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Ever since I planted my first clematis hoping it would climb and cover my mailbox post (which it sadly did not) in a mass of colorful blooms, I’ve wanted a trellis. I love how Cottage in the Oaks turned that shovel upside down to make the perfect place for climbing vines. My friend Leo shows how easy it is to make your own garden obelisk and has a row of them in his amazing veggie garden.
Hopefully, my quest for masses of colorful clematis will happen if I can just decide on my perfect trellis. I knew the dress that transforms Cinderella into a beautiful princess needed to be big a€“ very big.
Cinderella a€“ played by Downton Abbeya€™s Lily James a€“ has to dance and run away into the night, and I wanted the dress to look as light as air, a watercolour in motion.A Costume-maker Jane Law and I achieved that with the choice of fabric and by using many different shades of shimmering blue. Fairytale: Cinderella - Lily James - captivates her prince Richard Madden at the ball AND THE WAIST?

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We planted a cherry tomato vine under one of them, and I planted Major Wheeler’s honeysuckle under 2 of them. I’d love to have one among all the incredible ideas for trellises, great selection and how ideas are flying amongst blogger to make an incredible trellis. Unfortunately, they need some wire to climb so we’re going to transplant them to another spot. In fact, it took a team of 20 people 4,000 hours to create eight versions of this very special gown.The result?
The front hoop follows the line of the windscreen and passes through the front wings to mount on the chassis front outriggers.

If it makes you feel any better, I have been waiting on a clematis vine to grow and bloom for 5 years. Ita€™s actually an optical illusion a€“ her waist looks tiny because the skirt is so huge.A a€? The top layer of the gown is silk crepeline, a very lightweight, fine silk. But you can buy a similar design on the High Street for A?100 a€“ about 100 times less.A Behind the many layers, the gown is a feat of structural engineering.
That proved a headache a€“ these dresses arena€™t something you can just throw in the wash.And it also wasna€™t the most practical design. During filming, Lily and Helena Bonham Carter, who plays her fairy godmother and wears an equally huge gown, had to get used to it taking an age to be dressed.

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