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Oh, and food for fashion thought: the shoes were all mid to kitten heels, so do take note and act accordingly! I knew the dress that transforms Cinderella into a beautiful princess needed to be big a€“ very big.
Cinderella a€“ played by Downton Abbeya€™s Lily James a€“ has to dance and run away into the night, and I wanted the dress to look as light as air, a watercolour in motion.A Costume-maker Jane Law and I achieved that with the choice of fabric and by using many different shades of shimmering blue. Fairytale: Cinderella - Lily James - captivates her prince Richard Madden at the ball AND THE WAIST?
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Plastic bottles are so versatile, resilient and flexible — the perfect material to make artsy, fun and gorgeous projects. Here are some fun DIY crafts using recycled plastic bottles you can try, and even use to teach your kids about recycling and helping the environment. Add a personalized touch to your baby’s playroom with this DIY flower rainbow mobile. Instead of banishing your children to the dungeon every time they have a hissy fit, why not use this clever ‘Time Out Stool’?
A pretty amazing vertical garden that was suspended in a narrow walkway just outside the house.
If you’re looking to level the contours of a sloped section, to have flat areas for patios and lawns, you’ll need a retaining wall.
Council approval is often required for retaining walls, when they are over a specified height, next to a boundary, or supporting a driveway, car park or other structures. Gabion retaining walls are a simple low cost gravity wall, that do not require a concrete foundations or deep footing piles.
Interlocking concrete blocks are assembled without mortar, come in many styles, and are available at any home improvement center.
Railroad or railway sleeper retaining wall's life span, depends on the age timber and any preservative treatment the timber has had when installed. Small timber or wooden retaining walls are a form of cantilever retaining wall and are DIY friendly. Gabion retaining walls are a quick and easy to build, that do not require a concrete footings. Gabion retaining walls can be filled with recycled brick, concrete and other hard durable materials. The rounded river rocks are a decorative veneer in front of the curved concrete reinforced masonry block retaining wall. The corten steel is a decorative veneer infront of the permanent retaining wall which is most often a reinforced concrete wall or a concrete masonry block wall. Instu concrete retaining walls, are generally all engineer designed, and can be built in a huge range of shapes and heights. Gabion retaining walls very strong and with an engineers design can retain 5.0m or taller, they can be used for supporting driveways and carparks.
Gabion retaining walls are free draining and able to retain a variety of soil types, including clays, silty clays and sand, as well as gravels. Motared rock retaining walls, need to built on an reinforced concrete footing, as the wall itself has no steel reinforcing to hold it together.

This home owner has used natural timber and rock to create a gabion retaining wall with a built in seat. By combining raw sand stone, uncut blocks with cut retaining wall stone, the builder of this wall brought together two earthy elements. Designed to hold back soil, this retaining wall employs big stones or boulders that were moved into position with heavy equipment. The design of all retaining walls needs to consider, the soil profile, soil type, (clay, gravel or sand), the final height of the wall and any loadings from driveways and nearby buildings, that will increase the forces that the wall has to withstand. Often local authorities require the design work to be done by a registered engineer, before issuing a building consent. Home owners, weekend builders, and diy specialists can build most retaining walls depending on size over several weekends. There’s just so much going on with haute couture, so many details to check out, so many interesting perspectives to discover! They’re usually so romantic and delicate about fashion, I really thought working out the stylists’ flowers message would’ve been a piece of cake.
Wish you could get started with your favorite outdoor plants indoors during these cold winter months? They may be a landscaping must have, but retaining walls can also be imaginative additions to your property.
This gabion wall has a attractive night lighting and is a feature of the garden, while providing retaining. Simple but labour-intensive to build, a concrete block retaining wall is a good do-it-yourself project. The retaining walls strength relies on the steel reinforcing bars and concrete infill inside the block walls.
However when the timber retaining walls are over 1.2m tall they require larger diameter, heavy duty posts to be used, at much closer spacings, and the construction may require specialist piling equipment. This wall requires an extra strong foundation to allow for the weight of the rock cladding.
Some of these retaining walls use a combination of tieback rock anchors, pile foundations, and canilerved footings to resist the lateral earth pressures. Gabion retaining walls are able to cope with a small amount of settlement, without cracking or losing thier ability to retain the sloping ground they are supporting.
It may not be possible to build a gabion retaining wall on poor load bearing organic soils such as peat.
Called dry stack or dry stone walling; because they doesn't use any mortar, this type of natural rock wall is especially cost-effective if you have access to stone on your property.
This wall has a barbeque, built in servery beside a water feature and makes the most of a steep sloping hillside.
A first class drainage system required behind the wall, to prevent hydrostatic pressure damaging and cracking the wall. The design uses different sized gabions building a wall that is both structural and architectural.
The retaining wall has steps with basalt treads and is made possible with the variety of gabion baskets sizes that can be purchased online. Despite the size of the stones, the builder has delicately sloped the wall to help resist outward soil pressure.

The geotech or civil engineers stability calculations, site inspection notes and soil analysis are submitted with the consent or permit application. For larger retaining walls you can get a quotes from, local landscapers, small earthworks contractors and specialist retaining wall builders, who have both the machinery and experience to build the larger retaining walls quickly for you. A handful of models posing nicely for the press, all dolled up in their high fashion garments, too precious to walk around in a regular runway presentation. But as it turns out, it’s hard to get flowery fabric without getting a tapestry vibe from the final creation. In fact, it took a team of 20 people 4,000 hours to create eight versions of this very special gown.The result? Just a little creative inspiration and a do-it-yourself attitude, you can turn those empty bottles into something useful and decorative. A drainage system required behind the wall, to prevent hydrostatic pressure pushing over the wall. An engineer will specify the size and locations of the renforcing steel used in these retaining walls, and will also specify the drainage system required behind the wall, which is critical to prevent hydrostatic pressure damaging the retaining wall. Because the gabions are porous, it is virtually impossible for hydrostatic pressure overturn the retaining wall. Gabion baskets come in a variety of sizes and purchsed online are delivered in a flat pack kitset direct to you. The architect has combined with the engineer to design wall that is both structural and aesthetic in this garden design. This is on of the many architectural solutions used by designers to dress up a plain concrete retaining wall. The designer has combined with the engineer to design wall that is both structural and creates a very usable flat patio space. These walls are rarely able to be permited, due to the inconsistant nature of the construction, the stability analysis becomes too unreliable to be certified. These walls work well up to 600mm tall, over 600mm tall vertical support posts need to be added to the walls construction to prevent overturning. The gabion is easy for the DIYer to build, no spercial tools are required to assemble a gabion retaining wall.
Ita€™s actually an optical illusion a€“ her waist looks tiny because the skirt is so huge.A a€? The top layer of the gown is silk crepeline, a very lightweight, fine silk. But you can buy a similar design on the High Street for A?100 a€“ about 100 times less.A Behind the many layers, the gown is a feat of structural engineering.
That proved a headache a€“ these dresses arena€™t something you can just throw in the wash.And it also wasna€™t the most practical design. During filming, Lily and Helena Bonham Carter, who plays her fairy godmother and wears an equally huge gown, had to get used to it taking an age to be dressed.

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