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This is a classic survival island seed, however if you dig down a few blocks in the middle of the island at (x=40, z=90) you will find a zombie dungeon. This seed generates a huge spherical cavern at (x=250, z=230) with plenty of exposed resources and a ravine crossing through the bottom. This seed spawns you right between a jungle biome and a huge mushroom island with some epic mountains.
This seed was discovered by Zakerias and spawns you on a small tropical island, perfect for jungle survival island. This seed spawns you on a medium-sized island with a much smaller island to the north west. Minecraft 1.2 has been released and one of the major new features is the addition of jungle biomes. SimilarMinecraft 15w31a Features - Dual Wielding, Shields and Shulker MobThe first snapshot for Minecraft 1.9 is finally here.

This group is to upload the simply enormous amount of pictures, videos, news, articles, features and whole worlds that the Minecraft Community has. At (x=-390, z=300) there is an NPC village and in the blacksmith's chest are no less than 9 diamonds. No less than 10 blocks away from the spawn point is a surface skeleton dungeon sunken into the sand. On the smaller island at (x=-210, z=360) there is an easily accessible double zombie dungeon. This seed spawns you right in the middle of a massive jungle biome surrounded by tall mountains and winding rivers. In a similar twist, the developer of Cube World who recently rejected a move to Mojang is also developing biomes, one of which is a Jungle.Minecraft already has a number of different biomes which have varying heights, temperatures and humidity. Biomes are generated randomly based on the random variables for each of the fectors of temperature, humidity etc..

To the north of the spawn (and the jungle temple) there is a river that separates the jungle biome from plain, birch forest and swamp biomes. The new Jungle biome is likely to be a very humid place, full of large trees and abundant wildlife. Snakes maybe?So whilst Jeb is developing another biome, Wollay (the creator of Cube World) is also developing a full climate system too.

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