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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ever wanted your own collection of wild animals but just don’t have the time or space to keep them all?
Ich mag diese Liste nicht, denn fur eine Leute ( ganz besonderes neuere Spieler ) ist es bestimmt verwirrend mit farbiger wolle z.B. It's Wheatley from Portal 2 :DOne of my favorite games of all TimePlanned him with Minecraft Structure Planner and built him on my own server by hand (wool etc.
You should make the space core have like 20 signs on it and in big letters write -SPAAAAAACE! In Minecraft 1.7, I decided to make this the Core texture pack of all my Romecraft texture themes. The aim of this texture pack is to present an Ancient Roman approach to the world of Minecraft.
To optimize the level of Roman historical detail, I made this texture pack a Hybrid between 16x16 and 32x32, with 16x16 the main focus as to make it fit the original theme of the game most adequately! With the introduction of resource pack stacking in 1.7, I decided to make Romecraft a bit more customizable!
UPDATED TO ROMECRAFT:GERMANIA 13.7!This version includes features I meant to include before, such as enhanced mobs, new zombie pigmen, a retextured ocelot, and many other features!
Now Romecraft Version 13!Updated for Minecraft 1.5!- New blocks with a roman theme!- Optimized some textures!- Quartz is now detailed marble!- The pack has been optimized to take advantage of the full potential of 1.5, by becoming a 16x16 and 32x32 hybrid!
Version 10.1 released!-Released new, extended tools and weapons - plus revamped gold weapons (To be legionnary standards!). There's a new server made by loving members of the old Romecraft ones named Romecraft - Seeds of an Empire.
Due to my busy schedule these days and beggings from my fans for a 1.8 version, I had to rush the delivery of this update. Ave Emperor, I have a suggestion, I have seen a lot of people complaining to get the old textures back, you could make an item pack just like the armor packs so they can play Romecraft on the way they love it most. I have a question, how to apply the music pack, I always playedA with it even when I used other texturepacks but I had to delete it because it was not working anymore so I tried to redownload it but it is just the resources file, could you please help me, my great emperor ? Using this core pack, you can attach different armor, theme, and item packs to essentially make your own, personalized Romecraft!

Using the mechanics already introduced through the vanilla game, I designed this pack to merely change the environment and building materials to reflect an Ancient setting. On downloading this pack, you now have the option of downloading addons that further customize your Romecraft experience! All kinds of new things, including some entirely revised roman paintings, appropriate for your historically accurate buildings! More blocks are now technically 32x32, but still follow a 16x16 feel!Enjoy.13.7 Changes- Darkened quartz - much too bright! Some textures take on 32x32 features for greater detail, but still have a very minecraft feel! Ready for Download!12.2-Bug fixes: fixed compass, fixed zombie pigman, fixed ugly potatoes-Tweaked some textures-Edited chain armor helmet-Misc fixes and edits that I cannot remember!
Since this is only a basic patch for 1.4, many textures are default that were added in the new minecraft update!
I mean basic because I did not bother editing certain blocks from the original look of 1.3, such as emeralds.
Originally, I was planning on Minecraft 1.3 coming out to motivate me to finish Romecraft 11, but that hasn't happened yet, so I have updated again to include the new textures included in Romecraft 11. In this edition, I have totally revamped armor and made it possibly 3x cooler (and a bit more dirty looking, in my opinion)! I have looked everywhere on how to do it, plus i need to know if it works with any item in minecraft.
Does anybody know how I can get back the old textures for the items (like weapons ans materials). The Minecraft Core Animal Mob contains all your favourite animals from the sensational game. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Germania is the default theme, but soon you will be able to have Aegyptvs and Roma themes too!
Typically, themed packs seem to stray too far from the original game, to the point where most textures look little like the original game. I did create a new emerald block, but it is not finished!This is due to how busy I am in real life!

Thanks for all the support guys!There should be some good updates to come, including improved paintings and a Scroll GUI for MC1.3! I dont like the new ones very much, and I have really good memories of the old items so I wanted to have them and mix'em with the updated pack. The officially licensed animals are articulated so you can pose them in your own positions as you play.
I try to stay closer to the theme of the game, for ease of use in both creative and survival settings.
This is your resource pack folder, which must go in the resource pack folder in your Minecraft. Soon after, I got sick of the ugly armor in Default, and made some subpar 16x16 Roman skins. You can also use the Armor Packs in different texture packs!Hurrah for resource pack stacking!
I did change some things that did not match the Roman theme, such as music discs and other Non-roman items. Eventually, as my skills grew, I began to replace more and more textures, and learned to properly shade. Wool is also a whole lot different, as it can be used to make decorative structures based on historical Roman examples! I researched Roman building techniques nonstop, learning all about the architecture of Ancient Rome as I went.
I focused mainly on a time period between 200BCE and 150CE, being my favorite time period of Rome.
It doesn't stop there either, as you can get pork chops, tasty chicken, protection from hostile mobs, transportation and more. Included in this pack is an articulated chicken, ocelot, wolf, pig, sheep and cow, for all your Minecraft needs. The sheep even has bouncy legs just like in the game so you can spring him around the room!

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