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An intelligence think tank became the victim of a cyberattack days after it published a highly publicized paper outlining ways to improve IT security. The alliance Friday acknowledged its leaders became aware late Wednesday that its computer systems were compromised and that membership information containing names, addresses, e-mail addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers was made public.
These 20 companies target three key areas for cloud security: security in the cloud, security for the cloud and security from the cloud. Also, keep an eye out for the top 20 cloud infrastructure, software and apps, storage and platform vendors.
CRN has compiled lists of the most-popular and biggest moneymaking IT certifications, as well as the certifications worth chasing in specific verticals. Nasa has admitted that the data of employees and mission-critical projects was stolen during 13 major security breaches in 2011.

Hackers were able to get full functional control when they broke into Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory by using an internet protocol (IP) address in China, according to a testimony by Nasa inspector Paul Martin. In January, the European Commission introduced a proposal for a comprehensive reform of the European Union’s (EU) 1995 rules governing the protection of consumer data and digital privacy.
The proposal needs to be officially agreed upon by the EU parliament; it then needs to be ratified by individual member states. INSA said it does not keep sensitive membership information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or passwords in its database.
Whether it’s a managed suite of security services or policy management and Web filtering, these companies guarantee nothing can get in or out unless it’s supposed to.
The proposal is broadly aimed at creating a unified set of data protection rules across the continent and at updating regulations to take into account the advent of the Internet and many other new technologies.

From small startups to security stalwarts, this list highlights innovators and mavericks in the cloud security space. Major changes include the introduction of a strict new rule requiring organizations to report data breaches.

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