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North Building lower level, consisting of 8 classrooms and considerable storage, sustained 4 feet of standing water and destroyed carpets, drywall, shelfing, furniture, curriculum materials, school supplies, and more. Great thanks go to myriad Har HaShem volunteers who have pumped water, swept mud from interior and exterior areas, removed soggy materials, power washed furniture, sorted through and inventoried surviving curriculum materials and prayer books, moved supplies and furniture into a temporary storage trailer, answered incoming phones, contacted members to check on their well-being, forwarded messages through neighborhood groups, coordinated volunteers, and so much more. Please read on for an overview of what has transpired, where we are now, and what needs to happen going forward.

Carpets, shelves and drywall have been removed, and mud and debris by the dumpster load is being shoveled out. Plan to please revisit again as we add additional requests.An Amazon Wish List is being created to replenish needed school supplies either by purchasing them or committing to bringing them to the synagogue. This is just a stock guide of my collection of vinyl records and cds which I carefully selected and collected during the 1980's, 1990's and the early 2000's.

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