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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. The problem I have seen with all permanent magnet motors so far is that everyone keeps thinking in two dimensions which is a big shortcoming. This fellow has expanded into the third dimension and you can already see improvement over those two dimensional spiral motors. Peter, I usually try to visualize something and at the same time recollect things I have seen, heard or read from the past that might apply to the task at hand. This process is seemingly transparent for me most of the times, and so I see it as a gift - being able to connect abstracts that at first sight do not have anything in common. Though I'm not Tesla who could visualize a machine in his mind, set it up and let it run until it breaks, then figure out why it broke and make his physical design with corrected parameters, thus succeeding with it the first time around.

Id give him $100 to run it even at 60 RPM, much less 100, it would slip and shake like Hades warmed over. Just like to say that every kind of magnet motor that I have tried to build, and there's been a few, have always balance themselves out. It means any and all magnets you ever had your hands on are electrified dielectric objects with (under perfect conditions) a ratio of 3.23606 units of dielectricity to 1 part magnetism. Everyone is 'looking' at the precessing and reciprocating axes of a magnet, just like someone who can only see the precessing axes of a gyroscope but is utterly ignoring the giant spinning flywheel at 90 degrees to the precessing axes. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.
Not that I've tried everything by any means, but whatever I've done forces just end up equalizing.

But I also feel that a combo motor is more practical, using magnetic and another energy source to compliment each other. I am now designing a new motor to utilize these energy forces to enhance the power and adding to the magnetic power already inherent in the magnets.
With some tweaking and experimenting, it should be very possible to get one, if not both up and self running. One will be very simple to build, while the other one will require major machining and strict tolerances.

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