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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. CRP5 Addresses Interrelated Global Challenges• Water Scarcity• Land Degradation• Loss of Ecosystem Services GOAL: sustainably improve livelihoods, reduce poverty, and ensure food security using research-based solutions to water scarcity, land degradation, and loss of ecosystem services.
Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in American Samoa after a tsunami, triggered by a 8.3 magnitude earthquake, struck the area. Officials at the Samoa Meteorology Division said many of those who died were killed by a second wave after they went to gather fish that had been washed up after the first. The area has seen its share of tsunami destruction, especially since the earthquake and tsunami of 2004, which killed more than 225,000 around the Indian Ocean. Some Samoans are criticizing the effectiveness of the warning system, claiming it failed them and their loved ones. To view locations of natural disasters worldwide, check out  this world map that is updated in real time. This entry was posted in Natural Catastrophes and tagged American Samoa, Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System, Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning System, President Obama, Tsunami by Emily Holbrook. Emily Holbrook is the executive managing editor for National Underwriter Life & Health and the former editor of the Risk Management Monitor and Risk Management magazine. The comment that the second wave killed most of the victims because they went to gather fish is not quite accurate.
My aunt, and her two great grand children perished because there was not enough time to evacuate from their house on the shoreline in Lalomanu. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same. To Ben Tilli at the beginning of this email trail, if you’re the same Ben Tilli that went to college at the University of California San Diego, please contact me.
Traditionally, fisheries management has focused on restoring depleted fish populations one species at a time. In the first part of this investigation, you will learn the basics of the EBM approach to fisheries management and watch a short animation showing an example of one of the many types of EBM tools that can be used to aid fisheries management.
Checking In questions are intended to keep you engaged and focused on key concepts and to allow you to periodically check if the material is making sense.
Stop and Think questions are intended to help your teacher assess your understanding of the key concepts and skills you should be learning from the lab activities and readings.

Here’s how you can become a superhero by integrating these 5 simple tasks into your day to day routine. Student Perspectives: Camp Cooking with Birch GreisseApril 15, 2016 By Natural Epicurean Birch Griesse completed the Winter 2015 track at Natural Epicurean before going on to extern at Better Bites Bakery in Austin, TX. Natural Epicurean’s own Chef Instructor, Rachel Zierzow, shares a fantastic recipe for a creamy Butternut Squash soup featured in LA Yoga Magazine. The Seattle project is part of a larger national effort to cut the company's CO2 emissions by 15% by 2020. News reports claim more than 100 people have been killed, including 77 people in Samoa, more than 25 in American Samoa and at least six in Tonga.
Sirens reportedly blared out across the Samoan capital, Apia, again late on Tuesday but the warning was thought to be a false alarm.
May she Rest In Peace and her death a reminder that it is very, very important to be prepared for potential disasters such as the earthquake and the tsunami on September 29, 2009. Image courtesy of Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council GEM (Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring and Research) project. These single-species management approaches can be an effective way to replenish numbers within a given fish stock.
In the second part of the investigation, you will play a game in which you make decisions about how to successfully manage different types of fisheries. These questions are often accompanied by hints or answers to let you know if you are on the right track. Did you know that the city of Austin plans to divert 75% of waste from landfills and incinerators by the year 2020? Glass is easier to sterilize, lasts longer than plastic, and it doesn’t stain or hold odors.
Save onion ends, bell pepper tops, inner celery stalks and leaves, herb stems and soft carrots. I know it can be messy and a pain but if you can do the first 4 tips, composting becomes easy. Waste Management is investing $29 million in 106 new vehicles and an additional $7.5 million to build a compressed natural gas fueling station in Seattle. The death toll is likely to rise as several more are missing. American Samoa Governor Togiola Tulafono has said the first wave struck too quickly for a full evacuation.

However, Jonathan Bathgate, a seismologist from Geoscience Australia thinks that Samoa’s system is probably outdated. Unfortunately, modern fishing practices can jeopardize the health of ocean communities through habitat destruction, by-catch, and overfishing—all of which throw off the natural and delicate balance of marine ecosystems.
But these approaches ignore other species, that while commercially insignificant, may be vital to the overall function and health of the ecosystem.
They are more absorbent, and you can easily toss them in with your whites when you do a load of laundry. Salads are a good way to make something healthy and provide a variety of fruits and veggie combinations that you might not put together when you are following a recipe.
Ecosystem-based management (EBM), on the other hand, is a different kind of approach that considers the interconnectedness of all components within an ecosystem, including fish, plants, marine mammals, climate, and humans. Animal shelters are always in need of towels and linens and would gladly accept your donation.
Whole Foods and Wheatsville Food Coop both sell ceramic compost canisters that fit on your counter.
This initiative has the city researching your trash and setting goals to manage the flow of waste created in our community and ultimately reduce greenhouse gases created by landfills and incinerators.
Making your own stock tastes so much better than the cubes or the boxed stock and it allows you to control the amount of sodium. Help make Austin the cleanest city on the planet and save a few dollars while you are at it.
The graph below shows a breakdown of all items currently being discarded into the trash and going into landfills. He writes mostly about energy and environmental politics, clean tech, infrastructure and green business. When not reading, writing, or talking about environmental politics to anyone who will listen, Tim likes to ski, hike with his aging lab and get dirty in his Colorado veggie garden. Exploring a wide range of topics from policy to social movements, Ecopolitology provides an in-depth and accessible narrative about what moves sustainability in the world today.

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