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Soul Shards allows you to create a Soul Shard that absorbs the souls of monsters you kill to be inserted into a Soul Cage later. Use your soul charge on a vanilla monster spawner of it’s type to get a full tier increase. Sooo glad you posted this :D I have been wondering how to make fireworks for some time now, but never got around to looking it up on the wiki.
Version 17 released.Leonopteryx, Hammerhead, Criminals, Rubber Ducky!More Dungeons!Battle Axe and Attitude Adjuster!!! Version 164v7Finally figured out the problem with mobs falling into the ground when fighting.Appears that the addVelocity calculations were throwing a fit andhosing up the entities.
Hay bro you should make the ultimate bow look like a reall bow not like a tiny bow (wen a look at my self)Can you do it plese ?

This Soul Cage is a special block that can spawn the type of mob your Soul Shard was absorbing, usually at much better rates than a vanilla monster spawner.
Once imbued with energy using a Soul Shard, mobs will begin spawning from the Soul Cage until it runs out of charge. Today I will be teaching you how to create and use*wait for it**waait foor iit* FIREWORKS!For starters, you will need gunpowder, paper, and dye. Yes, while not all of the critter models are my own, all the animation and entities that go with them are 100%. If so please comment me back and I would love to see your work, so I hope you do make it for 1.8.
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In addition mobs spawned from cages will drop items even if not killed by a player (not including rare drops).
Should be working really well in the next update.Also in the next update: More girlfriend outfits!
Example:To launch a Firework, fire it from a dispenser, or just right click the ground with it!

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