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All you need to start is a wire wreath from, pipe cleaners, and one wide roll of Deco Mesh. Start by pinching the end together and tie it down to the wreath form by placing it in the middle of a pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner close.
Now pull the mesh out about 5 or 6 inches from the twisted pipe cleaner and gather it together with your hands. Keep going always trying to use the same length of Deco Mesh and attaching it to the wire frame with the pipe cleaners.
If you keep going all the way around the wreath frame your Deco Mesh Wreath will look like this. I finished it by curling the end of the deco mesh into itself and attaching it with a pipe cleaner so you wouldn’t see any raw edges.
I made a wreath and did the outside wire with gold mesh and the inside with blue the is a college football wreath.
I used a little less than two rolls of decomesh, the long rolls not the wide ribbon sized ones. Hey, what size is your deco mesh 10″ or 21″ and how many yards does it take to go around the form? Thanks for the tutorial on Deco Wreath, I do a lot of crafts for gifts because of finances, you have made the instructions so easy,NOW I am going to try one.
March 15, 2012 By Julie Siomacco 1 Comment I love finding new ways to use deco mesh in addition to making fabulous wreaths with mesh.
Here are the instructions for creating an adorable Easter egg decoration using a round wreath form.  Please feel free to share and to change it up to make it your own.
Bend the wreath form into the shape of an egg by placing the wreath vertically on top of a table and then using your hands, gently press down on the sides of the wreath form until it bends into an oval shape. Once all the needle ties are wrapped around the wreath frame, the wreath is already looking like an egg. Before we move to the next step, let’s go ahead and hot glue the vertical support bar that popped off back into place.
Measure 3 pieces of deco mesh that are long enough to wrap around the front and sides of the egg shape. Stack the 3 newly cut sheets of mesh on top of each other and lay the egg frame upside down on top of the stacked mesh pieces. Thread the needle with the embroidery thread and working in sections, tightly wrap all three layers of deco mesh up and around the sides of the wreath frame (I was pleasantly surprised that the mesh folded easily around the wreath form.)  Tightly sew around the outside ring of the wreath form.

Sew all the way around the wreath form making sure to pull the mesh taught but not too tight so that it doesn’t stretch out of shape.
As you can see below, the needle goes under the outer wreath frame, through the mesh and back up around the wreath frame again.  Once I sewed all the way around the wreath frame, I sewed the entire wreath frame a second time for security.
As you can see, once completed with the sewing there is excess deco mesh gathered on the back.
Once you have the desired ruffle, trim the excess wires off and fold the end of the ribbon so that the fabric doesn’t slide back off. Apply hot glue onto the mesh under both ends of the ribbon making sure to hold in place until cooled. I added two additional strips of ribbon in another pattern by hot gluing the ends of the ribbon to the back of the egg. Precious snowman by Mona Sutton (she said she received instructions to make this from Dee’s Crafts but changed a few things to make it her own). FooterJulie Siomacco is owner of Southern Charm Wreaths and considered one of THE leaders in wreath making.
Julie has taught thousands her secrets for making jaw dropping and professional looking wreaths EVERY time! Poly Decorator art mesh (also known as Geo Mesh) is a mesh made out of vinyl that is durable and waterproof, perfect for outdoors but delicate enough for indoor use. I also love Poly Deco mesh because you can add it to any silk floral wreath to give the wreath more texture and color. Sign up for my newsletter to receive exclusive offers and tips on how to make your own wreaths. It’s a really cool product that can be used to decorate so many things for a minimum cost. Find the next open pipe cleaner and place the pinched piece into the pipe cleaner and twist. That’s great but I wanted it a little bit fuller so I added more pipe cleaners in any empty places on the wreath frame and did a second layer of Deco Mesh using the same technique and a mix of the old and new pipe cleaners. It was really easy and removable if the person that I made the wreath for wants to change it out for something else. However I would use the same wire frame and then use a medium gage wire to make a spider web in the middle of the frame. I haven’t worked with it much, but after pricing everything, the tulle was definitely cheaper.

I came up with this idea about 2 months ago but I am just now finding the time to get pictures taken and instructions typed. You may need to use a spool of ribbon as a weight to help hold the mesh flat while trimming. Sewing is definitely not my thing so I made the thread as long as possible but still manageable in order to rush through it. This is the amount of excess wire I ended up cutting off of the ribbon to give you an idea of how much I ruffled mine.
If you apply hot glue under the parts of the ribbon where the ribbon isn’t folded, the hot glue will show through the front of the ribbon.
If I were selling this creation, I would have also added an additional strip of ribbon around the back of the wreath to cover up my ribbon ends. I teach you how to make beautiful professional looking wreaths for your home and how to make money selling them.
A friend asked me the other day to make a deco mesh wreath for an upcoming baby shower she is hosting. It doesn’t have to be a perfect spider web, just criscross the wires and tie well to opposite sides of the frame. In that case I would add other things to bring more interest, more decorations or glittered sprays.
Can’t you just imagine hanging these at different heights to use as decorations, you could even use a 24 & 30-inch wreath forms for various sizes? Make sure not too trim to much as you want the mesh to be able to wrap up the sides of the wreath form and over the outer frame. To do this I first laid out my ribbon pattern with my ribbon to see how long the ribbon would be and then I doubled this length. This entire cute wreath was made for $15 before I applied the 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby. Once you get a good metal frame going then you can just fill in the middle of the wreath form using the exact same technique. Add a green stem at the top and get creative with leaves and you should have a great decomesh pumpkin.

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