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The Lifesystems Mini Sterile Kit is a must when traveling, especially when you are in a country where levels of medical hygiene are not always of the same standard as our own.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This new approach to portable first aid contains everything you need to administer on-the-spot wound care for small injuries. Kids will love the the cheerful graphics and uplifting messages which are so often all they need to put a smile back on their face after a little mishap.

There’s even an expanded version available, perfect for mini trips or more physical activities. I went for a variety of things, trying to round out my homemade kit, to get as much as I can in each individual package for a buck. Then I purchased a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (32 oz for $1, what a deal!), and put 2 ounces of it in a small bottle I already had, for a total cost of .06 cents.
I also added 10 cotton rounds from a previous purchase (80 rounds for $1) for a total of .12 cents. My little DIY first aid kit will clean a wound, stop bleeding, relieve pain and stay dry if it gets in water.

I’m going to call this Mission Accomplished! What kind of first aid kit to you carry in your vehicle? In case of emergency, the Lifesystems Mini Sterile Kit is designed to be handed to a qualified medical person ensuring that they have immediate access to very basic sterile equipment. I wanted to replace a Mini First Aid Kit with 12 Pieces that I currently have in my car with something more.

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