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The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic Rings may help relieve pain in your hands and fingers, also may help reduce inflammation, stiffness and circulation to your outer limbs.
This Pow-R-Mag Magnetic Ring is made up of (66) individual N-50 rated Rare Earth Neodymium magnets.
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The magnetic poles of a ring magnetic disc can be magnetised in two ways; axially and diametrically.
The hole in the ring magnetic disc is created at the time of manufacture and has the same diameter through the entire depth of the magnet. This distinguishes it from the hole in a countersunk magnetic disc, which tapers from one magnetic face to the other, in the shape of a cone . The hole in the ring magnetic disc is used to attach the magnetic disc to a large range of of objects such as a fishing line. The ring magnetic disc is not technically used for fishing, it is however used to fish ferromagnetic items, such as a bicycle or coins, out of a river.

The keeper is a soft piece of iron temporarily added between the two ring magnetic discs, when multiple magnetic discs are stored together, to prevent them from demagnetising.
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Ring magnets are in lot of different sizes in our company, they are widely used in Loud speakers, woofers, audio and certainly some important parts in automobile for sensor function.
If you’re still misplacing your keys, for goodness’ sake, do something about it!
This magnetic ring may be worn on any finger, which may assist with possible relief for arthritis and better circulation in your hands, and fingers.
This magnetic toe ring can be worn 24 hours a day to provide maximum magnetic therapy for your toes and help with circulation to your lower limbs.
This magnetic toe ring can be worn 24 hours a day to provide the maximum magnetic therapy for your toes and help with circulation to your lower limbs. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page.
There’s quite a few options for corralling keys, one of which is this little key holder and shelf.

The magnetic toe ring may help relieve arthritis and joint pain in your toes, feet and ankles. This magnet ring is 5 inches in length and offers the highest strength available among our ring selection. Magnets are embedded underneath to give you an easy place to hang your keys, while the shelf above is a snug spot to keep your sunglasses, wallet and phone- just the essentials. The Pow-R-Mag ring is clasp less; therefore no hooks, clasps, or tedious latches to mess with.
Just pull the magnetic ring apart anywhere; then put it around your finger or toe and place it back together.

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