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The figure above illustrates a three-stage water filter built out of a tripod and porous cloth. Projects such as this water filter can also make for great fun on family outings and camping trips.
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I have a question- the charcoal…can you use just regular charcoal like you buy for grilling with? Heather – Big or small chunks will work, as long as the filter contains enough charcoal for the water to pass through rather than around it while running down to the other layers.
I used to put a single briquette in a sock and put it on some poster-board (on top concrete slab) and beat it with a hammer.
I would not use commercial charcoal, because the commercial version often has additives to aid in lighting.
Slings and Slinging: Resources for making and using this ancient survival weapon for hunting and target practice.

USA Customers We ship all USA orders via USPS Priority Mail, except as otherwise noted on the website. With an interest in wilderness survival, I have always scraped charcoal from logs in the fire-pit. How many gallons of water would you recommend before changing the filtering elements.\ Especially the charcoal. I would use charcoal from a fire that I lit and make sure the wood was only from trees, not lumber from building sites. I don’t mind if people post my articles on their sites as long as they give me attribution.
First barrel water came in the top and then out a few inches above the bottom into the top of the next barrel etc. We gathered water from a mud puddle behind the building, ran it through the filter, and then boiled it with the bunsen burners in the lab. Now knowing the chemical make-up of some of the commercial stuff, I have never tried it for this purpose, and would be hesitant to do so.

That bucket sits on top of the table on the left side, and the hose runs to the lid of another 5 gallon bucket under the table on the right side (this is done to prevent possible cross contamination if there is a spill while pouring the questionable water).
We then dropped one drop of Iodine in the glass of water, came back and drank it a couple of hours later.
The hose connects to a ceramic filter element in the lid of the catch bucket, which will take care of nasty bugs and viruses (according to manufacturer). But it also works to kill off most of the beasties in the water and is removed by the charcoal layer.

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