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There’s just something about watching a liquid move without touching it… A So fascinating! If you’re not a fan of lingering black around your fingernails, disposable gloves would solve that problem. One of our friends figured out that he could blow a bubble with the slime – it really is amazing stuff!
No, the iron powder is black and will totally overpower any food coloring that you might add to it! You can order red or yellow iron oxide which will create the magnetic putty, but be more technicolor from amazon. I looked up the material safety data sheet for black iron oxide, and it is listed as non-toxic. But Alvaro Sanchez of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain and colleagues propose a way to approximate the impossible stuff by wrapping the cylindrical shell of superconductor in layers of materials that do one job at a time. The cloak could handle fields of any shape and any strength within what the superconductor can stand.
The hypothetical device would work as a magnetic cloak by creating a space that is protected from an external magnetic field while at the same time causing no telltale distortion of the field. STEP 4:place fabric covered metal board into frame and secure with the little metal tabs-hang your board on the wall or prop it up however you like and smack those products into this baby!and you have yourself the "prettiest" picture of beauty goods!
In combination with a remote keyboard, simply create narrow 5 sided shielding box which is open at the back using Magnetic Shielding Foil. A I didn’t either until recently when I found a post on Pinterest from Instructables about making magnetic silly putty.
A The set that we ordered from Amazon is no longer available, but here is something similar: 10 neodymium disc magnets. A It will look like a huge mess that isn’t going to turn into anything, but keep stirring! A Fingers can easily get pinched when trying to separate the magnets, so we didn’t even separate ours.
It would be best to leave them stacked and then wrap them with electrical or duct tape to avoid the temptation to play with them individually.

I remember reading somewhere about letting little kids play with iron shavings and magnets, that they can be poisoned by very small amounts. That’s because outside the can, the field produced by the superconductor will alter the applied field and reveal its presence. Some layers are easily magnetized and will essentially pull the external magnetic field lines around the cylinder; those layers alternate with shells of superconducting plates that push on the field, preventing it from coming straight in toward the center.
If the external field gets too strong, the magnetically induced current becomes so powerful that it knocks the superconductor out of its resistance-free state and ruins its field-repelling qualities. Alternatively, it could also be used to conceal a magnetic object and prevent its magnetic field from extending out into space—a pie-in-the-sky dream for shoplifters trying to steal clothes pinned with magnetic security tags.
Since most of the magnetic field from a laptop comes from the base, there is no need to shield the screen. If your laptop tends to heat up, be sure to make the shield large enough to allow adequate ventilation. A I really recommend this slime recipe rather than silly putty – more on that in a minute. A And here is an option with only 3 magnets, but they are thicker (less likely to chip): A 3 neodymium disc magnets. A (Plus, they’re small, and the whole stack of them was easier for the younger boys to hang on to.) A Be sure to keep the magnets away from cell phones, computer, and other electronics! A In the post on Instructables, they recommend mixing the iron powder directly into ready-made silly putty. I ordered the black because that’s what reviewers on Amazon were recommending for magnetic silly putty.
No doubt this is too disgusting to eat on purpose but what about little ones getting it in their mouths by accident? My recipe uses 20 Mule Team Borax and water rather than Sta-Flo (its the sodium tetraborate in both that cross-links with the PVA in the glue to make slime). If the container encounters a magnetic field, currents within the conductor will flow to generate a field that counteracts the applied field. In a nutshell, the field can be thought of as a distribution of lines of force that vaguely resembles a weather map of winds.

Computer simulations showed that the cloak could work with as little as four layers, but with 10, it would guide a magnetic field nearly as well as a perfect cloak, as Sanchez and colleagues report today in the New Journal of Physics.
So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. A Also make sure that no one puts them in their mouth – these would be very dangerous if swallowed. A Aidan and I tried doing that the day before our friends came over, except that we used our homemade silly putty recipe. The superconducting shield pushes the magnetic field lines outward, creating a hole in the field. A This is a great project to put on your to-do list for a rainy day, spring break, or summer! A We had black left around our fingernails and slight staining on our hands, but it was mostly gone by the next day.
A I put down a large piece of parchment paper to protect the counter, but we didn’t have any trouble wiping up slime spills that did get on the counter. A Working with the iron powder was way more messy than just stirring it into a liquid, and we had a LOT of trouble getting it to mix with the silly putty.
In a superconductor, however, those currents just keep flowing, creating a magnetic field that exactly cancels the applied field and zeroing out the total field within the container. So the trick to making a cloak for static magnetic fields is to counteract that distortion. I always spoon it out myself into the kids’ baggies full of glue which also curbs the mess. In 2007, Pendry and Ben Wood, also of Imperial College London, proposed that such a cloak could be made of a material that repels magnetic fields in one direction and attracts them in the opposite direction.

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