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Have fun and remember set a bed down cheat if you have to to get one and sleep to set spawn.
Get the MineZ Texture Packs here bit.ly Minecraft MineZ is a custom multiplayer zombie apocalypse survival server. MineZ is currently in private beta testing but if you donate to the project (link below) you will gain early access and help support its development.

In this episode, we craft Note Blocks and learn how they can make sounds like certain instruments (piano, bass guitar, snare drum, etc).
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. To advance to the next room, survive long enough for the redstone to be dispensed from the dispenser. Both myself (ChromeJester) and my friend, (ChromeTaco), will be uploading videos to Youtube and Planet Minecraft.

We also beak out the redstone to set up an alternating sound loop as well as combine note blocks to make a chord. Continue to do so until enough redstone has been dispensed from the dispenser, so your able to complete the circuit between the redstone torch and the iron door-RULES-1.

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