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Some women were recently arrested for refusing to let them install these things on their homes. Welcome to brave new America. How much would you be charged for a new water tap? Where I live it's $1500 if the main is on the same side of the road as your house and $2500 if they have to bore under the road. You're getting off easy. My dad retired from PG&E (California power company) after 33 years and he refuses to let them put a smart meter on his house. Meters were free here if you voluntarily scheduled to have one installed in a 6 month period. Motor AuthorityFaraday Future will make its first public showing at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show next January.
Ita€™s still early days for Faraday, whose name is borrowed from British scientist Michael Faraday who in the 1800s made many developments in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.
Faraday has also managed to snag a number of executives from established automakers such as BMW and Tesla Motors. Faraday is aiming to launch a single model in 2017 but is looking at as many as seven different cars at the moment.
You are free to terminate the service, move, generate your own power, or do without. Actually, not always.

There's a lot of equipment and man-hours in that, and it's something a new homeowner would willingly pay for, since he needs it. The only way it will work is with a Hippie fired boiler, driving a steam turbine. That's killdozer territory.
The company, which operates from a facility located to the south of Los Angeles, will roll out a concept carA said to be inspired by its a€?design and engineering vision.a€? Unfortunately, that brief descriptor and this single teaser is all we have on the concept right now.
But rather than just focus on building and selling cars as its business model, Faraday is also developing other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving. He runs a technology company by the name of Letv, which is like a Chinese version of Netflix, and has previously hinted at introducing new connectivity technologies for cars.
For example, Faradaya€™s head designer Richard Kim previously worked for BMWa€™s i division, and the companya€™s R&D boss Nick Sampson was a senior engineer at Tesla.
The company has also said it plans to invest as much as $1 billion in a new plant located somewhere in the United States. In a lot of municipalities if you don't have power from a utility, they can condemn the building. Its against the law in most places to inhabit a structure without utilities. and in some places the power company is gov.

What the OP describes is more along the lines of a mechanic FORCING you to pay for new muffler bearing or high-mileage turn signal grease when all you wanted was an oil change. If you are unfamiliar with what a smart meter is, check out this link. I have a 2 month old baby and wife at home all day, being exposed to the radiowave bursts this thing emits. Other ex-Tesla staff include the companya€™s respective heads of manufacturing, human resources and purchasing. Not to mention I will have to pay more $$$ for having it (against my consent), and they will be able to collect all kinds of data about our household (i.e. They never mentioned it would cost me money but I assume one way or the other I will pay for it.

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