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Whenever I find myself in a dead conversation, I can just bring up my hedgehog and people are either super intrigued or super freaked out. My hedgie is named Flitwick, a name that I think all of my fellow Harry Potter lovers will appreciate. One of my blog friends sent me a hedgehog necklace, and I couldn’t stop smiling because I loved it so much.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so they only come out at night, and sometimes I get the feeling that Flitwick would rather sleep all day so he can play on his wheel at night rather than have me wake him up to play with him during the day.
Once I actually bought him and his cage and whatnot, the only things I've had to buy since then are food (once every 6 months) and the pine shavings.

I used to have a guinea pig, and he made my room smell so bad, but I don't have that problem with my hedgehog. Endless Bliss is a happy lifestyle blog where I aim to inspire people to live authentically and achieve a life full of bliss.
Then Jon’s parents got me a hedgehog ornament for Christmas, and it was the most exciting thing ever. Not to mention, cage clean-up isn’t that bad at all and hedgehogs only need baths about once a year. If the cleaning and bathing don't cost much trouble, I'm gonna get one hedgehog one day!

Finding hedgehog items is just a little treat, and every time I see one, I want to have it immediately. Just food twice a year and shavings once a month (which is about $3 depending on where you get it from).

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