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MAGshield is easy to be attached to magnetic source, for example, electric wires or transformer, with its PSA coated on one side. MAGshiel layer can be attached inside the cable protector, so the magnetic wave radiated from electric wires can be shielded by wrapping them. The thermal pad is laminated on the MAGshiel, so the product can be thermally conductive and shield magnetic wave.
The microwave absorber is laminated on the MAGshiel, so the product can absorb electric wave and shield magnetic wave. MAGshiel-F is MAGshiel coated with PET film, so it can be attached on the cover of a machine easily and the surface of any case to shield magnetic wave. MAGshiel in the purse can protect IC card and credit card from sensor, cellular phone, card reader, magnet and etc. Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX allows shielding electronic circuitry, appliances and their chassis against magnetic interference even in highly sensible areas such as control centres, etc.. Installation is very easy especially when using Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX PLUS (self adhesive version), even for the amateur. Magnetic shielding performance can be adapted optimally to your requirements by applying several layers of the product.
To shield large areas (for example, entire rooms or buildings) against magnetic fields, we recommend our industrial solution consisting of Aaronia MagnoShield DUR magnetic shielding panels. The information contained herein is based on all the documentation, information and data that can be obtained as of the date issued. As for SDS of products categorized as "Article", Nitto Denko Co., voluntarily creates and releases the SDS for the particular products which frequently receive inquiries.
Single sided tape with a strong acrylic adhesive applied to one side of a flexible aluminum foil. Nitto tapes D5952 and D5952N consist of a pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive, intended for use as a general mounting tape where a particular high adhesion level is required.
Nitto repulpable double-coated tapes R9410 and R9411 consist of a non-woven tissue carrier, saturated with a water-soluble pressure sensitive adhesive. EW-514 double-coated tape uses a solvent-free acrylic adhesive for a reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.
These tapes offer superior adhesive strength, holding property and resistance to repulsion force. HJ-3160W and HJ-9150W are double-coated adhesive tapes offer superior transparency, weather resistance and heat resistance, and are ideal for bonding transparent materials. HYPERJOINTA® products use extremely flexible, highly durable acrylic foam for a multi-functional double-sided tape, offering strong adhesion, high durability, and excellent heat-resistance.
This thermosetting adhesive tape can be stored for a long period of time at room temperature, and offers excellent temporary adhesion. We develop and provide eco-friendly products to satisfy customers in a wide range of fields.
Product catch-phrase This thick, double-coated tape offers remarkable adhesive strength for a wide-range of substrates. Solvent-free double-coated adhesive tape with strong tackness and adheres well to rough surfaces: low VOC emission.
No.516 is a double-coated adhesive tape with no organic solvents (such as toluene, xylene, and ethyl acetate). No.532 double-coated adhesive tape consists of polyester film carrier coated on both sides with adhesive. These products are suitable for applications where repulsion resistance is required, such as around displays and in bent portions for fixing FPC.
Double-coated adhesive tape with PET film carrier offers excellent processability, dimensional stability and workability. Double-coated adhesive tape with thick PET film carrier offers excellent processability, dimensional stability and workability.
Double-coated adhesive tape having high push-out performance and excellent curve followability. Double-coated adhesive tape with a special substrate which has excellent light shielding properties.
No.5915 superior processability, the transfer tape is easy to process and can be used for fine processing. The SD series of composite base tapes for damper labels feature a damping function (soundproofing), and only contain a small amount of silicone. TW-Y01 double-coated adhesive tape consists of flexible nonwoven fabric carrier with pressure sensitive adhesive. Ultra thin single-coated adhesive tape with matte black color special printed PET film carrier and surface has superior anti-fingerprint.
By using a special rubber adhesive, this double-coated tape can be used for attachment to the curved surface of metal or plastic substrates, as well as for fixing to foam or rubber materials. A circuit breaker box (or fuse box) in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other living space can be a real problem. If you are handy, you can use the magnetic shielding materials listed below to make your own hinged shield.
Another alternative is to mount the Giron directly on the wall and cover it with these attractive interior window shutters. GIRON Magnetic Shielding Film, which does not contain Nickel, is unlike any other magnetic shielding material available on the market today. Suitable for small shields on magnets, motors, speakers and appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners etc.
We have teamed with the design and engineering division of the Giron manufacturer to offer start-to-finish magnetic shielding solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Enjoy the confidence of an experienced team to obtain excellent results, lowest cost, and on-time delivery.
Used for years in industry to shield delicate electronic components from EMFs, this 80% Nickel alloy magnetic shielding foil is now available at affordable prices for home and office use. Because we offer so many different matrials, of different widths, the easiest way to order rolled goods is by specifying how long the piece of material will be. The amount of shielding that you will achieve depends on many factors, including the size and shape of the shield. When using a flat shield on a wall, floor, or ceiling to shield a source of field that is close to the shield (within 8 inches), plan to cover an area that extends at least to the 2 mG line.
1- Using your gaussmeter, slide along the surface of the wall to locate the hot spot to be shielded.
2- Now slide the gaussmeter to the right, to the left, up, and down to identify how far you must shield to get to the 2 mG line.

Make sure to check for additional sources of magnetic field (lights, wiring, appliances and so on), that may be located inside adjacent walls, floor, ceiling or within the same room. Click here for a short instructional video on doing a magnetic field survery for shield design. While the special alloys in Magnetic Shielding Foil, Mag-Stop Plates, Joint Shield, and Metglas, exhibit high magnetic permeability, there are many factors which affect the amount of magnetic shielding you will achieve by using these materials.
Because we have no control over many of these factors, we cannot and do not guarantee any specific shielding performance for a specific application of these materials. 3] In general, you will extend the shield at least 2 feet beyond the size of the circuit box (or other fairly concentrated source), in all directions. 5] Also remember that you will achieve the greatest % reduction up close to the center of the shield (where the field is strongest anyway).
In the end, some experimenting is often necessary to ensure proper shield thickness and placement. Joint-Shield can also be used by itself as an excellent magnetic shielding material when a 4" width and adhesive backing is desirable (wrap it around wiring and conduit, speaker magnets, even small appliances like shavers and hair dryers!). Combining high performance nanocrystalline magnetic shielding alloy sandwiched between layers of clear PET to achieve good performance and easy handling. First line of defense for shielding strong magnetic fields from magnets, speakers, small transformers and motors. Better: One or more layers of MagnetShield (closest to the source of field), followed by one or more layers of a high permeability material such as Joint-Shield or MagStop Plate.
For shielding jobs where you don’t need a high attenuation, this unique material is just the ticket. Attention pacemaker wearers, welders and anyone wanting to shield their upper body from magnetic fields! Made with 10mm diameter, shiny galvanized, 16g round mild steel rings which are butted closed. At last, we are proud to offer wiring which actually reduces EMF emissions to extremely low levels. The result is a high quality wire with the lowest possible EMF emissions (over 90% reduction compared to standard wire).
MµCord™ flexible “appliance cord style” for re-wiring lights and appliances, making extension cords, etc. Consist of a 5m long special grounding band (meshed wire) which allows a professional grounding of all Aaronia shielding products like A2000+, Aaronia-Shield, Aaronia X-Dream etc..
530R uses PET film as a base material, making is easy to adjust positioning when attaching the tape to a surface. It uses a highly flexible and durable acrylic foam to realize excellent adhesiveness, heat resistance, and durability. Heat activated tape of flexible nonwoven fabric carrier that can stick quickly in low temperature. Heat activated adhesive tape consists of polyester film carrier coated on one side with EVA adhesive and acrylic adhesive on the other. Because adhesive foams when heated, the heat activated adhesive sheet exhibits strong adhesion to uneven surfaces.
Nitto Denko's most popular double-coated adhesive tape for multiple use consists of flexible nonwoven fabric carrier with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Flexible and strong nonwoven fabric carrier makes a clear removal without tearing, and helps to recycle components. No.5015 double-coated adhesive tape consists of flexible nonwoven fabric carrier with pressure sensitive adhesive. No.501F is a double-coated adhesive tape with a flexible nonwoven base material and acrylic adhesive, and is widely used for bonding paper, film, and other materials. No.501K double-coated adhesive tape consists of flexible nonwoven fabric carrier with pressure-sensitive adhesive. No.501L double-coated adhesive tape using a flexible nonwoven fabric carrier with pressure-sensitive adhesive suitable for laminating processes for all kinds of foam such as ether or ester based urethane foams, is ideal for work involving die-cutting and is easy to process. No.510 solvent-free double-coated adhesive tape provides good bondability and easy handling.
No.511 double-coated adhesive tape for fixing plastic printing plates is strong and high-tear-resistant. No.512 double-coated adhesive tape, focusing on "firm bonding" and "user friendliness", is a tape that adhere?well to rough surfaces such as foams. No.513 double-coated adhesive tape for fixing metal or rubber printing plates is strong and tear-resistant. No.515 is a thick-type double-coated adhesive tape, focusing on a€?firm bondinga€? and a€?user friendlinessa€?, the tape can be used for a wide range of materials such as backup materials for interior fixtures as well as plastics and metals. No.5302A double-coated adhesive tape consists of polyester film coated on one side with silicone adhesive and on the other side with acrylic adhesive.
No.535A double-coated adhesive tape features different adhesive strength for the front and back of a polyester film carrier, developed for fixing plastic printing plates. With excellent push out force, provides efficient waterproofing property even in small areas such as narrow frames. No.5713 double-coated adhesive tape consists of a thin layer of special polyethylene foam carrier evenly coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides. Excellent for applications requiring waterproofing and strong adhesive in especially limited space. No.575 double-coated adhesive tape consists of flexible special foam carrier coated with strong pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. Double-coated adhesive tape with superior adhesion to applications with high repulsive force such as FPC bending. No.5919ML is double coated adhesive tape for fixing of (*) FPC and stiffener or FPC and housings. PF-370 double-coated adhesive tape uses special flexible polyethylene foam as a carrier, coated with weather resistant adhesive on both sides, suitable for temporary fixing of construction materials. Strong magnetic field emissions (depending on how much electric current is flowing) and electric field emissions can make the nearby area hazardous to occupy, especially for long periods.
Suitable for high field strength applications requiring high saturation and good permeability, it is both thin and strong, and unlike Mu-metal™ it is very tolerant to bending or shaping without losing its shielding properties.
Cuts neatly with snips or sheet metal tools, and can be used either flat or molded into shapes for best performance. The 30" wide "fully hydrogen annealed" plates offer the best shielding available (up to 10 times the shielding effectiveness of stress-annealed alloy) and should not be soldered, welded, or heated in any way. The list of such factors includes: size and shape of the source of the magnetic field, size and shape of the shielded area, seams in the shielding material, frequency of the magnetic field, distance from shield to source, orientation of shield to the source, thickness and heat treatment of shielding material, etc.

Also, note that foils, ribbons and plates, once cut by us to your specifications, are not refundable. Remember to make measurements under various conditions, as the readings will change according to how much electric current is flowing at the time of the reading. This will influence the choice for thickness of the Mag-Stop Plate shield, or the number of layers used. In other words, the field will be stronger at the edge of the shield as compared to having no shield at all. This occurs when the Earth's magnetic field (about 400 mG) interacts with a large shield, reducing its effectiveness, unless special "high saturation" (MagnetShield) shielding alloys are incorporated into the design. Joint-Shield can be shaped by hand, without the need for special tools, but watch the sharp edges. Very light weight and flexible, easily trimmed with scissors this material will provide good high frequency magnetic shielding for moderate to low intensity fields below 1000 kHz. Strong magnetic fields are harder to shield because they tend to "saturate" the shielding material. If you want to shield 2 adjacent magnets from eachother, each magnet should have its own shield. Only 0.010 inch thick, PaperSHIELD is flexible and can be easily cut with a scissors and shaped by hand into simple or very complex shapes. Replacing existing wire with MµCord is likely to be much less costly, more effective, and probably more convenient than shielding. Simply cut wire to desired length and add a plug to one end, or plug one end and socket on the other. The tape adheres strongly to metal, plastic, etc., and has particularly good in repulsion resistance characteristics.
The tape adheres well to rough surfaces like clothes and synthetic leather as well as metal and plastic. Developed for fields riring durability over an extended period of time, the tape exhibits superior performance in fixing nameplates, etc.
The release liner and adhesive can withstand high temperature (peak at 260 degree c.) of the reflow soldering process. Shielding is certainly possible, but the shield must not hamper quick and easy access to the controls inside the box. It’s a picture (or poster) in a nice frame, with high performance Giron shielding material behind the picture. We'll help you find the right solution, saving time, money, and creating satisfied customers! Now you can simply replace your Switch Plate or Outlet Cover with these custom shielded ones. So, for example, if you order 22 linear feet of a material, you will get a piece that is 22 feet long x the width of the material.
Hydrogen annealed plates have 2 small holes pre-drilled near one end which may be used for mounting.
Also, find out if there are other sources, such as wiring leading to the circuit box, nearby fluorescent lights, etc. Most would recommend that you achieve readings of 2.5 mG or less in areas where people will be spending a lot of time. This is a generous .010" thick, fully hydrogen annealed magnetic shielding alloy with adhesive backing (rated 0 - 200°F) on one side.
This 4" wide foil is a hefty .010" thick and has an exceptionally high magnetic saturation of 21400 Gauss and maximum permeability of 4000. High saturation and moderate permeability make this ideal for shielding weak magnets, or stronger magnets with many layers of shielding. Composed of individual metal links which give good flexibility and plenty of air circulation. For example, if you don’t need the head covering, you could move those links to achieve more shoulder or heart coverage.
Magnetic field reduction is 30 to 60% up close to the surface, depending on wire configuration. Can be formed into magnetic barriers on cellular phones, microwave ovens, doorbell transformers, VDTs, buried wiring, and more. Just right when you need to cut magnetic shielding materials including Giron, MagnetShield , and Magnetic Shielding Foil. Simply butt the Mag-Stop plates tightly together, and "tape" over the seam with Joint-Shield high permeabilty alloy. Tin plated for excellent corrosion resistance and better conductivity, it can be soldered or painted.
This material is particularly suited for achieving precise levels of partial shielding as you can add exactly the right number of layers to achieve the desired result. With snug fitting shapes, get as much as 75% attenuation of the magnetic field with one thickness. This method offers much less bulk and better appearance than the old overlap technique and provides excellent shielding integrity.
In our tests, a 2-foot section of Giron in a 24x36 inch frame provided 50-70% reduction of magnetic field. Works with AC or DC magnetic fields (0-1000 Hz), and will tolerate temperatures from 32° to 140°F. Simple to use: just cut to desired length with a heavy scissors, peel the protective backing and press into place!
Peel and stick adhesive on the other side permits easy and semi-permanent mounting almost anywhere. If you need a shield larger than what is suggested here, just contact us, we will be happy to assist you.
Laminated with a 0.005 inch glass reinforced polypropylene tape which is UV sensitive, cover if installation is exposed to direct sunlight.
Make sure you have enough room between outlet and nearby moldings for these larger than standard covers.

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