil inductance of the antenna coil to form a parallel resonant circuit, with a resonant frequency that corresponds with the transmission frequency of the reader.
The switching on and off of a load resistance at the transponder's antenna therefore effects voltage changes at the reader's antenna and thus has the effect of an amplitude modulation of the antenna voltage by the remote transponder.  If the switching on and off of the load resistor is controlled by data, then this data can be transferred from the transponder to the reader.
The universe is filled with cosmic microwave background radiation that scientists believe are clues to the origin of the universe they call the Big Bang. They can penetrate soft tissue like skin and muscle and are used to take X-ray pictures of bones in medicine.
Both were probably symbols of truce in war-time, but the Aesculapian staff entwined by only one snake is regarded by Classicists as the true symbol of the profession.
In modern times it is often mistakenly used interchangeably with the Rod of Aesculapius (particularly in the United States), although the two symbols have distinct and unrelated meanings. Very high currents are generated in the antenna coil of the reader by resonance step-up in the parallel resonant circuit, which can be used to generate the required field strengths for the operation of the remote transponder. Ultraviolet light is used by powerful telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope to see far away stars. This B field fills space, including inside the transformer core, so in the end, there is continuous non-zero B field from the primary to the secondary, if the secondary is not open circuited.

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