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The amnesty scheme, approved by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) in June this year, had allowed the defaulters a 30% rebate on the outstanding electricity bills. The Ministry of Water and Power has sent cases of power defaulters to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a bid to recover billions of rupees as they are not ready to clear the dues despite an amnesty scheme. In this regard, it has written a letter to the director general (operation) at the NAB headquarters.
The ministry has also directed all power distribution companies to submit to NAB their list of defaulters, who have to pay more than Rs100,000 and the amount has been due for over one year.
The committee had decided that if the defaulters did not clear the dues by September, their cases would be sent to NAB. At the time of approval of the scheme, the Ministry of Water and Power told the ECC that outstanding electricity bills of the private sector had swelled to Rs382.7 billion. Following the ECC decision, the ministry had directed all distribution companies to give a special concession of up to 30% on outstanding electricity bills to the defaulting consumers. It also issued a warning that in case of delay in payments, the names of defaulters would be sent to NAB for strict action as well as recovery. In a high-level meeting in June, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had given the go-ahead to the water and power ministry to offer the rebate to the long-time defaulters of electricity supplying companies on payment of previous bills in an effort to ease the strain on finances of these companies. It was proposed that the recovery of consumer bills should be outsourced to private companies. However, the meeting participants decided that NAB would be engaged in order to take action against people providing electricity to the influential consumers without any interruption and to ensure the recovery of bills.
With the rise in heat and humidity, millions of Karachiites are facing immense problems due to loadshedding. Load shedding is not only affecting routine daily life but is also seriously affecting the livelihood of people, small and large businesses, as well as the industrial sector. Sources claim KESC has adequate power generation capacity to cater to the needs of Karachi, but the company has resorted to loadshedding in order to reduce the cost of buying furnace oil to run power generation units at full capacity.

Citizens have also strongly criticized KESC for sending them inflated average bills instead of issuing bills as per actual meter reading. They said they also have to pay collection charges, which is an unfair system as bill collection is the responsibility of the utility company and not the consumers. They said the other utility companies like the SSGC do not send their bills on average basis, but strictly follow the meter reading.
Consumers say when they do not use electricity for 3 to 6 hours daily due to loadshedding and power outages, their monthly bills should be reduced and not enhanced.
The citizens have requested the government, consumer rights bodies, pro-people political parties, and judiciary to take notice of the injustices meted out to them in the shape of average billing, regular load shedding and extortion of collections charges. They should know that KESC has the capacity to generate adequate electricity, but they are just saving the cost of furnace oil! I was watching a local TV channel in which Prime Minister Gilani has that it will take ten long years to end the energy crises from the country. Every body knows that at the end of the tenth year Prime Minister Gilani will not remain Prime Minister of Pakistan. Prime Minister has very easily shifted his responsibility on the shoulder of a person who would become Prime Minister after ten long years. I am unable to understand that after KESC have be privatized what contribution KESC has made after its privatization? If the present management of KESC cannot end the load-shedding from the country when why government is not taking back KESC from the private management?
Why should people pay more bills to KESC when during most of day and night time KESC shut down electricity?
In 21st century when other nations are doing well in scientific inventions, we Pakistanis are living with the monster of loadshedding.
Every year Govt claims to overcome this but unfortunately long spells of power breakdowns is our fate. The problem with KESC is quite clear, KESC is not investing to enhance its yeras old system.

Govt should take notice of KESC to handle the situation of power outages in Karachi, Govt should ask KESC to clearify its position. I am a resident of soldier bazaar , Karachi .I read some where that give the bad name to dog and hang it . The thing which most bugs me and which I hate the most is that why is KESC getting away with all this?
Besides the Central Financial Assistance mentioned in para 8, fiscal incentives, concessional import duty, excise duty, tax holiday for 10 years, bank loans of up to Rs 15 crore for biomass-based power generators will be considered part of PSL etc., are available for Biomass power projects. Of this amount, Rs181.8 billion could be recovered under the amnesty scheme, the ministry said.
This interruption has caused many problems in every walk of life, it may be the hospitals or shops or offices or schools, all are blessed with it. Although the new private mangement of KESC claimed to improve the situation but again all fake claims. The benefit of concessional custom duty and excise duty exemption are available on equipments required for initial setting up of biomass projects based on certification by Ministry.  In addition,  State Electricity Regulatory Commissions have determined preferential tariffs and Renewable Purchase Standards (RPS).
The MNRE will not be responsible for any loss or harm, direct or consequential or any violation of laws that may be caused by inaccuracy in the information available on this website. It is KESC official statement that in whole city load shading of 3 hours other than those feeder where the stolen ratio of electricity is high and 4 and ? hours of load shading for these feeder .
Mean KESC first give us the name of “ theft “ and then do what they want .Also last 3 hours of this load shading is in night hour , believe me it is almost paralyses our life in night hours . The exhaust of the steam turbine can either be fully condensed to produce power, or used partly or fully for another useful heating activity.

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