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But environmentalists are warning that rampant development in the Himalayan state is tempting fate. With roads built on an ad hoc basis, new hotel developments built on river banks and hydro dams proposed in the region’s steep valleys, environmentalists say the floods and mudslides that have claimed more than 1,000 lives in the past week were an ecological catastrophe waiting to happen.
A real estate boom in the region has also resulted in new developments going ahead without adequate planning permission.
Souparno Banerjee of the Indian advocacy group theCenter for Science and Environment said that despite state government denials, most experts were of the view that unregulated development and unregulated tourism is responsible for the scale of the disaster. He said his organization recommended a certain amount of flow necessary to keep rivers in the region at a safe level, but that dam projects and river diversions for roads had backed up with flood waters from torrential rains.
Uttarakhand’s chief minister Vijay Bahuguna told the Times of India newspaper that the floods had set back the state by at least three years in terms of development.
He said that a balance needed to be struck between the environment and development, adding that he did not want migration away from Uttarakhand. He denied that the disaster was man-made and a result of the indiscriminate construction of hotels and houses.
There are no plans to make immediate redundancies at high street chain BHS after it fell into administration, business minister Anna Soubry has said.
This report by the Ministry of Home Affairs on disaster management in India is the outcome of an in-house compilation and analysis of information relating to disasters and their management. The perception about disaster and its management has undergone a change following the enactment of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. There was a long felt need to capture information about all such events occurring across the sectors and efforts made to mitigate them in the country and to collate them at one place in a global perspective. India’s geo-climatic conditions as well as its high degree of socio-economic vulnerability, makes it one of the most disaster-prone country in the world. Disasters are sometimes classified according to whether they are “natural” disasters, or “human-made” disasters. The eleventh five year plan document of Government of India gave impetus to mainstreaming disaster risk reduction as one of the priority programmes in the development planning process and disaster management.
To achieve results in these key identified areas, the report suggests certain steps which should be integral to all stages of disaster management.

The study reports, that, ”India accounts for 13 per cent of road accident fatalities worldwide. In Chennai an electric passenger train ran without engine driver lightening speed finally to land on a station platform killing many. While farmers’ orgies an immoderate indulgence in suicides,an emotional binge, are rampant and ugly and, where shall the common ignorant man go for correcting these man made errors or faults? Obviously there are tunnels being built, hills being blasted and everything goes topsy-turvy. I’m talking about, Yes, it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have some thing intriguing to express. Newspapers, including The Times of India, also say the government is not doing enough to rescue people from the flood-affected areas."A couple of dozen helicopters flying a few hundred sorties a day to rescue a region full of distressed citizens is emblematic of millennial India's broken promises," the paper says.
The definition of disaster is now all encompassing, which includes not only the events emanating from natural and man-made causes, but even those events which are caused by accident or negligence. A disaster is an extreme disruption of the functioning of a society that causes widespread human, material, or environmental losses that exceed the ability of the affected society to cope with its own resources.
A more modern and social understanding of disasters, however, views this distinction as artificial since most disasters result from the action or inaction of people and their social and economic structures. The people on the wheels especially the youngsters due to their reckless driving defiant disregards for dangers and catastrophe leading usually irremediable ruin and misfortune to their family members. With 130,000 deaths in 2007, India tops in the number of people killed in road accidents, surpassing China’s 90,000. Apart from human loss, the economic losses are per mutable capable of changing or upsetting the whole economic sequences. Such issues are quite complicated since some bad political touts are involved in the scandal. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
I have written to the prime minister that preliminary reports suggest there is loss of Rs 3,000 crore (US$500 million).
All I hear is in fact plenty of whining about something you could fix if you ever werent too busy in search of attention.

The matter is being examined by the law ministry, and an opinion of the home ministry will also be sought. A visit to any neurological blocks of any leading hospitals, there will be common sight young women about to be widowed, with a children in the arms praying God to bring back the comatose husbands to life. The devastation in Uttarakhand has been unprecedented and certainly has to do with the rampant degradation of the environment in the region, claimed the environmentalists.They said a number of hydroelectricity projects on the Ganga's tributaries created a ticking time bomb in Uttarakhand as the construction involved large-scale deforestation.
A rule, a principle or condition that customarily governs that a building more than 50 years should not exists, should be strictly followed. Stampede in shrines can be avoided by forecasting the magnitude of the pilgrimage and capacity of the space available. Ironically, Bahuguna still did not seem to consider rethinking his opposition despite the devastation in the state.A defiant Bahuguna said on Wednesday, "The stretch worst affected does not fall in the eco-sensitive zone. That is human made because of the kind of development strategies we have adopted.""We have treated the Himalayas like garbage, never thought of the fragility of the mountain system. We need development but it has to benefit local people," she said.Emphasising on the need for better forecasting technology in the country, Narain said, "We need to re-look at the dams that have been proposed. Hope this tragedy can shake the conscience of the people to say we cannot have business as usual."Referring to an inter-ministerial group (IMG) report on hydropower projects in Upper Ganga Basin, Himanshu Thakkar of South Asia Network on Dams Rivers and People (SANDARP) said, "The report is catering to the hydro power lobby and has not even tried to look at the impact of the projects with any seriousness. There is no environmental assessment of indiscriminate expansion of hydro projects.""It is an unfortunate report and a-month-and-a-half after it was published, it has been concealed from the public domain. The ministry of environment is hiding the report and the likes of Sunita Narain have not bothered to demand for it to be made public. It is a non-transparent report catering to hydro power lobby," he said."You cannot avert a cloudburst, but you can reduce the damage.
The NDMA, ministry of environment and the state government are all sitting idle," Thakkar alleged.He said that the "eco-sensitive zone proposal is a small step" and the Centre needed to show more interest in implementing it and alleged that the Uttarakhand government was opposed to it as it has been catering to the lobby of the developers of hydel projects.

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