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The following basic information gives our experience in the attenuation of mains frequency magnetic field reduction. The following is based on full continuity fully welded and gapless joints to all shielded surfaces, augmentation of joints with an overlapping strap may be required. The behaviour of mains frequency magnetic field is very different to RF and microwave energies and the treatment of reducing the fields is also very different. Aluminium – This medium is common in US Electron Microscopy chambers but not common in Europe, in the Global EMC 50Hz magnetic field cube tests this medium was the lowest in terms of field attenuation. Low Carbon steel – This medium has the lowest commercial cost and is commonly used for 50Hz shielding due to budget constraints, in the Global EMC 50Hz magnetic field cube tests this medium was slightly better than Aluminium in terms of field attenuation. Pure Iron – This medium has the highest permeability compared to the other two shield mediums.
Note – There are other exotic ultra-high permeability materials such as Mu-metal, these were not considered as they are not commercially viable. The effect of shielding versus the field strength is not a constant, if the field is low strength then the shield has less effect.
Shielding of cables which emit high magnetic fields can be treated so as to reduce the adverse effects. Solving complex challenges requires expert leveraging of expert engineering, quality materials, and business savvy.
Shielding principle "low-frequency alternating electrical fieldsLow-frequency alternating electrical fields dispose of a source, an energised cable for example, and of a field-ending, usually surfaces with grounding potential (0V). Shielding principle low-frequency alternating magnetic fields (NF)Low-frequency magnetic fields result from flowing electricity in cables, circuits and electrical consumers. Shielding principle high-frequency electromagnetic waves (HF)“High-frequency electromagnetic waves can be shielded either by reflection at highly electrically conducting surfaces (mostly metallic) or by absorption in adequate materials (mostly building material).

Shielding due to reflectionThe arriving electromagnetic wave is reflected by highly electrically conducting materials such as paints, fleeces, fabrics and wallpapers  according to the laws of optic. Magnetic fields are generated by permanent magnets, electromagnets, electric motors and electrical distribution systems.
Commercial facilities - ensuring office equipment functions properly and critical processes e.g.
Industrial premises - shielding provides 'clean' test areas as well as ensuring office equipment functions correctly. Apartment blocks - ensuring there is no magnetic interference to domestic electronic equipment as well as protecting against potentially harmful EMF side effects for occupants. Prior to commencing the design of the physical magnetic field shielding installation, EEP can plot the magnetic lines of force to verify where the magnetic field strength is located.
NTD is an established UK EMC Shielding company with over 25 years extensive EMC shielding and engineering expertise. At NTD we pride our self on providing complete turn key solutions for any situation and specialise in providing both new and used RF shielded enclosures, anechoic chambers, Rf doors and all manner of shielding material's. MuMetal foil is typically used in delicate applications within the low frequency range where sensitive devices are impaired by magnetic interference.
MuMetal foils are ideally suited for applications where geometrical and economical restraints exist. In the Global EMC 50Hz cube tests this medium was easily the best at shielding 50Hz magnetic fields.
Taking the example of a flat plate the energies cannot flow to anywhere, so, the magnetic field will want to re-radiate at the shielding medium edge, thus drastically reducing the shield effect.
Taking the example of a sub-station transformer, if enough distance can be afforded then shielding may not be required, although, this is rarely the case!

Encapsulation will be required with a choice of permanent shield or with inspection covers. Thus the field is regional When field producing circuits are layed in walls, ceilings and floorings and measurements concerning installation and circuit are not applicable there is still the possibility to shield affected areas by laying electrically conducting wallpapers, fleeces and emulsion paintings and professional grounding. When these magnetic fields need to be contained or controlled, EEP can design and install shielding. Our standard stock ranges of cold rolled, stress annealed MuMetal foil (Grade ASTM A753 Alloy 4) are available in a variety of gauges and widths for rapid delivery worldwide. MuMetal Foil provides very high permeability and exceptionally low coercive forces and magnetic losses.
It is always better to get as close to total encapsulation as possible, thus allowing the energies to flow around the Faraday cage. When the field strength becomes very high the shielding can go into saturation and becomes less effective. The shielded should run past a sensitive area by at least 3m but could be as much as 6m so as to negate the re-radiation effect. Retrofitting in the field is expensive so the initial installation must be done accurately the first time.

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