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In times of crisis and disaster medical enterprises are required to serve the public and are the first called to action. Human societies have witnessed a large number of such natural hazards in different parts of the world and have tried to learn to control these processes to some extent.Table.
Medical enterprises function in disaster situations of all kinds: natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, illness outbreaks, man-made disasters, including terrorist attacks and accidents both conventional unconventional.
Shoonra offers medical organizations learning processes to maximize their level of emergency preparedness, all according to universal standards and adapting the program to the needs of the organization and the specific threat .
Unfortunately there are plenty of examples of emergency situations: attacks, Tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Katrina, the collapse of the mine in South America, earthquakes in Turkey and more. Shoonra's program relates to incorporate forecasting, preparation, prevention, treatment during the event and return to normal. Essay outline printable worksheets, essay wikipedia, world dissertation search, higher geography.
Existing critical facilities built on reclaimed land should be inspected and retrofitted if necessary to ensure earthquake resistance.b.
Future critical facilities should not be located on reclaimed land because of the high potential for liquefaction.c.
Older unreinforced masonry buildings should be inspected and retrofitted if necessary to increase earthquake resistance.d. The most significant aspect of structural damage to buildings by high velocity wind results from roof damage. The roofs of existing buildings should be inspected and if necessary retrofitted to adequate standards.c.
The roofs of existing critical facilities should be retrofitted to a higher standard to ensure wind resistance.d.

These openings if not constructed of wood or metal should be protected with shutters or temporary covers of adequate design.Table. Craft may drag moorings.2 (Tropical Cyclone)125-169 (Destructive winds)Minor house damage, Significant damage to signs, trees and caravans, Heavy damage to some crops. Tsunami: Tsunamis are giant waves, initiated by a sudden change, usually in relative position of underwater tectonic plates. In some tsunami-prone countries earthquake engineering measures have been taken to reduce the damage caused onshore.b.
Japan, where tsunami science and response measures first began following a disaster in 1896, has produced ever-more elaborate countermeasures and response plans.
Other localities have built floodgates and channels to redirect the water from incoming tsunami.4. Volcanic eruptions: Volcanic disasters are caused by lava flows, volcanic mudflows and pyroclastic flows triggered by volcanic activities such as eruptions. It covers extensive areas; volcanic disasters can cause a large-scale damages and serious personal injury. Secondary disasters such as debris flows are often triggered by rainfall after a volcanic eruption.In the 1815, the Indonesian eruption threw rocks more than 100 cubic km of ash killing 92,000 people. The greatest volcanic explosion occurred in Indonesia in 1883, which resulting in rocks hurling 55 km up into the air. Learn about community warning systems and of disasters that can come from volcanoes (earthquakes, flooding, landslides, mudflows, thunderstorms, tsunamis)b.
Have disaster supplies on hand (flashlight, extra batteries, portable battery-operated radio, first aid kit, emergency food and water, nonelectric can opener, cash and credit cards, and sturdy shoes)5. Floods: Flooding is the unusual presence of water on land to a depth which affects normal activities.

Flooding can arise from: overflowing rivers (river flooding), heavy rainfall over a short duration (flash floods), or an unusual inflow of sea water onto land (ocean flooding). Watercourses which pass through significant settlement areas should be properly configured and lined with concrete.b. Existing bridges should be inspected to determine which ones are too low or which have support pillars within the watercourse channel. Where possible these should be replaced as these features restrict water flow and cause the channels to be easily blocked with debris.c.
Buildings constructed adjacent to watercourses should be elevated by at least one meter to prevent potential flood inundation.e. Road Accidents: Road accidents are common in India due to reckless driving, untrained drivers and poor maintenance of roads and vehicles. Most of these deaths occurred due to bad road designs and lack of proper traffic management systems to separate different streams of traffic.2. Terrorist Attack: Devastating acts such as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon have left many concerned about the possibility of future incidents in the United States and their potential impact. Listen to a local radio or television station for news and follow the instructions of emergency service personnel.c. If the incident occurs near you, look out for secondary hazards such as falling debris or additional attacks.d. Media plays a significant role in educating the population about] disaster and its management.b.

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