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Graphic designer Old Red Jalopy created a series of LEGO movie posters for the upcoming 86th Academy Awards Best Picture nominees for Yahoo! Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. Nicholas Cage is Benjamin Franklin Gates in Jerry Bruckheimer's latest extended action sequence: National Treasure. Bruckheimer: Can we figure out a way for Nick to decipher the ancient code while he's engaged in a running gun battle? Turteltaub has had some mild successes in the past, but this is his first Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster.
The plot turns on the idea that the founding fathers of America were Freemasons who hid a giant treasure for some reason.
Cage has to find it not only for historical purposes but, of course, to keep it out of the hands of rival Bean.
Cage and Bean do well in their roles, both being experienced in displaying humorless determination.

Immigrant Zalmie starts off in vaudeville and winds up involved in the mob, his pianist son Benny gets killed in WWII, Benny's son Tony winds up in the early psychedelic rock scene in Haight-Asbury, and Tony's son Little Pete becomes a rock idol. It's filled with Bruckheimer cliches, like trucks that don't slow down when they're going to hit pedestrians (they just honk angrily) and a score that beats you with a stick.
The reason is never explained, which is unfortunate since the newborn United States was so woefully broke that it could barely fight the British.
Only Bean would have no chance of finding it if he wasn't miraculously one step behind Cage every minute. Why does Cage have to solve a vague and arcane riddle in forty-five seconds while he's standing in the structure he has just dug out of the Arctic ice? In fact, they could have exchanged roles with no appreciable loss, altho it would have been fun to see Cage try to do a British accent. Harvey Keitel takes a thankless bow as a federal agent in charge of retrieving the Declaration of Independence. There's never any time for tension to build up when our heroes are racing against time and rivals every waking moment; in fact, I don't think Cage's character ever sleeps at all once he goes after the Declaration.

If you don't care about how bad guy Ian Howe (Sean Bean) always knows where to show up next to stop Gates, then it's a fine piece of cinema.
But to this film lover, this movie feels like it started out being six hours long and was cut down to two to keep the pacing fast.
Of course, maybe that was what the Freemasons were keeping the treasure safe from: being spent.
But if they intended it to become the basis of America's first museums, why did they keep it so well hidden, and the location so secret, that they lost it in only 50 years?

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