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Heat shields are an important part of any space vehicle that re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Under development by EADS Astrium, with support from German aerospace centre DLR and the European Space Agency, the magnetic field-protected vehicle will be launched from a submarine on a suborbital trajectory. Traditional heat shields use the process of ablation to disperse heat away from the capsule. A magnetic heat shield would use a superconductive magnetic coil to create a very strong magnetic field near the leading edge of the vehicle.
Problems with the heat shield on a spacecraft can be disastrous, even fatal; the Columbia disaster was due largely to the failure of insulation tiles on the shuttle, due to damage incurred during launch.
Though the scientists are currently testing the capabilities of a superconducting coil to perform this feat, there is the challenge of calculating changes to the trajectory of a test vehicle, because the air will be deflected away much more than with current heat shield technology. Our website is protected by Akismet and any spam or non-related discussion will be blacklisted. If you want your image next to your comments, please register at Gravatar and set your image there.
Some site features will not function without JavaScript supported and enabled in your browser (it is not, hence this warning). Custom printed promotional products and giveaways with your imprinted logo or personalized message. Co-NETIC® Braided Sleeving complies with A-A-59569 (QQ-B-575).  Co-NETIC® Wire meets military specification MIL-N-14411, Comp 1.
World-Class Standard for Quality in our continuous effort to develop better products and processes that satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations, Magnetic Shield Corp.

Certification by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., provides objective proof that Magnetic Shield has the right policies, procedures, records, technologies, resources and structures to achieve a world-class standard of quality. This entry was posted in Electrical & Electronic Components and tagged industrial blog, industrial information, industrial news, industrial products, industry news, iqs newsroom, manufacturing blog, news articles, news room, newsroom, original post, original source. The next generation of heat shields made to protect astronauts and payloads on their re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere may use superconducting magnets to deflect the plasma that forms in front of spacecraft as they travel at high speeds in the air.
The initial test vehicle would be launched from a submarine aboard a Russian Volna rocket on a suborbital trajectory, and land in the Russian Kamchatka region. Basically, the material that covers the outside of the capsule gets worn away as it is heated up, taking the heat with it.
This magnetic field would deflect the super-hot plasma that forms at the extreme temperatures cause by friction near the surface of an object entering the Earth’s atmosphere.
Such a system might be more reliable and less prone to damage than current heat shield technology.
The ionized gases surrounding a capsule using a magnetic heat shield would also put a wrench in the current technique of using radio signals for telemetry data. The flexibility of these shield shaped outdoor car magnets makes them ideal for a variety of industries. All split shipments must be shipped at the same time or additional charges may be incurred. Our scientifically engineered chambers are preferred because they are fabricated from high permeability (µ) Stress Annealed MuMETAL®, which provides a crucial and consistent extremely low magnetic field test area in the laboratory work space.
The first test of such a heat shield could happen as early as ten years from now, and the basic technology is already in development.

A Russian Volan escape capsule will be outfitted with the device, and the re-entry trajectory will take it up to speeds near Mach 21. This would reduce or completely eliminate the need for insulation or ablative materials to cover the craft. Available in a 0.30 thickness, these creative marketing tools are a perfect backdrop for your custom imprint or personalized message.
Custom size chambers are available in different diameters, lengths, thicknesses and configurations, yet most applications are solved with one of our standard models.
Magnetic Shield Corporation has implemented the new requirements for this internationally-recognized Standard of Excellence, as confirmed by an independent Registrar. This latest ISO certification continues to verify that we also have a systematic orientation to properly support that attitude.
At the European air and space conference 2009 in Manchester in October, Detlev Konigorski from the private aerospace firm Astrium EADS announced such technology. A magnetic heat shield would be lighter and much easier to re-use, eliminating the cost of re-covering the outside of a craft after each entry. A great alternative to bumper stickers & decals for vehicles since the magnets can be removed. Rush ServiceRush service available - please contact factory for shipping and additional charge.

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