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Noise is both written and directed by Henry Bean, a semi-successful screenwriter and creator of The Believer.
This, too, will be worth two hours of my life, and perhaps even the $9.00 movie ticket to see it in a theatre. Godzilla (2014)9 CommentsSpoiler alert: this breakdown divulges information about the plot of the film. As for the monsters – when I began to hear more about the plot, I literally groaned and felt my interest waning.
Usually I complain about modern films not having any kind of character change within their protagonist.
The only creatures in this shitload of a film showing anything like a human emotion that is believable, are the two mutos lamenting the loss of their breed. It might amuse you that on my son’s return flight to England from Thailand some Indian-Brits. The box office success of this kind of films no longer results from good scriptwriting or storytelling. That had a good story, love triangle, social commentary, and yes, the humans were able to defeat Godzilla.
The film first premiered at the Rome Film Festival last year and is being distributed here in the US by THINKFilm.
Although, it could be really annoying if we have to listen to car alarms throughout the entire movie. If that is the future of blockbuster movies, then at least for me – the rest is silence. Get this - the movie is about a guy in New York City who can't stand car alarms so he makes it his mission to attack every car he can. He calls himself "The Rectifier" and leaves his superhero-like calling card in every car that he destroys each night. I am allowed to say this, I paid a ticket (overprized for a non native 3d version that sucked even visually).
Well, the trailer makes it seem not that bad, but I'm not sure I'd say it really looks that good either.
While Godzilla walks his way, the plot basically meanders in his footsteps, while socalled characters just can scream or hide and duck.
We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film.

This film has been huge at the box office and is a lot better than I thought it would be (which is a pretty low bar, I admit).
But for mastering the craft of screenwriting, especially for summer blockbuster movies, the question to ask ourselves is: what would I do if I were given this assignment?
More specifically, what were the story challenges in this film and what would I do to solve them?
We wanted Cap and really the entire cinematic universe to be very different at the end of Winter Solider than it is at the beginning.
Therefore when we meet the Avengers at the top of Age of Ultron, it’s a very different landscape than we left them at the end of the film film. Hell, you could even throw Pepper Potts in from their shared history.Are you excited to see where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading? Which means that, like virtually all disaster movies, the normal Godzilla movie has no plot.
Finally would you rather see her earlier spy work or what she’s capable of doing now?
And if you tell this story in the normal way, you won’t be getting any character definition from the nameless humans he kills either. You’re left with the military commanders staring helplessly at the destruction, which is as one note as it sounds. To see how the writers solved these challenges, and the process we might work through on a similar project, we begin by going back to the genres, or story forms, on which Godzilla is based. This is epic horror, technically a story in which the fate of the nation is determined by the actions of a single individual fighting a monster. The key technique James Cameron used to elevate it above one of the lowest of all genres was to begin with a love story.
This allowed the audience to get to know two people extremely well, and to invest deeply in their love. Then when the disaster hit, it wasn’t just mass destruction of a number of characters we never got to know.
Here, writers Dave Callaham (story) and Max Borenstein (screenplay) establish a single human character, Ford Brody, who will be the fulcrum of the epic.
But this time is crucial to show Ford’s ghost and his intense emotional need to solve the problem no matter the cost.
It also connects him and his family to the audience, so that the later mega-battles will mean more to the audience than amazing special effects.

They go back to the single most important technique in horror, first used in Frankenstein, where they flip the human and inhuman.
This technique was also used in Terminator II, where the relentless monster of Terminator I  turns into the good guy and an apparently normal-looking human is an even-deadlier terminator.
Godzilla doesn’t become a psychologically deep character capable of falling in love with some pretty human. Since humans are apparently impotent in the face of Godzilla’s power, why not create a second and third monster that can give Godzilla real trouble? This opposition may lack the emotional power of a fight between Godzilla and humans, but real emotion requires a fair fight, so that wasn’t going to happen anyway. And since this is both a horror and an epic action story, the fight between mega-monsters is guaranteed to generate much better action set pieces. The epic horror genre dictates a third major decision for the writers, having to do with the story structure.
A good action story always converges to a single point known to the audience fairly early in the story.
This allows the writers to begin the story on an epic, often worldwide, scale without paying a heavy price. The big danger to the epic action story is that the grand scale can destroy narrative drive as the story meanders from place to place.
But by setting up a vortex point, the writers create a cyclone effect where all characters and action lines converge at progressively greater speed. All monsters and humans, including our everyman hero, Brody, drive relentlessly to this point in space and time. Most writers forget that horror is consistently the most popular story form in worldwide storytelling.
Combining it with a genre like action magnifies its power tremendously, especially in the film medium. The trick for writers is learning how to combine the forms so that you get the best of both.

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