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What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? Clearly we can sit here all day long telling you about the vast array of preps that you should have in place, but since I have newborn to tend to and I am already severely sleep deprived, allow me to continue with the 1st essential preps to get your K9 ready for tactics and bugging out.
I wanted him to be able to carry a canteen of water, a day or two worth of dry food, and anything else is simply a bonus.  It also needed to be versatile, and capable of working into my existing systems, so Molle Compatible gear was essential in my decision making process. I like that idea of medical stuff going to the dog because they are lighter and bulkier so they fill up a persons pack more. Yikes, if you dumped Quick stop into a wound I imaging it would cause all sorts of problems.

Three things your missing IMO my shepherds both trained aka by work carry three items at all times.
Like that pack much more than the one I have for my dogs:) How about some first aid supplies though?
In the veterinary field we use it to stop torn toenails from bleeding, ear nicks that sort of thing.
I write about using a backpack on dogs to carry not only the dog’s supplies but much more at my site and in my book. Vetwrap,betadine solution, pair of hemostats,and small scissors, white medical tape, quick-stop, asprin,benadryl,immodium, and booties.

I wonder if it is the same stuff that they use for humans or different with a similar name? I bring him running with me almost everyday, but I don’t think I can fit a tac-vest on him. My younger GSD is a tracker so she tends to venture out site until she finds what shes looking for the issue comes in is finding her from her alert which can be annoying so the gps takes care of that thus she can now just use a passive alert AKA sit and wait.

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