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In the beginning you don't have time for a fancy fence or some other protection for your villagers.
Loved this map, but have one suggestion-- better protection for key NPCs in the town.As ebh mentions, the villagers in this map are absolute zombie bait.
The event will go on until November 14th (two weeks from today), so you’ll have plenty of time to collect candy. Come nightfall, after the people have rushed into their homes, I simply blocked the doors with some cubes. And unfortunately, the buildings in the town do not provide adequate shelter for the NPCs critical to the adventure.It was a downer to have to run around and try to scrounge up materials to protect the town before even taking care of your own material needs.

Come and experience the new features, such as anvils, witches, command blocks, beacons, and more! The zombies are too stupid to do anything about it, are fixated on the villagers, and can thus be picked off at your leisure. This map also starts off resource tight, so it is tough to get enough torches, doors, and fencing to protect your villagers.I restarted this map countless times, because some zombie would penetrate the village and kill some key NPC, making me unable to finish the quest objectives (no blue beer! Where is the other villages and the hidden mineshaft and the 2 abandon huts?I also built a farm with a 20 by 20 wheat area! Just wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" in the top-right corner to proceed to the map's download page.

You just arrived in a western town with enough gold in your pockets to start your new life here. More screenshots of the map: HERERecommended for Multiplayer! If you make a letsplay of this map, please put a link to our youtube channel in the description! If you enjoyed this map please leave a comment! Rules: You can play it on every difficulty including Peaceful.

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