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Emergency Management is responsible for the coordination of large scale emergencies in Ottawa County.
Explore each phase below to see examples of how Emergency Management works to develop an emergency plan for your community!
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The Michigan State Police is partnering with the Battle Creek Response Consortium, Do1Thing and Target to host an annual Prepare Fair to educate citizens and local community members on the simple ways to prepare for emergencies and disasters. Individuals attending the fair will learn about local emergency response agencies, how to develop a family emergency plan and how to create an emergency preparedness kit. We hope you can join us at the 2015 Prepare Fair in our effort to build community resilience and to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of Michiganders.
Continuity of Government - Continuity of Government Planning GuideContinuity of Government (CoG) Planning Guide . Emergency Command Posts and the Continuity of GovernmentThe Mount Weather site is an unacknowledged continuity of government (CoG) .

This Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) is a guide to how the Eastern Michigan University community (students, faculty, staff and visitors) conducts specific emergency response actions for emergency situations. This ERP is an integrated component of a comprehensive preparedness and response system that will ensure unity of effort and help EMU protect the health and safety of the campus community and its resources. This ERP has also been developed to comply with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, Act 154, P.A. In order to make the procedures more user friendly, campus departments and organizations can request the EMU Emergency Response Procedures Flipchart.
You can use the tabs on the right to explore individual hazards and learn how to respond to them. In addition to the writing and coordination of emergency operation plans, Emergency Management provides assistance to local jurisdictions and County agencies before, during, and after disasters strike. Regulations Pertaining to Business Continuitydevelopment of your business continuity strategy. Experience has shown that a well thought out, coordinated response helps prevent personal injury and property damage, and reduces the resulting confusion.

While this procedure provides detailed action steps, the users must keep in mind that all emergency events are unique and that procedures can, and should, be implemented on a scalable, flexible, and adaptable basis to align with the challenges presented by the emergency. As this system is implemented, it will align and synchronize this ERP with the University’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Building Emergency Plans (BEP). Careful planning, with an emphasis on safety, can help EMU students,faculty, staff and visitors handle emergencies with appropriate responses, and save lives. When in doubt, always call 911. Emergency responders, nonprofits and preparedness organizations from the Battle Creek area will be distributing free information and promotional items, as well as exhibiting emergency response vehicles.

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