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How we bring up an area of conflict can make a huge difference in how our complaints are received.
In the eye version of the test, rabbits are placed in restraining stocks so that they cannot struggle or wipe their eyes. In the similarly horrific skin test, test substances are typically rubbed onto the shaved backs of rabbits to check for the severity of the reaction over a period of two weeks, before they are killed or "washed out" and reused. It's worth noting that if someone were to do such things to an animal outside a laboratory, it would be considered cruelty to animals -- a felony offense in many states. The FDA's own investigators have concluded that that the Draize test is "plagued" by a lack of reproducibility, and that there lacks a clear relationship between rabbit and human eye responses. Likely reasons for the lack of correlation is that the structures of human and rabbit eyes are quite different. Science advances rapidly, and, as one would expect, since 1944 there have been many improvements in determining product safety. Research to replace the Draize tests started in the 1980s, and in 2009 two alternative methods for assessing eye irritation were accepted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the international body responsible for producing and validating international test guidelines.
Hundreds of "Leaping Bunny"-certified cruelty-free companies have proven that it is possible to make safe and quality cosmetic products without testing on animals. It's high time that the United States -- the country that birthed the infamous Draize tests -- catch up with the rest of the world and put the misery out of these tests once and for all. I am writing to you as a mother -- a heartbroken mom to a child with uncontrollable seizures. These FDA-approved medications have caused him to regress developmentally to the point of being strictly fed through a feeding tube.
Currently there are 26 states that have legalized medical marijuana in an oil format, and 25 of those have epilepsy or uncontrollable seizures as an approved condition. Numerous legislators tell me that they wish they could help, but legalizing medical marijuana is dangerous -- even in an oil format. Parents of children plagued with seizures are fleeing to states like Colorado or Oregon where they can give their son or daughter a new life. They long to see their kid do things like play at the playground, sit unassisted with their favorite toy, or at the very least have their innocent child look at them in the eyes and smile.

So dear legislator, I am coming to you as a law-abiding, working class, voting citizen of your state.
I'm humbly asking that you open your mind and your heart to understand a quarter of what our life entails, desperately trying everything imaginable in order to save the precious life that we brought into this world.
I used to water and lava blocks + the sticky piston so that the 1st cobblestone could push the other; newer cobblestone out of the way. I like things like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Drawing, Art, Creativity, Building, that sort of stuff.
Nature is usually in a state of flux, which fosters problem-solving opportunities that build self-confidence. Their eyelids are pulled apart, and the substance is dripped, sprayed or rubbed onto the eye.
One would think that if these draconian tests are still legal to use today, then they must be the only tests available, or that they must be extremely accurate.
For example, the cornea accounts for 25 percent of the surface area of a rabbit's eye, in contrast to 7 percent of the human eye. This is because the anatomy and cellular makeup of skin varies among different species; therefore, responses to products vary between the species. Replacements for the skin irritation test using small discs of human skin cells grown in laboratories have also been accepted and validated by the OECD.
Moreover, governments around the world are increasingly prohibiting the use of animals for cosmetics testing. I march to my state capital in Louisiana rallying for my child's life constantly, begging representatives and senators to listen to me. A life without medications with zombie-like side effects and a life where they can thrive and be free from the monster that is known as epilepsy. I come to you in tears as I sit here holding my vibrating child as yet another seizure has taken hostage of his brain.
Please trust the bill proposed and consider the thousands of lives that will change for the better. I guess when you think about it, your idea is more resourceful, but I just wanted to give a basic idea of how to build it. The eyelids are then held together for a moment to ensure that the substance is all over the eye.

Indeed, the rabbit is now considered a notoriously poor predictor of human irritation potential. When developing a new product, companies can use these validated and scientifically proven alternatives in lieu of the now-antiquated Draize tests. At nine years old, my son is currently taking six medications twice a day in order to "control" his seizures (basically enough meds to knock out an elephant for a night). He is in a constant state of "daydreaming" due to the absence seizures that plague his brain every few minutes. Think of the lives that have the potential to be productive citizens if only their seizures could be controlled and the lives that can be saved with a single drop of oil a day. The rabbits are then observed in order to determine whether or not irritation occurs over the next three days.
My son was born with a rare brain anomaly, and because of it he suffers from brutal, relentless, life-altering seizures. The two rescue medications he has cause his heart and breathing rate to slow, putting him in danger each and every time it's administered to him. My heart breaks a little more with each passing day as I put these medications in my child's feeding tube. They are usually monitored for a further three weeks before being either killed or, if there is no permanent damage to the eye, reused after a "wash-out" period that removes traces of the previously tested product.
I cringe every time I administer the medicine that is supposed to be helping him, but isn't.
They say no to my kid who desperately wants to live a life where he can have a single thought not be disrupted by an electrical misfire in his brain. My son and thousands of other children and adults like him are depending on you because the medical professionals have done all they could do.
Waking up every single day waiting for the seizures to start, then waiting every single day for the seizures to stop.

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