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Large Sunspot Is The Reason NASA's Warning Everybody Of Total Permanent Power Loss - Watch! Planning is quite possibly the single most important aspect to prepping, yet so many preppers fail to plan at all.
There are some key items I want you to keep in mind when to adding some planning to your preps. Everyone knows that stress isn’t good for you, and while stress can indeed help you out at times, keeping stress to a minimum when in a survival situation is a very good idea. The more you plan now, the less stress you’ll experience when the plans are put into action.
There are three major types of planning; each requires its own solutions, emergency kits, and timelines. Each of these smaller types of planning all come together into your very own prepping plan.
Once you’re good with these, phase two of planning involves more detailed plans like self-defense, home security, and bartering. Reader’s Choice Awards!SurvivalTop50's survival site list is based entirely on internet rankings. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. They do, but this is certainly a lower cost option, especially if you have an old ammo can available. Guy anchors should be grounded with no dissimilar metals (see our book The 'Grounds' for Lightning and EMP Protection, Second Edition, Page 24). A ground system can be obtained in many ways, but the most economical is with radials and ground rods.
The whole practice of lightning protection is to control the discharge path and not have it randomly disperse in any direction. Unlike the radials, ground rod diameter size will have little effect on impedance unless the rod is very long. It is not necessary to route a single copper ground wire up a large galvanized steel tower. Increasing the distance between the tower and coax cable entry provides additional propagational time for the tower ground to absorb the strike energy.
Typically, the plasma column of the lightning strike (return stroke) can have a voltage rise time of 20-50 nanoseconds. Tower flasher lines, both strobe and conventional should have protectors to prevent surge entry into the building on the power lines as well as nuisance damage to strobe PC boards. When coax or twisted pairs are used in LAN or WAN systems, a problem between different local grounds can occur.
Lightning and surge protectors are no substitute for an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). Semiconductors, whether silicon based or Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), will fail in a shorted mode when they are at the end of life, or when over powered beyond their designed capabilities.
Custom products designed for customers, can at our discretion, be sold to others (including foreign governments) unless we are notified in writing. Products are connected to the surge generator through antenna or surge side connector of the device under test (DUT). The digitized captured waveform is then mathematically processed to determine the let-through energy. The Hospital of Near East University is situated on the western part of NEU Campus, in the center of the health service network constituted by buildings of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Health Sciences which will be constructed soon. A new generation hospital structure, which can be easily accredited by international accreditation bodies, equipped with residential, educational and technological hardware and designed with aesthetic and functional concerns, has been constructed to offer accessible contemporary medical services at international standards and at much higher benchmarks than those of Ministry of Health. While designing the hospital project, patient profiles and health care service units have also been taken into account.
Nine-storey main-block and two-storey atrium having a glazed roof and large windows, situated within the central-block building and located immediately beyond the main entrance doors constitute the backbone of the hospital.
Eastern block, equipped with high-tech hardware to offer the most complete and modern medical care, is devoted to outpatient services.
The second floor houses Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology and Medical Oncology centers. Central sterilization unit, morgue, waste storages, central cuisine and dining room, technical section, central laundry and storage for medical consumables are located on the ground floor of the western block. External thermal insulated composite cladding system has been applied to all external surfaces of the building and in order to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the building, curtain glass facade has been applied. Natural marble, granite, ceramic and PVC tiles have been used for flooring the building which designed to arouse a feeling of comfort and contentment beyond the appearance of a standard hospital. Reinforced concrete system was particularly applied in constructing the walls of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Centers. The building is designed in accordance with TRNC, Turkish Republic and international fire regulations. The suspended system designed for the maintenance, servicing and exterior cleaning of the building has been installed on the roof of the top floor. Inpatient services and other public areas within the hospital are equipped with various technologic equipments to provide services necessary and proper for users’ satisfaction and comfort.
Reinforced concrete was used as load bearing element to construct the building of hospital.
During the concrete pouring of the building, samples were taken to check the quality and potential strength of the concrete in terms of standards.
Today's technology was utilized in order to obtain more precise coordinates and geometry for the structure. The building was designed and constructed in accordance with the seismic requirements of the standard. Euro codes; technical rules developed by the European Committee for Standardization, were applied as basic standards for the structural design of steel components of the gallery spaces and entrance canopies of the hospital building. All components of the structure have been designed to act independently in the system in order to prevent shape deformation of glass bearing components of the steel structure due to thermal changes. The coordinates of high load expansion bolts used in anchoring the steel components were performed as 3D in computing environment.
The installed capacity of electrical power of the Hospital of Near East University is 5000 amperes.
Currently existing electrical system is supported with 3x750 KVA and 2x500 KVA, 5 generators in total which can operate synchronously in order to ensure the continuity of electric energy needed for hospital. Besides, the power system is supported by central uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system composed of two groups including 6 units in total. Waterproof Bus bar System has been established for electric power transmission and for carrying colon lines between the main panel and the sub-panel at the furthest point of the electric system of hospital. For the first time in TRNC, the Hospital of Near East University has established the Pneumatic Tube System to enhance convenience and hygiene, and enable fast and secure transport of documents, files and medical samples between the services and floors.
Despite the importance of all security systems, the fire system has an outstanding place among the others and the necessity of fire detections can be understood clearly when the hazardous effects of a possible fire considered.
For this reason, an automatic fire detection and alarm system have been installed conforming the international standards and fire regulations.
Nowadays, at hospitals and health institutions an effective communication between the health staff and patients has a great importance. During the mechanical design of the hospital, contemporary technological products of low energy-high efficiency were preferred considering today's energy problem.
The plumbing system consists of systems to ensure the treatment and recovery of the waste water and this is another factor that contributes the hospital to be a building of sustainable green design. Despite the low rate of rain throughout of our country specially designed siphon system has been applied to the rooftops of whole building.
In summer months hot water is supplied by 85% efficient solar panels situated on the roofs. All interior and exterior walls of the building were coated with special thermal insulation materials in order to prevent heat loss and ensure heat gain. Operating theaters and hygienic units are ventilated with 3 filtered fresh air systems and other indoor areas are ventilated with 2 filtered systems. The ventilation system provides high efficiency filtration through G4 and G5 bag filters and multi pocket HVAC bag filters F7 and F9.
Due to the large area of the hospital, computer aided pneumatic tube system has been installed to enable fast and secure delivery of medical samples, documents and specimens to and from laboratories and nurse- stations for the special needs of healthcare. Medical Gas System consisting of a central supply, control equipment, and piping extending to station outlets has been installed for all required areas within the hospital. Il n’est pas inhabituel qu’un eclair s’abatte sur un avion, meme si les pilotes evitent les orages autant que possible. Quand la charge electrique s’accumule a l’exterieur d’une boite metallique, les electrons dans le metal, qui constituent celle-ci, se deplacent pour annuler toute charge se trouvant a l’interieur. Les avions sont equipes de dispositifs qui evitent l’accumulation electrique, et donc les degats potentiels que pourrait causer un eclair. Instead, many choose to prepare for the worst by buying supplies and collecting weapons when they would be much better suited with some good old-fashioned planning.
Seeing a potential issue and taking steps to mitigate the potential effects of said issue is what prepping should be about. Planning helps keep stress as low as possible and allows for situational stress to have its place. Remember that this planning starts with basics like food but goes as far as keeping your car’s gas tank filled all the time and knowing where exits are in any public place in case of disaster.
No matter the location or survival kit type, emergency food storage and water storage is one of your top priorities. Each place will have its own obstacles and issues to deal with if disaster strikes while you’re there. Once things settle down and you have a better idea of what to expect from the world, long-term survival begins. If you understand that a disaster struck, your first course of action should be to secure as much food and water as possible.
This means it’s time to use your survival kit and your bug-out bag to get home or just to hunker down for the first 72 hours. Break your prepping down into the three major types of planning listed above and add your own specific planning items to their categories, making sure to pay attention when each one starts to come into play. In poor soil conditions, radials can be used together with ground rods to ground the anchors.

Radials of less than 100' will disperse the tower base or guy wire energy outward while the ground rods can help take it to lower, more conductive soil layers. The hot plasma fuses the silica sand into a glass which is a good insulator since water is boiled out in the process and can no longer re-penetrate the hardened glass. Even if the one deep rod measures a low resistance, the inductance is usually much greater.
It is not always imperative to reach the water table, since this may be too far for the rod to be effective. If not quickly dispersed, the voltage will build up at the tower and attempt to go another, perhaps unwanted, path. By interconnecting the re-bar, the current density will be reduced and arcing will be less likely to occur.
The difference in resistance between copper and galvanized steel is lost when compared to the inductive voltage drop due to surface area (skin effect). At the building entry bulkhead panel, coax protectors should be used in addition to another set of coax grounding kits.
It can better clamp and protect, while preventing the sharing of surge voltage and current with equipment. The single pair needs the world's best protector to ensure equipment survivability from overvoltage stress as larger surge energy is diverted to this single outbound pair. For a more in-depth study, the 100+ page book The 'Grounds' for Lightning and EMP Protection will provide additional information and is available for order. The surge let-through energy is measured by capturing the voltage waveform on the equipment or protected side of the DUT with an H.P. This is accomplished through careful engineering and design of the shelter body, doors, air filtration systems; and the geometry of the entrances and the installation process. With its nine storey appearance, the building of hospital which is located on one of the highest points of Northern Nicosia, is now taking its place as the most majestic-looking structure in the area.
In consistence with national and international regulations, main benchmarks regarding patient safety have been taken into consideration to set the functional relations and rational service net of the hospital. Considering the emergency patients, inpatients, outpatients and the units providing medical services for these patients, a composition of compact design has been set as an objective allowing patients of different profiles to receive a wide range of medical services efficiently. The ground floor of the main block houses the blood bank, hemodialysis section, laboratories, staff locker rooms and medical archive. Medication Management, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and Radiation Oncology centers are located on the ground floor. Thoracic Surgery and Orthopedics, Neurology, Pediatrics and Neurosurgery services are located on the third floor. Steel structure System has been used for the canopies at the entrances and for the frames of the hall lights. In order to benefit from the sunlight, the curtain glass facade system has also been used for physician offices in outpatient clinics. The walls of the radiotherapy units, where Linac (linear accelerator) devices are situated and brachytherapy applied, are minimum 60 cm, maximum 260 cm thick. From the standpoint of fire safety, the building is compartmentalized into fire zones in order to prevent the spread of fire to other units in case of a fire in any section within the building. The cradle for cleaning the facades consists of a suspension system with monorail system including automatic cable winding carriage platform and the aluminum rail system.
Sensitive devices like Digital and Manual Theodolite and Nivo Total Station were used to measure and determine coordinates, directions, trajectory and codes. Ribbed raft slab floor system used for the hospital building was constructed with 20 cm width, 35 cm deep beams along the slab with 40 cm spaces.
All glass surfaces are connected to the steel structure with screw joints and free movement ability provided. Then derived information was transferred to Total Station and the installation of the components has been carried out faultlessly.
For the first time in TRNC, this system has been applied in such size and length for the Hospital of NEU. All measures are taken for absolute safety to control electricity and make it safer for human use.
All heating, cooling, ventilation and mechanical systems are under the control of Automation system. Operations performed in operation room(s) can be broadcasted live by dedicated camera systems via internet to whole world and to the students of Faculty of Medicine for training purpose. The current fire system consists of sensors, flashers, flashing sirens and fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems such as FM200. Patient-centered communication is a fundamental component of nursing and facilitates the development of a positive nurse-patient relationship which results in delivering quality nursing care. Waste water produced during the Reverse Osmosis process is filtered by special filtration systems and this filtered water is used as a water source for the artificial pond. Hot water requirement of the building is also provided by the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly cascade water heating system located in the boiler room.
Central Air Condition System and Air Condition Plants have been installed to ensure the appropriate climate within the building. To provide considerable savings on energy, costs, and space requirements, the building was equipped with low energy-high performance VRV and chiller systems. The main purpose of ventilation in operating theatres and hygienic units is to eliminate microorganisms, particle contaminants, infectious agents and antigens through appropriate filter systems.
Pneumatic system is consisted of one center and 19 stations and provides convenience and hygiene in transporting of documents, files and medical samples between stations. All piping, fittings, valves and equipment have been designed for the use and installed as required by the Plumbing Code in accordance with international standards. The Hospital of NEU has a fully equipped, environmentally friendly infrastructure regarding human safety and energy saving.
Tres tot dans l'histoire de l'exploration de l'electricite, Michael Faraday a decouvert que l’on ne peut pas faire passer une charge electrique a l’interieur d’une boite en metal ou d’un maillage metallique, appele aussi cage de Faraday. La plus grande crainte est que la surtension a la surface de l’avion ne perturbe les systemes electriques essentiels au controle de l’avion.
You need to be prepared for this, which means learning off-grid skills like bushcraft, canning, hunting, fishing, and anything else that can replace goods and services that will ultimately disappear. Knowing if you’re dealing with food and water, escape, or long-term survival will help you know how to act and what supplies to use.
Get started on the basics today and hone those planning skills while it’s still easy to do so.
Mythbusters built one that was quite effective, blocking radios, cell phone signal, etc, out of a simple box of brass mesh. If the radio is too close to the wall of the can newspaper is not enough to prevent the charge from arcing on antenna or input jack. In conductive upper layer soil conditions, saturation can occur which cause eddy currents and additional inductance.
A perimeter ground system (ring) around the building will help form an equipotential plane.
Tower J bolts or anchor bolts embedded in a conductive concrete tower base will couple strike energy to the concrete.
To learn more on designing with the re-bar, consult the book The 'Grounds' for Lightning & EMP Protection, Second Edition. Tinned copper wire should not be used in ground together with copper ground rods since the tinning will be leached into the soil very quickly. It should be a large surface area connection to the ground system such as a PolyPhaser Bulkhead Panel, PEEP or PEP. In terms of hospital management, precautions have been taken to achieve minimum energy costs by installing the latest eco- environmentally friendly heating, cooling and ventilation systems to ensure an ideal work environment for users.
The hospital building consisted of three main blocks is a unique architectural design with many entrances for the convenience of patients and their visitors.
Entrance hall, cafeteria, information desk and administrative offices are on the first floor. General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Gastroenterology services are located on the first floor. Operating theaters, Angiography and Adult Intensive Care Units (AICU) are located on the second floor.
To reduce energy-consumption, the external surface of the steel structure system has been coated with heat reflecting glass surfaces to improve insulation and save energy and also enhance the aesthetic appearance.
Due to the functional variations of sections, various suspended ceiling systems were selected and installed to reduce airborne voice transmission and contribute aesthetic appearance. Aluminum framed double glazed windows create an insulating barrier which prevents heat loss or heat gain through the window. Special plasterboards have been applied to prevent the humidity in wet zones and special fire resistant plasterboards applied to the surfaces in fire zones. As a result of the soil reports, its structure and geometry, raft foundation system was applied for casting the foundation of the hospital building. Besides, details relevant to movable joints and expansion sliding bearings have also been used for designing within the framework of this project.
For the first time in TRNC, the latest technology Transient Free Reactive Compensation System has been established by Near East university for energy saving benefits and also to correct poor power factor supplied by electrical networks of KIB-TEK. All medical devices, units, operating rooms and intensive care units are directly supported by the UPS without any interruption. Protection against possible meteorological hazards and earth leakage currents is provided by residual current relays. Besides, all inpatient rooms and policlinics are equipped with close circuit TV systems and the broadcast of 16 TV channels are available.
Noncombustible and nonflammable cables were used for wiring all electrical systems and for the infrastructure of fire systems.
All possible architectural, mechanical and electrical details have been taken into consideration to provide the highest fire safety by implementing, developing and maintaining the highest level of fire prevention. Waste water generated from domestic use of tap water is classified as grey water and black water. Vous ne connaissez probablement pas encore tous les principes physiques qui regissent la portance de l’appareil.
Bien que la decharge electrique ne puisse penetrer la coque de l’avion, elle peut produire des effets electromagnetiques qui vont induire un courant, comme un transformateur.
Remember this includes what you can store as well as where you’ll be able to find water long-term.

The only requirements are that the material be conductive, and that any holes be smaller than the wavelength of the desired radiation. In addition, environmental factors existing within NEU campus and throughout the region have also been taken into consideration during the design process to provide the hospital building a great consonance and harmony with its environment. The main entrance is separated from the other entrances in order to relieve patient and personnel traffic. Hospital administration, classrooms, IVF (In vitro fertilization) Center, Accounting, Cardiology and Otolaryngology Centers are located on the second floor. The barrier insulates the room from differing air temperatures at either side of the glazing unit.
Patient rooms of inpatient service, nurse stations and particular zones are coated with wallpaper.
Noncombustible and non-flammable halogen-free electric wires were used for the infrastructure of the fire system and for cabling the electrical systems of the Hospital of Near East University. Raft foundation was performed by casting of 13 000 m3 concrete in a lump within an area of approximately 15,000 m2. Thus, prevent voltage transients that can impair the operation of sensitive process equipment.
Equipotential grounding system is established to ensure the most secure system for medical devices and human life. Such a big and comprehensive fire detection and alarm system that established for the Hospital of Near East University is a first in TRNC.
A variety of techniques and filtration are used to recycle the drainage water as grey water. In order not to face any gas- supply problems due to being an island, a great deal of spare medical gas is available in our storages secure against any danger and unauthorized entry. Avec ce dossier, vous saurez tout des details du vol pour exorciser vos apprehensions en avion, des turbulences aux orages en passant par les lois de Newton. C’est pourquoi on dit souvent, et c’est vrai, que l’un des endroits les plus surs au sol pendant un orage est l’interieur d’une voiture. C’est pour cela que tous les avions sont equipes de dispositifs de protection contre la foudre qui dechargent toute accumulation electrique (version moderne du paratonnerre qui se trouve sur les clochers). It is also advisable that the cage be grounded and very thick, if full blockage of radiation is desired. In order to achieve protection to that level, the shelter must have an arched ceiling and the dirt cover over the shelter chamber must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the shelter.
Maternity inpatient services, Delivery room and Gynecology policlinic are located on the third floor. For the first time, all concrete plants available on the island had worked without interruption for three days and nights in order to complete the concrete casting. To prevent and eliminate the hazardous voltage transients that may occur and endanger human life or impair the medical devices, all metal components of the building are connected by equipotential bus bars and potential stabilizers to provide equipotential grounding at all points.
Photocell (infrared) armatures and Thermostatic faucets that prevent the excessive water and energy consumption have been used in the entire building by taking the importance of water into consideration.
All indoor areas except operating rooms and intensive care units are equipped with the most energy efficient heat recovery air conditioning systems. You should already have emergency food storage and water ready for this, but this is the last push, so every bit helps. The emergency department with its own entrance is separated from the out-patient department to enable a fast medical service. However, Emergency, Radiology, operation rooms and Intensive Care Units are interconnected to each other to ensure a very fast and complete medical service.
Due to the Double-Glazed Window and Thermal Rockwool Insulation System, all departments of the building have a high thermal insulation. Even in case of any voltage leakage there will be no danger since there is no potential difference between any two points due to equipotential grounding system.
It is a reality that patients and families want much more from nurses than contemporary clinical care. Waterless urinal cartridges preferred for toilets in common use areas maintain optimum water saving. VRV system Inverter Air Conditioning units, one of the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems, provide appropriate climate and comfort for all indoor areas except hygienic sections.
Medical Gas System has its own automation system to alert alarm in case of a failure in the system. The inpatient rooms due to their location have a nice view of Nicosia and Besparmak Mountains.
The nurse-patient communication is so essential to patient satisfaction and quality in services. Redundant systems have been installed to ensure appropriate climate for operating theatres, intensive care units and for all hygienic sections. All mechanic systems available at hospital are under control of the central mechanical automation system. Eight-foot shelters are built of the proper gauge to be placed into a 16-foot hole and to safely withstand the burden of 8 feet of dirt cover plus the additional overpressure of 200 pounds per square inch of air blast.
Hospital building is consisted of three main blocks: Central Block is a nine storey building offering medical services for inpatients. Its innovative architecture, outstanding majestic appearance, world-class medical services and facilities, authenticity, all go towards making it a hospital of top class.
Also montcharge elevators provide fast, hygienic and secure connection between the sterilization Center and other units.
Nurse Call System equipped with the most advanced and latest technology has been established for the Hospital of NEU to provide the healthcare services with communication solutions that improve the quality of patient care and enable facilities to improve productivity. The heating and cooling system of the Hospital of Near East University with its 1100 indoor units constitutes a sample for hospital projects.All indoor areas of the hospital are equipped with mechanical ventilation systems. Automation system has been designed to allow close access within the hospital or remote access as well. The isolation of the sections has been taken into consideration and the interrelations between emergency patient entry, immediate treatment, radiology, operation rooms and intensive care are regulated as a whole within the criteria for hygienic environment. The Central Automation system has a structure that enables it not only to observe other automation systems installed within the hospital but also to collect overall statistics and report the failures. West Block is a three storey building providing healthcare services for emergency patients.
The floors are interconnected with nine stretcher elevators, two montcharge elevators and 15 stairs.
The hospital houses 209 single patient rooms including 22 VIP rooms, 8 operating theatres equipped with the most modern equipment for surgery, anesthesia and monitoring during surgery, 30 Intensive Care Units, 17 Neonatal Intensive Care Units, a laboratory where a wide array of tests can be carried out, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy centers equipped with the latest and highest technologies to ensure the most accurate and fastest medical scanning, diagnosis and treatment for cancer cases. In addition, 84 doctor's examination rooms equipped with post modern digital instruments offer high quality policlinic services. The pulse, however, can oblate steel from the outside door, if the shelter is near the area of detonation. When shelters are located near nuclear targets, a sacrificial cover is provided for placement over the steel hatch door. Every 4 inches of dirt (and 3 inches of concrete) gives a halving thickness, or protection factor (PF) of 2. Ten halving thickness is required to diminish (attenuate) medium to high levels of radiation to an acceptable level. Utah Shelter Systems has designed the entrances to attenuate gamma by providing a 90-degree turn, and long vertical and horizontal runs. If the shelter is near a nuclear blast target and there is a threat of initial radiation, six feet of shielding must be placed into the horizontal run to protect the interior of the shelter. All entrances are protected with steel hatch type blast doors, or concrete filled vertical doors.
It is mandatory that nuclear shelter entrances have both a vertical and horizontal component, connected with a 90-degree turn. To properly attenuate gamma radiation, the total entrance length must be at least 4 times the diameter, with the vertical and horizontal legs as close to the same size as possible. The 90-degree turn between the vertical and horizontal run will attenuate 90% of the gamma radiation and the horizontal run will reduce the remaining radiation to a small fraction. Large diameter entrances require long runs and are not practical in the attenuation of initial radiation.
People sheltering within that area will have lethal levels of initial radiation if they do not properly shield against this effect. The vertical and horizontal runs should each be between 10 and 12 feet long, and the diameter of the entrance should not exceed 48". The horizontal run of the entrance, therefore, should be filled with shielding materials after the occupants have entered the shelter. Water, rice or any other material containing large amounts of hydrogen make good shields against initial radiation. However, to protect against debris or fire, always place one entrance into the yard, exterior to the building.
However, when figuring transport costs, a side entrance increases the overall width and will possibly increase the transport cost.
Our hatch doors have special metal paint and gaskets that create metal to metal contact with our bunker entrances.
If commercial power, antennas, or other electrical wires are brought into the bunker, we design wave guides, filters and delta Y transformers into the system. In our own personal shelters, we double protect all critical radios and other vulnerable equipment in an interior faraday cage to assure their survival.
Wrap your equipment in soft towels or place them in cardboard boxes before placing them into the cage.
These motorized systems can be run manually or by electricity and come complete with a prefilter, high effeciency filters (both HEPA and Charcoal), hose, metering device (controls the amount and velocity of air coming into the filter), and two blast valves.
It is designed to force a positive pressure into the shelter, so that contaminated air cannot intrude to the inside through tiny leaks in the structure.

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