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Officials want to make it clear that the ambulance budget is separate from the fire districts.
MOBERLY, MO- The Missouri based air ambulance company, Air Evac Lifeteam has announced an agreement that will bring their newest location to Moberly, Missouri.
Randolph County Ambulance District headquarters will be the location for Air Evac Lifeteam’s newest base of operations. Operating 115 bases in 15 fifteen states with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, the venture decreases transportation time in case of an emergency.
An Air Evac Lifeteam crew, which includes a registered nurse, paramedic and pilot, is on call at each base 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Air Evac Lifeteam is the largest independently owned and operated air medical service provider in the United States. A strapped rural ambulance service is two months behind in issuing paychecks as it creeps towards solvency. The Windsor Ambulance District has been bleeding money for years. But sit in on an ambulance board meeting, and it becomes clear that bind is a tough one to undo. A new ambulance district director took over in July, and most of the current members of the all-volunteer ambulance board began in late October.
Folks in town have had fundraisers in a struggle to avoid turning to another ambulance district. The Barry-Lawrence Ambulance District agreed to sign up for the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS) at its Dec. According to office manager Jeaniettia Pierce, the district had a plan employees could pay into, but the lack of an employer-supported plan placed Barry-Lawrence behind most other services in the area.
For the district’s full-time employees who work at least 1,500 hours a year to participate, board members budgeted $25,000 for the expense for fiscal year 2014, starting on Jan.
The board also took advantage of an offer through Anthem insurance to renew health insurance coverage for employees by acting early. The district has had a very stable full-time staff of 12 for some time eligible for insurance, Pierce noted. In other financial business, Pierce presented board members with a proposed budget for 2014 with LAGERS and the new insurance coverage included.
The memorandum of understanding outlining terms of interaction between the district and emergency responders was approved for the first time with the Pierce City Fire District. Previously approved memorandums of understanding with the Monett city fire department, the Monett Rural Fire Association and the Freistatt firefighters were renewed for 2014. In September, crews made 230 runs, up eight from a year ago and the second highest number in the last eight years. Over the same period, crews took 49 patients to Cox Monett Hospital, 79 to Springfield hospitals, 10 to Joplin hospitals and nine to bi-county hospitals in September. In mutual aid calls, crews picked up seven extra runs helping other services in September and had to turn over six calls when all the ambulances were in use.
The district promoted Hollis Robar to full-time status as an emergency medical technician in September. Education director Andy McCaslin offered a driving class in August and September, a first responder class in October and a paramedic refresher course in November, in conjunction with Eagle Med. Voters will recognize that as the same proposal turned down this past spring. “It was on the ballot last April and lost by about one-and-a-half percent,” Limbert said.
An Adair County ambulance was involved in a crash while transporting a patient Wednesday afternoon. ACAD personnel were on a run transporting the patient to Columbia when another vehicle struck the right front passenger side of the ambulance. The hospital has agreed to continue to allow any new ambulance service to purchase medical supplies through their purchasing system, taking advantage of volume pricing discounts that the hospital may be able to get for them. On Monday, the newly-formed Missouri Health Workforce Coalition will hold a Primary Care Summit in Jefferson City to outline the challenge, review current policy and begin planning for efforts to strengthen the state’s primary care workforce.
The next national provider webinar for hospitals participating in the Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting Program is scheduled at 1 p.m.
MHA has released a compendium of lessons learned from the Grow Your Own health care workforce program. Andrew Van Dam of The Wall Street Journal previously worked at the AHCJ offices while earning his master’s degree at the Missouri School of Journalism, and he has blogged for Covering Health ever since. For those of you looking for story ideas, you might look into local hospitals’ disaster plans.
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Mercy suffered a direct hit from the tornado and lost its generators and communications system. Freeman staff were unaware that a tornado had occurred until patients arrived with severe puncture-related injuries.
Ambulances from surrounding areas arrived to assist with transport of triaged patients to other facilities; the crews packed additional supplies in their empty vehicles to supplement Freeman’s “96-hour” cache that only lasted four hours. The Cox-Health system in nearby Springfield, Missouri, received “green” patients and provided a family reunification center where some discharged patients stayed after losing their homes in Joplin.
Install battery backup lighting in stairwells, and include headlamps for staff for hands-free lighting. Store disaster equipment and supplies (including evacuation equipment) in storage areas on patient units. In a building receiving significant damage, doors, mattresses, and other flat surfaces can be used for rapid evacuation. Identify common gathering points for patients and staff outside the building to coordinate tracking, triage and alternate site transport and coordination.
Do not depend on local fire and emergency response personnel to assist with an evacuation during a community-wide disaster.
Include a method to ensure a thorough search and rescue of the hospital during and following an evacuation.
Assign a nurse familiar with the emergency department to a physician who may not practice in that department on a regular basis. Hospital staff should carry staff identification in wallets or maintain an identification badge in a vehicle to allow return to a facility. Fully customized quick reference guide to help keep your staff prepared for safe infection prevention and control procedures.
COLUMBIA - MU announced Monday the university’s School of Medicine has been ranked among the top 10 graduate schools for family medicine.

AUDRAIN COUNTY - A weak tornado touched down in rural Audrain County near Laddonia and Farber Tuesday evening.
MARSHALL - The Heart of America Athletic Conference awarded two Missouri Valley college student-athletes in golf and tennis. The Boone County Sheriff's Department deals with mid-Missourians who are addicted to painkillers.
The study found that 30 percent of patients who visited hospitals for opioid overuse in 2014 were uninsured. Don't miss the opportunity to take a few moments to stop by our booth to find out what makes our company the right choice for your hospital. Since 1972, ECI Healthcare Partners has been dedicated to this principle: Quality healthcare is achieved by valuing people.
Trajectories is a bimonthly publication from MHA's Strategic Quality Division focusing on progress in quality and population health efforts. The January 2016 issue highlights the importance of enhancing quality of care through care coordination.
The September-October 2015 issue discusses the importance of preventing health care-associated infections. The July-August 2015 issue of Trajectories outlines a four-step approach to harness the power of hospital data to drive quality improvement. The May-June 2015 issue provides an overview of population health, specifically emergency preparedness and community resiliency. The March-April 2015 issue provides an overview of patient harm in Missouri, specifically prevention and safety. The February 2015 issue spotlights women's health, specifically heart health and readmissions.
The January 2015 issue spotlights women’s health, specifically obstetrics harm, in Missouri.
The December 2014 issue reviews population health management through care coordination and population health improvement through community health.
The November 2014 issue highlights the economic contribution and quality of care provided by CAHs to rural communities, and the implementation of the Triple Aim Principles.
The October 2014 issue provides an introduction to the MHA quality strategy, building from the foundation established by the Hospital Engagement Network and moving forward to implementing the Triple Aim Principles of better health, better care and lower costs. News analyzed over 5,000 hospitals for adult and pediatric care to find the best in the nation, based on critical criteria and patient outcomes.
News Doctor Finder has compiled extensive information in each doctor's profile, including where he or she was educated and trained, which hospitals he or she admits patients to, and in some cases which insurance plans he or she accepts. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI)– It all started with a budget shortfall in 2010, since then Marty Limpert with the St.
The agreement brings an undisclosed investment that will create fifteen new highly skilled positions in the central Missouri community.
The new Moberly location complements Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter bases already located in other portions of Missouri.
Crew members are trained in advanced pre-hospital care, allowing them to provide medical care at the scene and continue that care en route to the hospital. The O’Fallon, Missouri based company operates the world’s largest fleet of Bell 206 Long Rand helicopters each outfitted for emergency care. They fear doing so will negatively impact response times. In August, they began holding fundraisers to keep the service going. In addition to its reputation as one of the best programs available, LAGERS looked particularly attractive to board members with experience through the City of Monett’s use of the program. She projected the same trend analysis for service and medical supplies, leaving a proposal very similar to 2013.
Action was delayed until the city and rural firefighters in Pierce City could reorganize their leadership once voters approved of a unified fire district. The agreement with the Purdy Fire District, as an Emergency Medical Response Agency (EMRA), will come up for renewal later in 2014.
In October, crews made 225 runs, the third highest number in the last eight years and up 12 from a year ago. October totals were 41 to Cox Monett, 85 to Springfield hospitals, five to Joplin hospitals and seven to the Aurora and Cassville hospitals.
The service more than 30,000 calls a year. A tax hike is always a tough sell to the voters, But Limpert says in the nearly 40 years the ambulance district has been around, it’s never had a tax increase. Heartland health Community Hospital in Missouri has decided it’s losing too much money providing ambulance services to its nearby communities. If you remember, I covered York Hospital Pennsylvania’s decision to cut it’s EMS services to the community a month or so ago. This is just another, and what I suspect will be a long series of such EMS system changes we will be seeing in the coming years. In fact, MHA has issued several reports on primary care physicians in rural and urban areas, and annually identifies trends in the hospital workforce throughout Missouri. For example, it’s a lot easier to talk about the places that are not a primary care health professional shortage area than to list those that are. Missouri already has a diverse set of programs that are designed to support the workforce, including some specifically targeted to HPSAs. In addition, it provides a set of opportunities for collaboration, partnership and solutions to some of the known issues.
It will require continued investment, better and more targeted use of workforce resources, and a commitment from stakeholders to work collaboratively. Unfortunately, the pipeline can’t develop a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse or allied health worker overnight. It is that solving it will require aggressive, coordinated action and targeted, long-term commitment. The LTCH Quality Reporting Manual Version 3.0 offers guidance to LTCHs regarding the collection, submission and reporting of quality data to CMS for compliance with the LTCH Quality Reporting Program. The GYO grant program has provided nearly $2 million to 39 Missouri hospitals throughout the past two years to help hospitals develop and expand their health care workforce according to locally-defined needs. Mid-America Transplant Services, Midwest Transplant Network and other organ donation organizations across the country are sharing the importance of donation and transplantation to raise awareness, educate and motivate individuals to become donors. Because each order is completely customized, a guide can be designed to meet your specific needs.
If you'd like to receive our monthly newsletter with articles like these, please take a minute to sign up. Most of the Mercy windows were smashed, and the water and sewage pipes were broken, causing broken glass, water, and sewage along hallways and evacuation routes. Mercy patients arrived to Freeman with no medical records, and several patients were intubated and unable to provide information about their medical situation.

Doctors and nurses also arrived from across the state to volunteer to work shifts at Freeman, but in the first hours after the tornado, the hospital lacked a system to verify credentials and had to trust that medical volunteers were qualified personnel.
When they had trouble breathing, she would use a nebulizer machine with a tiny attachment for their faces. Jay Nixon began his mental health initiative in 2015 in order to establish more resources for people suffering from mental illness.
Dectective Tom O'Sullivan, who has been at the department for more than 20 years, shared his insight about perscription painkillers.
ECI Healthcare Partners' will be attending the MHA Annual Meeting at the Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach, MO. Through our growing network of services, we create a harmonized, total care experience for every patient. Survey data for the latest year available shows that 99,804 patients visited the hospital's emergency room. Charles County Ambulance District says they’ve been fighting budget cuts that forced them close stations and lose staff. In July of last year, we had to cut in the Darden Prairie area and close a base in Cottleville. The district just released a map to illustrate areas in red that have 1 to 5 minute delays. In addition the company maintains a state-of-the-art operations center that included medically trained communications specialists equipped with high-tech weather monitoring, satellite tracking and mapping systems. The damage from past administrations included a year’s worth of bills for service never mailed and payroll taxes removed from paychecks but never sent to the IRS. This is the first time the local ambulance district has offered an employer supported retirement program. Based on present staffing and insurance experience, Anthem offered to renew for one year at a 3.7 percent premium increase.
In November, crews made 221 runs, down 11 from a year ago but the second highest number in the last eight years. In November, crews took 82 to Springfield hospitals, 17 to Joplin hospitals and 10 to bi-county hospitals.
Leaving the district’s service was Lance Allcock in September and Kristin Spencer in October, both serving as on-call paramedics. Both of those bids have figures including significant increases in the cost of the service. The changes in our healthcare system are causing many rural and remote communities to look long and hard at the types of emergency services they provide.
It also will require identifying the right potential workforce entrants and removing the roadblocks to their career choices. Think about it — a student graduating from a Missouri high school this year with an eye toward becoming a primary care physician will complete their residency program in 2027, at the earliest. Stories in the compendium include how hospitals have used funding to implement tailored recruitment, retention and leadership development programs.
Certainly there are things no one can plan for, but it’s worth reading the story from this hospital and evaluating disaster plans with those events in mind.
The fatalities would have been greater if the Mercy and Freeman Health System staff had not worked together to evacuate, transfer, receive, and treat hospital patients and casualties.
At the time, there were 183 patients in the hospital, including 24 in the emergency department and 28 who were classified as critical.
Injured residents were entering the facility through any door available, causing staff to set up five separate triage locations. Mercy established an alternate care site at a gymnasium, and a mobile medical unit served as a temporary hospital to provide care in the days following the tornado.
We are down 13 EMT`s right now and have an issue on the ballot on April 8th.  If successful we will try to re-staff those positions,” said Limpert.
The Inez helicopter will be equipped with state-of-the-are medical equipment, including the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).
Completion of the construction of the heliport and supporting facilities is anticipated to be finished by the second quarter of 2014.
The hospital directors point out that this decision was not an easy one, but the hospital itself is fighting to remain open in the face of continued health care costs and rising costs to run the hospital. The Community Ambulance Response to Emergencies, or CARE committee, looked at funding the increase and is recommending a county sales tax increase to fund the additional cost for ambulance services.
However, even with the current school of medicine graduation rate of approximately 1,000 students annually, Missouri has too few residency slots to offer students educated here. Addressing the problem requires a commitment to taking the long view and investing for the long term. The GYO programs provide ideas for consideration and customization that may be useful to others looking to innovate and strengthen their workforce. One surgery was in progress and was completed by using the flashlight “app” on staff cell phones.
The Freeman building lost a portion of its roof (requiring the relocation of two medical units), as well as lights and water pressure,  affecting staff’s ability to clean injuries, sterilize equipment, conduct hemodialysis, and allow for toileting. And we were in there a lot,” Collins said, during a recent visit with her daughters to a mobile asthma clinic parked outside their pediatrician’s office in north St. Barofske says the board recently reached a favorable settlement and payment plan with the IRS. Patients were evacuated using doors, wheelchairs, mattresses, backboards, and medical sleds; ambulatory patients required shoes to walk through the broken glass to one of three evacuation sites. Freeman treated 500 patients who had no identification while conducting 22 surgeries in a 12-hour period, including a 10-hour craniotomy.
Louis County are diagnosed with asthma; pediatricians here say it’s their top issue of focus.
Poor air quality, restricted access to preventive care and low socioeconomic conditions all appear to be exacerbated in those areas, making pediatric asthma rates twice as high as the statewide average, according to new numbers from the Missouri Hospital Association. When children’s asthma gets out of control, they often wind up in the emergency room, creating an emotional (and often financial) toll on their families. They have Medicaid coverage to pay for medication, visit their doctor regularly, and keep action plans for asthma emergencies.
Last fiscal year, children in the program visited the emergency room at a rate of 63 per 1000 visits, three times as often as kids covered by all other forms of insurance.
A second MHA paper, highlighting prevention efforts, is available here.  Experts weigh in: Why is the disparity getting worse?

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