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In an American town, an old bitter miser is given a ghostly chance at redemption on Christmas Eve.
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So frequently has Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol been retold on film that a straight adaptation of the 19th century novella is virtually inconceivable. In 1979, Mickey Mouse, Bill Murray, the Muppets, and motion capture animation had not yet left their indelible marks on the material.
By the late '70s, it got to the point where you were bound to find multiple versions debuting on the networks in December. As usual, the most time is spent with the Ghost of Christmas Past (David Wayne), who shows us how a young Slade was plucked from an orphanage and given a home and a career as an apprentice carpenter by the generous Brewsters. The Ghost of Christmas Future is the 1970s-fashioned double of a repossessed poor farmer (Dorian Harewood, making a "special guest appearance"), perhaps the only element that dates this incarnation.
The teleplay by Jerome Coopersmith, the "Hawaii Five-O" veteran who had previously penned the Rankin-Bass cartoon 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, does not follow Dickens' text to the letter. It is evident that the movie's make-up work was not meant to stand up to high definition scrutiny. On the whole, I was quite pleased with this production, which, ironically, was shot entirely in Canada and with primarily a local cast.
Initially released to DVD in 1999 and out of print for the last several years, An American Christmas Carol returns to stores next month in a DVD reissue and Blu-ray debut from Shout!
In terms of aesthetics, the 1970s gave us some of the least presentable content in the history of television. There is just a single bonus feature, but that is one more than found on the movie's previous DVD and one more than what would be expected of any other studio releasing this. I can't get enough of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and judging from the sheer number of adaptations, I'm not alone in that.
Holiday TV Movies: The House Without a Christmas Tree • The Christmas Star • They Call Me Mrs. Medical sleuths have tried to unravel the mystery surrounding what exactly was wrong with Bob Cratchit's youngest son for years. Reasons to support diagnosis: Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include short stature, soft bones, muscular weakness and joint pain. What the critics say: A nutritional deficiency would likely have affected all the Cratchit children, not just one.
Reasons to support diagnosis: Charles Callahan submitted this diagnosis to the American Journal of Diseases of Children in 1991. The content of this page was created directly by users and has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! There's got to be a hook, be it modernization, music, the latest technology, or a famous character standing in for Scrooge.
Still, Dickens' holiday redemption tale had already been subjected to many film and television interpretations.

Slade would shun their family furniture boss (Chris Wiggins) and love interest daughter Helen (Susan Hogan) in order to pursue the almighty buck, valuing the potential profits of mass production over quality craftsmanship. Jessup (Gerry Parkes, Doc of "Fraggle Rock"), turns Slade's attentions to the family of the thankless assistant he just fired, Mr. While the story is fundamentally the same, far from every scene and character of the story gets an equivalent here.
But Winkler has the voice and mannerisms of an older person down pat and his age is never doubted. If you thought he had gotten his fill of Christmas television with this and that, think again.
The Blu-ray includes a brand new, high definition interview with star Henry Winkler (8:41).
Henry Winkler's An American Christmas Carol is not among the best-known versions and it doesn't approach the heights of my favorite interpretations. Without treatment, it can cause growth retardation, kidney stones, bone disease, chronic kidney disease and possibly total kidney failure.
He argued it is common for children not to exhibit classic respiratory symptoms of TB that are seen in adults. Reasons to support diagnosis: Peter Jones suggested this diagnosis in the Australian Paediatric Journal in 1972. Reasons to support diagnosis: Polio was a worldwide epidemic between 1840 and the 1950s, and it was often associated with children.
The 1978 animated Rankin-Bass musical The Stingiest Man in the World would be noticed and remembered. If that wasn't enough to distinguish this version, then perhaps the casting of Henry Winkler in the Ebenezer Scrooge role could. The financing business has made him rich, but that doesn't prevent him from dutifully repossessing items, even on Christmas Eve and even from an orphanage.
But it is refreshingly confident in its own ideas, which it proves to be compatible with those of Dickens. Till would later direct The Christmas Toy (1986), the outstanding A Muppet Family Christmas (1987), and Kenny Rogers' Christmas in America (1990). He recalls his reluctance to make the movie, the make-up he had to wear, and how he turned down the role of Danny Zuko in Grease for being too close to The Fonz. Those three omissions prove to be a somewhat lethal combination if you hit your remote's Pop-Up Menu button during playback and have to then find where you were at or even if you can't finish this in one sitting. Still, for a 1970s telemovie, this is surprisingly well-made, displaying unusual polish for its origins, adequate dramatic resonance, and suitable updates to the source text. Between the sparkling feature presentation and the simple yet perfect inclusion of a new Henry Winkler interview, this easily stands as the movie's definitive disc. As the story ends, we learn that Scrooge’s decision to give Cratchit, his clerk, a pay raise helps to save Tiny Tim.
Reasons to support diagnosis: This diagnosis was put forth by Donald Lewis and written up in the American Journal of Diseases of Children in 1992. Rickets was widespread in places such as London during the Industrial Revolution, but could have been prevented and treated with a better diet afforded by Scrooge’s pay raise. He said the disease usually strikes children under age 10, and will cause deterioration of the spine, weight loss, fatigue and pain.

TB was also one of the most prevalent diseases in London in the 1800s, and this form of the disease would have explained Tiny Tim’s limp.
While Ebenezer Scrooge attributes his dreams to food poisoning, a 2006 New York Times Magazine piece by Dr. In need of a major lifestyle change, Slade is visited by his deceased mentor and business partner Jack Latham (Ken Pogue). And yet the movie upholds the spirit of the story, making all the same points as Dickens and making them strongly. While he isn't the most proficient dramatic performer, that isn't as much of a liability as you'd think with the role being so central and fleshed out to differ from the book here. For being a '70s TV movie, it's also less saccharine and shoestring than you'd think, as it wisely doesn't even attempt any major visual effects or to wallow in the melodrama that can easily be overplayed. That softens the blow of Shout!'s characteristic lack of subtitles, which is unfortunate but something they've at least clarified as cost-prohibitive. It's special enough to warrant a recommendation, especially if you can find it at a decent price. With these limited facts, medical sleuths have tried to unravel the mystery surrounding what exactly was wrong with Bob Cratchit’s youngest son for years.
He argued tuberculosis could have been managed if the Cratchits could afford to send Tiny Tim to a sanitarium and buy him a back brace. Although TB frequently caused death, Jones wanted to be optimistic, which he said is characteristic of Dickens. But, a straight one called Scrooge the same year and the BBC's routine A Christmas Carol from a year earlier are now reduced to obscurity.
What the critics say: Tuberculosis is difficult to treat and was not usually curable in the 1800s. Jessup), Susan Hogan (Helen Brewster), Dorian Harewood (Matt Reeves), Tammy Bourne (Sarah Thatcher), Chris Cragg (Jonathan Thatcher), James B. True, Fonzie had jumped the shark two years earlier, but "Happy Days" remained a highly-rated draw, thanks in no small part to the charismatic actor behind the show's breakout supporting role. We're told the only one who can help young, crippled Jonathan (Chris Cragg) live a normal life is a nun in Australia, who has some revolutionary operation. Aside from rare minor blemishes and a few thin lines briefly running down the screen, the element is clean. There haven't been many older TV movies released to Blu-ray, but I would guess this remains one of the best-looking for some time. Doris Thatcher), Derrick Jones (Harry Barnes), Cec Linder (Auctioneer), Sylvia Llewellyn (Latham's Secretary), Jefferson Mappin (Joe), Mary Pirie (Mrs. Other critics suggest Tiny Tim’s suffering was a metaphor for societal neglect, not a clinical disease.

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