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Today I am excited to feature this way cool bird cage planter idea perfect for succulents that we discovered over at the Empress Of Dirt blog. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account.
Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. Karla's Cottage: The Short cut way to repaint kitchen cabinets with no sanding,stripping, or even removing the doors!
Paper Cowgirls is open for registration!  My class is the wire and beaded wreath in a spring time color theme with LOTS of emphemera and vintagey goodies to foof it up with. The other Karla and I have been promising Beth we'd help her with her kitchen for about 6 months and finally did it. Please note, that primer needs a few days to reach its full strength, and it can be scraped up while fresh.Once it has cured, though, its tough as can be! Sometimes, its smarter and faster to just go with the imperfections and make them work in your design! When we got back, we mixed 2 oz of acrylic craft paint into a bowl of about 2 cups of clear glaze. Paint it on, and wipe it off with a clean, damp cotton cloth (an old tee shirt torn up is good), heavier in the corners and indentations.
After putting it on and wiping it off so the corners, indentations and edges were darker, we wanted a bit more of it showing, so, we pulled a glaze dipped brush down with the wood grain, to create striation marks. I use a cheapo, 99cent brush, instead of the specialty faux finish brushes sold to do this with. If the lines seem too dark, or heavy, go over them again or blot them with your cotton rag.
After that, we wanted even more design the to project, and decided to fleck glaze dots all over the surface.
We thought our paint job looked pretty good when done!  But there was still something bugging us. I only had 9 minutes till I had to leave, because it was my son's birthday and I had a party to get to. 4- paint it the wall color and then do the same faux treatment and glaze that we did on the cabinets over that.

Karla, In the past I have lightly sanded the surface of my dishwasher and painted it with the primer and paint so it matched my cabinets.
Looks fantastic - I have been wanting to paint a glossy vanity, thanks for the info about the primer.
Either way she decides to finish painting the door, I suspect Beth will think of you and your whirlwind talent every time she uses the kitchen. I have several linen closet cabinets to do, and think I can put the primer on without getting very close to the hinges. I apologize if someone has already asked you this, but what if the kitchen cabinets are not real wood, pressed board covered with a fake veneer wood. I just felt compelled to thank you most sincerely for your generosity of spirit and deed in sharing - right down to the last detail - so much information re your kitchen cabinet do-over. Just buying a 19 year old house in JAX, FL that will be killer when redone on my tight budget. You can always top coat with a clear water based polycrylic like Minwax if you want more durability than just paint. To make sure I got this right, the primer will adhere to cabinets that have been painted and the covered in a high gloss sealer? As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. One of the extra activities that we do at Slurpy Studios, are animation workshops for Children aged 7 to 13.
The first thing that we always do with the children is to take them through a series of clips from the last 100 years of animation, from James Stuart Blackton’s Enchanted Drawings, all the way through to Avatar.
Needless to say, the thaumatrope got me hooked, and I spend all of that night making my bird sit inside the cage, before moving on t0 Zeotropes and Phenakistiscopes and (slightly easier to spell) flipbooks. And for anyone out there who is no longer impressed by spinning disc (shame on you), I cannot recommend Dick Balzer’s website highly enough. Related Posts16 April 2010 20 Best EVER Animated Music Videos What makes an awesome music video? Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page.
Always remember that the mixed paint and glaze will dry on your furniture to the same color of the paint you mixed in.

Oh, and I vote for #3 same color as the cabinets, it appears to be a small space so I think doing a faux treatment on the door might get a bit busy. You are fine with primer over fake wood, if its laminate you might want a stronger primer, maybe oil based. Does the paint ever stick & pull up paint when it comes in contact with other wood, etc.? If you try to paint latex over oil or flat over gloss without bonding primer then yes it will pull up. Animation is an incredibly fun, inspiring, yet educational activity that children of all ages can engage in, and it’s always been a great privilege to be there when a child first sees their creation coming to life before their eyes.
I think that it’s only through understanding where animation has come from, and seeing some of the early experiments and breakthroughs that a proper understanding and respect for the medium is born.
It contains information and images of all of the pre-animation animation toys, such as Praxinoscopes, Tachyscopes, Phenakistiscopes and other such dyslexic nightmares. I love to put the kids pics up on the fridge but it gets so bogged down sometimes when I open the door an avalanche of paper comes pouring down on me! If you have an extremely glossy surface, Id use an oil based bonding primer instead of water based, that is always stronger, Deb. I never had one until my last house when I bought it myself, so I had take the color to it myself. Im not sure of the color, this was done a few years ago, and is at a friends house, not mine, Eula.
On one side is a drawing of a bird (for example) and on the other side is a drawing of a cage. When the string is pulled and the disc is spun, it appears as though the bird is in the cage. This is because of persistence of vision; a flaw with the human eye which causes it to retain an image for a fraction of a second longer than it sees it.

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