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Earlier this year, we announced Minecraft: Education Edition, a new version of Minecraft designed to help kids learn real good and make better brain-words about stuff.
If you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like through Unreal Engine 4 then you’re in luck. I kind of want one of these but the price seem just a little to high for what your getting I can get a ar-7 for half the price and it floats.
As in, can the extractor hold a cartridge to the boltface with enough tenacity that the hammer can crush the cartridge rim and discharge the weapon? If it can fire without the barrel attached (eg if the chamber is part of the action and not the barrel assembly), you’d be looking at a sbr at best, and a ND in fishing rod mode into your leg at worst. Also it would go without saying that the action should be kept open at all times until ready to shoot, as brush could easily hit the trigger while you are on the move due to the omission of a trigger guard. For a pure survival rifle (as opposed to a Zombie Slayer), single-shot makes a lot of sense.
Considering how much superlight pack gear typically costs, I don’t think the price is too out of line- although losing a little carbon fiber to get the price under $300 would be appreciated.
I don’t really think this should be compared to something like an AR-7 or Feather 22. Cute rifle but I think you should add a knife and some scissors and call it a Swiss Army Rifle.
It looks like a nice toy for the person that has everything that needs something else to play with.
I am not sure if I want one of these, but I now have a strange desire to mount a zebco 404 on one of my Mosins. When using a single-shot .22 LR to hunt a big cat that is more than capable of stalking, killing and eating you – where do you try to place your shot? Do you have your dad or uncle standing by with something like a .30-06 semi-auto loaded with 220-grain solids, just in case? I like it but I would like to see some black plastic on the rifle even if it ment more weight. Novel idea, but I’ve carried a High Standard (old model) as a survival weapon since 1967. You carry this when you are in bear country so when you and your friend happen upon a bear, you shoot your friend in the knee and make your escape…. Any rifle will turn into a fishing pole , just tie a line and hook to the barrel ( behind the front sight so it don’t slip off ) m. I agree with most of the comments but a 22 lr will surely harvest enough meat in a survival situation.

The guy on up the thread was right though, It took an action and trigger job to smooth it out. This is a pack rifle, of course it isnt going to be some big beefy thing that you would be confident taking down bigger game. Good little survival rifle to put in a go bag for hunting small game, but make sure it’s unloaded. Wow, one of the sellers at the local arms show has one of these and has been trying to sell it for $600.00 for months, no takers but lots of interest. Whether you like magic mods, tech mods or just want to explore the minecraft world expect this to be your favorite mod pack of 2016. In this Minecraft episode we set up a new smeltery room and a mine cart system to transport the molten liquids. In this Minecraft episode we give our farm a major upgrade, advance into tier 3 metals, and start up my very own cooking show. Two pounds heavier, but it is semi-auto, it’s self-contained when packed for storage, and can probably stand a good deal of abuse when packed or assembled. It looks to me like it has a short tube magazine and the action looks like a semi-auto with a stubby charge handle. I know it’s to save weight and all that, but why not go up a little to say, .223 or something?
It is a survival rifle and as such I wouldn’t expect to be following any laws if I needed to shoot something larger than bunnies for sustenance in a survival situation.
For all I know, the kid took down the African Big 5 as a warm-up before he decided to relax with a little light hunting. I have hunted lions with hounds in past years, and over 90% were killed by one shot of .22 lr hollow point. If its a rifle and under 16 inches, then its a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and is legal with a $200 NFA stamp.
Just the thing to ride in the canvas pouch behind the canvas bench seat of my restored 1940 Taylorcraft when it fly’s over desolate west Texas rangeland. A survival rifle can be heavier as it often is carried in a vehicle, plane ATV etc where weight is less of a factor. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or they respectful owner. I usually prefer .22lr because I like to shoot a lot, but I doubt anyone will be putting high volumes through this rifle.

I don’t recall how the trigger was, but if you need to keep weight down, this is the way to do it. Even if the semi weighed one or even two pounds more than the single-shot, it would still be very compact compared to the AR7 (fair disclosure, the AR7 is NOT one of my faves). Yeah, shot placement and all that, but if I was stuck in the wilderness, I’d want a gun with enough power to kill larger game if I needed to.
I would consider hunting at night by the light of the moon or a flashlight if I had one, and I would be taking advantage of any large animal I saw male or female, and even the young that wouldn’t be hunted.
I happen to like the odds to be stacked a little more in my favor, especially with dangerous game. The henry survival with aftermarket stock weighs very little more, and is infinitely more useful. This mod allows you to build quite a few different types of furniture such as; Chairs, tables, mailbox, refrigerator, couch, and so much more! A 1 pound rifle can save you from carrying several pounds of food, or it can serve as an EDC last-resort survival rifle.
I’d love to have one of these, but I have higher priorities than a single shot rifle I will never need. I have quite a fe images for you all to take a look at, hopefully this will help you decide whether you want this awesome mod or not!
Most peolpe that are attacked are running away from the cat, wheather by design or just happenstance. It looks like there are 2 threaded holes at the top front of the receiver (looking at the web-site). You will note that most attacks are on small children or persons that are walking or running on primative trails and completely unaware the cat was there. I have had sober, honest people tell me they have faced lions while hunting or hiking, and scared them off by raising their arms to look as large as possible and yelling loudly.
Or if these are the holes for the studs on the scope mount: thread the holes, and permanently attach a small rail of conventional shape, then use a red-dot with a quick release. I’ve never tried that myself, and since I never go out of my house unarmed would probably be more inclined to shoot it.
The last thing I might want is a pair of clips, (front and rear) that secure the two halves together when stowed.

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