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Fishtanks and plastic enclosures are basically the same idea, only one is made of glass and the other of plastic. Don't forget the importance of research when designing and creating your pet's environment. This video illustrates the importance of planning as the narrator explains challenges they had with a previous cage! Attach things to the outside of the cage where possible, to minimize your pet's opportunities for getting into trouble. Rescues are always in need of supplies, and when rodents are involved, one item always in short supply is cages! Here's a cage we made for a rescue we foster rodents for sometimes, with a pair of foster rats, one on each level.
Important: When building any cage for a small animal always take a serious look at it and assess it for the possibility of freak accidents and injuries. The minimum size of tank for two gerbils is a 2ft tank - I would recommend 3ft, or larger, if you can afford it.
You can fill the tank with shavings for your gerbil to dig in although they do sometimes get sore noses with shavings.
The plastic gerbil tanks sold as "gerbil starter kits" in large pet shops are not large enough to keep happy, healthy gerbils in. If you are using Rotastack with gerbils you will need to use the metal rings that go over the end of the tubes.
Rotastack is a very good environment for gerbils - they seem to love jumping up and down the tubes and running along between the sections. The disadvantage of a four foot tank is that it can only be moved when empty and that takes two people. Currently we have no gerbils but our last gerbil was Twinkle the RSPCA gerbil who passed on last year at a good old age. The hamster put this preternatural ability to good use in the Second World War after being captured by the Nazis.
Possible, but it’s also possible that by following it you would find yourself in a place surrounded by endlessly recursive firs dropping mobius pinecones. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you find a photo of an animal you want to sculpt, but it isn’t in the right position for your project, just keep the following guidelines in mind. The legs really begin with the shoulder and hip bones, which cause bumps to show on the finished sculpture.
Humans have very short bones from the heel to our toes (our feet) and from our wrist joints to our fingers (our hands). The placement of the legs canA  set the overall character of the piece – playful, restful, frightened, etc. If you know how the bones fold at the joints, you can use this knowledge of very basic anatomy to build a sculpture of any animal that has four limbs. If you made the legs much shorter, and stretched out the body, you’d have a dachshund. Stand the creature up on its hind legs and fold up the front legs, and you’d have a bird. Give the animal fins instead of feet and merge the back legs together to form a tail, and you’d have a whale. I thought about doing this with our baby goat in Photoshop, just to show you that it really works – but I think your imagination can do this much faster and better than I can. Imaginary or mythical animals almost always have a basic form of a real animal, or perhaps two or three real animals glued together – like a Griffin made from a lion and an eagle. Even though mythical animals don’t follow the basic patterns that nature designed, you can still create realistic-looking creatures as long as most of the critter looks the way we expect animals to look.
So – have fun bending those joints and positioning the legs on your next paper mache animal sculpture! Dan Reeder uses polymer clay for his dragon and monster teeth, and I think he uses hot glue to stick them in. I’ve been using the grid method to get the size that i want but not sure about the thickness of some parts of the Heron. There are several kinds readily available: fishtanks, wire construction, plastic enclosures, and module cages.

Most plastics used in bins must be dealt with carefully during construction to avoid cracking. Having concerns like this in mind beforehand will prevent you from making a cage that will cause headaches later.
This doesn't always look gorgeous but is very handy for securing and smoothing any sharp edges.
The short-haired girl was the first pet my partner and I have owned together, her name was Chimera. In addition I've recently started an Environment Enrichment page with ideas on how to keep your pets entertained. Here is an empty two foot tank with its lid lying next to it so that you can see how it is made. Cut two pieces of the pine to the length of the tank and the mesh to the size of the top of the tank. If, for some reason, your tank does not have a glass lip you will need to make a rectangular frame that fits around the top of the tank on the outside and fix the mesh to this to make a lit. Some people use peat but it always seems a little damp to me - I tried drying it in my Microwave once and set off a peat fire - that Microwave still smelt of peat fire years later when I threw it away. However they can be used as shown here with Rotastack to provide a good environment with lots of tunnels and caves for the gerbils to run around.
As long as you get the proportions right and remember how the leg bones are attached to the spine, you can position your animal any way you like. The legs will come together at the back, creating the butt crack (there must be a more polite way to say that…). The bumps show at the top of the shoulder and hip bones, where they attach to the spine, and there’s another bump where the first leg bone is attached to the shoulder and hip bones.
Most animals have a straighter spine from the shoulders to the tail, but it does vary from species to the next. That tends to confuse us when we look at animal legs, because we think of the hoof or paw as the equivalent of our feet and hands, but that is not correct. Knowing how their legs (and wings) would be attached to their spine allows you to build a believable, (but totally unreal) animal, from scratch. When I'm not catering to the needs of my obnoxious cat, I make videos, create stuff, and play around with paper mache. I do have a pattern for the lamb on this page, but you have to scroll way down to the bottom of the post to find it.
I tried putting up a Q&A page once, using a special plugin, and spammers found it fast. I wish there was a Q&A section of your site because I am not sure under what to ask my question.
I find it a lot of fun .I used your paper clay recipe but changed it from toilet paper to junk mail . Also check out the Pet Shopping page which contain links to great sites for materials to make your own and buying toys and treats for your gerbil.
You can then fix the mesh to the top of the pine using a staple gun or those little U shaped tacks you can get (the staple gun is a lot easier!). You will need 1" x 1" pine and the mesh will need to be 2" longer and wider than the top of the tank. We found that they also could get their teeth into the right angled tubes and so had to use the space modules to go around corners.
Obviously the gerbils love this environment and the tank does not need cleaning out very often at all. A full 3 foot tank can be carried by two people and put in the car but a four foot is just too big to be practical.
The more hamster-friendly heads of ABC were turned off by the idea of a sitcom being set in a Nazi war camp. Seriously, try startling the hamster, but make sure it’s not standing on your good rug when you do.
Thanks to Ike, this thing basically has the mobility of a Time Lord, and what does it do with that?
I thought it would be a good subject to use to discuss the leg bones, and how they affect the finished sculpture. For instance, this goat kid appears to have a knee on her front leg because it bends in the same direction as our own knee.

I have tried several times to upload a pic so you could see the mouth but it won’t work. In fact, if you click on that link, you can see dragon teeth on the front cover of his book. Then cut out the different feather shapes and glued them to the sculpture .Then finished it off with acrylic finish.
It’s a bit more spontaneous than using a pattern, but you have a bit less control over the final shape.
Some of them are chinchilla and rabbit shops but many of the chews and toys suit gerbils as well. These days you can also buy specially made tanks with lids - they look quite nice if you can afford them but there's nothing wrong with the DIY option. You can sit Rotastack on top of a wire mesh lid as detailed above, just cut a hole in the top for the tube to push through. Here they are on wood shavings but some people use peat and we have used Russel Rabbit for our animals that get sort noses. When there is a nice sunny morning in winter he went by the French doors for a sunbathe, but he could also be bought into the cool of the lounge in the summer when it is hot and we had the air conditioner on for the chinchillas.
NBC, meanwhile, was preoccupied with the development of the similarly conceived but ultimately doomed “The Wackiest Ship in the Army”* which featured a cast made entirely of ferrets.
Eisenhower authorized the creation of a nation-spanning series of plastic tubes for the cross-country transport of hamsters. Soak the paper in water over night if I forget about it some times it’s longer any way I dump the water off and pulverize the paper then add the other stuff. In other words, you don’t always end up with exactly the shape you first had in mind, but that can be a good thing.
I have not tried Habitrail but it looks very good provided there is some way of stopping them chewing the tubes. They both involve the hamster in question getting free from whatever had been constraining it.
Because the tubes connect through wrinkles in space-time, the system grew beyond Eisenhower’s authority and now covers the globe. I suggest that you find as many photos from as many angles as you can, and keep them close as you work.
They benefit from some wood to chew, apple tree branches are good or buy a chew toy or block. The only disadvantage of Rotastack is that it needs cleaning out more regularly than a tank alone. Because of this he did't have an enormous cage - but he seemed quite content in this arrangement.
You’ve likely seen very small parts of it, perhaps through the glass of some terrarium, but no human eye can understand all seven of its dimensions.
Using a pattern inside the sculpture really helps me, but that only gives you one silhouette. If you cannot do a tutorial can you just explain to me here how to make the base (out of what materials), the head and the feet. You can often find ceramic tubes that are sold for fish tanks which are great but make sure that all of the holes are big enough for your gerbil to get out of.
This was no problem when we only had one tank but when we got a lot of animals it became a lot of work.
I let mine rip up white, unbleached toilet paper for bedding but you can buy small animal bedding in pet shops as well and we sometimes use it.
There are tools that sculptors use for creating realistic portraits and other sculptures, but I have no experience with them.
We could get to his foodbowl on the top floor easily and it was difficult for him to empty it and bury the food which is good as he tended to get rather fat if we didn't make him eat all of it. Notice that he is on a chopped cardboard bedding, which is very low dust and can still form burrows if there are plenty of boxes and tubes.

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