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Zombie Eclipse is a brand new survival server, but with a twist its not just a plain survival server its zombie survival as well. This server is a MMORPG survival horror developed by Tiggahxplease my goal was to try to create the most downright awesome zombie survival you have ever played!
Seriously Tony, you decide to code all these gamemodes and then 2 years later decide to fuck off with people's money and leave almost half a million people deserted. Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. This server is defiantly still in beta but as long as you report bugs as you play it, it should go into full release at anytime (do not except this to be the finished product). It also has good incentives to play daily and vote daily, with an economy that seems inflated at first but reasonable after obtaining enough to purchase things in the shop.
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We try our best to bring the most enjoyable experience to our players by providing continuous updates, features, and improvements.
This would be a great server if you are strictly interested in PvP with friends where you have to build your faction up on your own work. Their spawn is very well built and impressive, with a great theme and craftsmanship that I have seen in very few RPG-style servers. Zombies that you will find are numerous and have a chance to poison you or make you really dizzy but there is a chance for them to drop money so you can buy at the shop!
This server does constant announcements with an included DING noise every time (every 2-3 minutes).
The looting in this server is unique and was very hard to code about 50k lines of code but its completely randomized and if you look around you can find loot crates scattered around the city that is one of the things that makes this so fun is just finding loot!
The bank system is a enderchest and you can use it to access your bank at anytime when you find a enderchest!

Third, and in my opinion the biggest issue for anyone who likes ANY kind of visual mods: render distance.
To some this isn't a big deal at all, and while it helps the server cut down on RAM usage, it is incredibly disappointing to anyone who actually enjoys feeling like they are in a world. The (real money) store ranks and items are reasonably priced, excluding the two most expensive ranks that basically make the game not worth playing and are obviously just money-grab attempts.
In addition, the rank kits are available for individual purchase, giving players the option to have overpowered armor and weapons for a fraction of the price of a rank. You can also purchase flying, which is any PvP server's biggest downfall.Overall, this would be a great server if you wanted to do world PvP with a few friends, so long as you don't mind chat spam, tiny render distance and overpowered donators.

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