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Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha are two names that have been synonymous with not only Freestyle Motocross, but with action sports for many years now.
1)For those that may not be in the know why don’t we start with a brief history of the Metal Mulisha. Well it stared with a group of friends; but I basically met Larry Linkogle back around 1995 when we were racing. 2)I know that the Metal Mulisha has actually been involved in MMA for a long time, when was it that you guys decided to make the real transitions into the sport?
Well we were always into the bare knuckle fighting way back in the day and we were always into the UFC back in the late nineties like 98-99 I remember watching some of those UFC”s.
3)Who are the main guys that you have brought onto the Mulisha fight team and why have you chosen those fighters?
Well with the moto side it was all usually friends first and then sponsor after that and I already knew most of the guys that we brought onto the Metal Mulisha team.
4)I know that in your upcoming catalog you feature a fight short and a few other items that you have geared more towards the functional side of MMA as opposed to the causal side, is this something Mulisha is planning on expanding with? I really feel that the Mulisha thing is based in action sports and I think that there is a really good market for fight gear and a bigger catalog dedicated to it and maybe we will move more towards that later on. I have been training quite a bit with Dan Henderson down at his gym and with some of the other guys down there as well.
8)I really don’t think people truly appreciated how dangerous FMX was until the very tragic passing of Mulisha team member and great friend Jeremy Lusk. Ya it was a major tragedy when Lusk died while doing a FMX event and it is still really hard for us to even grasp that it actually did happen.
That death in the family has also brought the Mulisha team closer together, you know when that tragedy hit our team we all pulled together and became way better friends. Its actually funny that you asked me about this because I was in the studio yesterday with some guys that were doing a Metal Mulisha song and they got me and some of the other guys in the Mulisha to do some back up vocals.
Also in 2005 when I almost died on the set of Viva La Bam after I crashed on my bike while doing a back flip that was really a life changing experience for me.
Well I guess things have been kind of weird after the last few moths with all that happened with Jeremy and some stuff that happened with my family I guess my vision is not as set on short term anymore. Snowboarding in the streets and neighborhoods of Russia with Eero Ettala; the definition of urban.
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Brian Deegan, continues to break barriers in the action sports world and has just added a new sport to his name as a Monster Jam monster truck driver!
Before getting behind the wheel of the Metal Mulisha branded black & grey camouflage monster truck for the first time, Brian spoke to the crowd stating, “I am excited to debut the Metal Mulisha monster truck in January at Monster Jam.
Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is the largest touring monster truck property in the world, entertaining over 4,000,000 fans at 350 performances in 10 countries. We took our boys to their first show Saturday in San Diego and - wow - what a great performance!!
What stared as a group of misfit friends has over the years turned into a multi million dollar clothing line and has forged alliances with numerous athletes, celebrities and other major companies in the action sport industry. We were both kind of over the whole race thing and just rebelled against that and all the politics that went along with it.
Then around 2001-2002 I built a fight gym at the compound and we would train in there all the time.
In the fight game though, that is like my second home, so it had a lot to do with people that I met while training and being down at Team Quest and hooking up with Dan Henderson. With the fight shorts because a lot of us train and we have guys we sponsor now, we just got sick of wearing other peoples shorts so we thought lets just make our own shorts so we can pump Mulisha instead of giving other companies free advertising.
There is another little dude that I train with that they call the hobbit, he is like 145lbs and I have been training with him a lot. Over the years we have seen you guys totally dominate the sport from the X Games, The Dew Tour and the Moto X World Championships.
That being said it is something that if we don’t do something positive out of that happening then it makes it even worse that it went down in the first place.
All the stupid little arguments and all the bull shit just was not that important any more.
For the last eight or nine years it had been me in the office trying to build this as a brand and doing the marketing and sales and trying to keep everyone involved and I was able to keep my friends and the business separate or running along side one another with no problems. With the addition of the “Bands” section on your webpage and the Mayhem Fest tour you really seem to making some moves. Ever since the days of doing Warped tour and touring with bands like Strung Out, Pennywise and NOFX we were always into the music side of things.

I know there comes a time where we all grow up and are responsible for kids, wives, mortgages and all the old bull shit has to kind of fall by the wayside.
Sort of you know partying, fighting, girls and dirt bikes but FMX has been around for 10 years now and once you start getting into your 30’s and even 40’s you just start looking stupid doing all that stuff.
The doctors basically told me that I was going to die and asked me if I wanted to say anything to my family before surgery to do so because they did not expect me to make it out alive.
It was a real learning curve for sure and I raced on the Cor series and the Pro Lite Class. In five years with the company I see Mulisha being like five times or more the size it is right now.
First, begin with drawing a perfect circle for the head guide of the skull, and then draw slopped shape that is attached. You will now draw the entire shape and design of the metal helmet and be sure the helmet dips down in the back. And lastly, draw the symbol on the middle of the helmet and draw the two M's for Metal Mulisha. Earlier today at the annual SEMA show, Deegan unveiled the new Metal Mulisha monster truck he will be driving during the 2012 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam season. Monster Jam events have incredible energy, and you’ll see the Metal Mulisha monster truck at stadiums and arenas across the country. There is no need to tell anyone out there about the growing popularity of MMA, but what you may not know is Metal Mulisha has been involved with the sport for many years now and they are really looking to make their movie into MMA’s limelight. Who were the original guys and when was it that you decided to turn the concept into a clothing line? At that time we started to associate ourselves with some fighters, just some real underground no name dudes.
It was great to bring Dan into the Mulisha team because he is like on of the top five guys ever in the fight game and he is a huge name in the whole MMA deal. I was training a lot right around the time they had that celebrity fight event with Ryan Sheckler and we were trying to find another action sports guy to fight me in the cage, but then it kind of fell flat, there was nothing, no one really wanted to fight.
There is a group called the American Freestyle Motocross Association and it is an off shoot of the Lusk Legacy Foundation and through that I want to start to sanction our sport and make it better organized and safer for all the riders.
What I am going to make happen out of this accident through the Lusk Legacy Foundation is too keep his name going and protect other riders from bad situations like what Jeremy Lusk got into. It made us realize that this could happen any day and any time and we just need to make the best of what we have right now and not get caught up in small things that don’t really matter. Is this something that you have tried to carry over onto the business side of things as well? The problem is as business grows this becomes harder and as it gets more legit and more money gets involved then it becomes even harder still, because unfortunately at the end of the day business isn’t as friendly as friends can be. Then all that punk transferred more into heavier stuff and it all just seemed like such a good fit for Mulisha. There will always be the young guys coming up doing that stuff, but for me I’m a dad now I have two kids and a wife and I have to represent them the right way.
So I kind of just made a pact with God right then and there and said if I make it out of this I am going to try and be good. I guess it just needs to be the right time and the right fit and we want only the hardcore dudes to me on the Mulisha program.
It was really hard, I thought it was going to be easier, but its gnarly being in that truck and hauling ass and jumping 100 feet while going so fast, I mean these trucks have like 800 to 900 horse power so they move real quick. We are going to be a major player in action sports and just a huge force in the industry like Quicksilver, Billabong or even Volcom. Some of you may not know what Metal Mulisha is, and to tell you the truth there is not too much to say about this skull design or logo.
Since the skull is white originally, all you have to do is color in the helmet an army green color. In true Deegan fashion, the unveiling took place in the FORD arena outside the SEMA show, after he drove donuts in his X Games Gold Medal winning Rockstar Energy Metal Mulisha Ford Fiesta around the unveiled truck!
Stay tuned to check out Deegan driving the Metal Mulisha monster truck for the first time during the 2012 Monster Jam season. Another guy that we have been helping out for many years now is Renato “Babalu” Sobral who is 100% on the program the guy is so bad ass and he even went out and got a Mulisha tattoo (laughs). I see Mulisha having a big part in that because Mulisha started FMX when you think of FMX you think of Mulisha and I would like to see us help organize the sport that we started.
How has life changed for you since this event and how do you feel it will impact the sport? We want to make sure that riding situations are safe, the proper medical staff are on site and see to it that the events are well organized and braced for a serious fall and injury to the head and or spine.

I know we have worked together for many years and LaHoya really seems to have a tight knit atmosphere to it. So I had to walk a fine line, but once LaHoya came in and took the company over and grew it to ten times what we could have done before I have had to really step back and just really focus on the team and the marketing.
So we thought we need to do something with the music side of things and started working with bands like Bullets and Octane, Blackride, Machine Head and Slipknot. I really had to grow up, I am running a multi million dollar company and the liabilities for me to act the way I used to are way too high now. Also at that point I was so out of control and I never thought that I could change and I think after making it out of surgery I just really wanted to try and be a good person and leave all my demons behind me. I see maybe some street skaters and perhaps some BMX guys in the future, but that would be all that I see in the immediate future. I really like it and am getting into it and there are some other older riders like McGrath and Ricky Johnson that are racing as well so I would like to build my own team sort of a Rockstar, Metal Mulsiha, Lucas Oil team for racing trucks. I just want to see Mulisha get to that level and that will enable me to do a lot of cool stuff with all the sports and the Mulisha team over all.
Add all the shading details under the helmet and on top the teeth as well as around the eyes and brow area. He has gone from hell bound, face punching, whiskey drinking wild man to staunch business man and family man in the last ten years. I can’t control all the things that I used to so some of those bro relationships have been harder to keep intact on the business side of things.
The song ended up sounding really good and I want to use it when guys come into the ring and fight or when there is a Mulisha guy riding at X-Games, it just fits our whole style it sounded really cool. This year I will be doing all the Lucas Oil series races so I am looking really forward to that.
And for me in five years I just see myself being a dad, running the team, still riding dirt bikes and racing trucks and whatever else happens to come around.
He has almost died and had more injuries then most NFL line backers and also had to say good bye to some great friends along the way.
I had seen him fight in the UFC a few times and he had a lot of heart and would fight anyone at anytime it seemed, so I called him up and got him on the program as well. All that being said the bottom line is that we still carry that attitude that we have all have been in this since the beginning and we all built this so we are all going to stick together. We are also on the Rockstar Mayhem tour as well, which will be headlining with Slayer and Marilyn Manson and we do FMX shows at every stop of the tour and that tour goes all over North America so it will be really good exposure for us. As far as history goes, there isn't a whole lot I know except that it was started by Brain Deegan and Larry Linkogle. Being one of the owners of Brass Knuckle Therapy, the Canadian distributor for Metal Mulisha I have known Brian for a long time now and I have seen many ups and downs in the Metal Mulisha camp. We also have a guy named Eric Apple who fights every now and then and he hooks guys up and kind of runs the MMA team right now. I have learned that end the end business may be all about making money, but it is not worth burning friendships over money. I think that Mulisha has always been known for the whole metal deal so this tour is a really good fit for us and will allow us to really expand into that market fast. It’s just such a rad sport for anyone who has never been to a race if you get the chance to go out and experience it you will be super pumped on it.
They launched their brand of clothing line in 1998, and since then the skull, which is seen as Metal Mulisha’s mascot, is known by all Motocross fans around the world and then some.
Perseverance is the name of this game and the only way to be successful and Brian Deegan has no shortage of perseverance.
I guess everyone’s mind is always stuck on the money thing, but in the end how much money do you really need?
What I would really like to do with the sport is get it into the X-Games, but for now to tide me over I am going to do the rally car event at X-Games and try and spend some more time on four wheels. So read the interview and get to know Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha because they are going to be around for many years to come.
The best part of this tutorial is that you will have an easy ride when you tackle drawing the Metal Mulisha skull because it’s a simple design, and it is being drawn from the side.
I guess that’s it folks have fun, and be sure to let me know if you like this lesson by leaving a comment and rating.

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