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There are several accounts of the Japanese troops using civilians and prisoners of war for bayonet practice, sometimes as an initiation rite for new recruits.
Alastair Urquhart was one of the 120,000 British, Indian and Australian troops marched into captivity following the fall of Singapore. The Japanese had been busy with their samurai swords and had created a hellish avenue to terrify and intimidate. Unknown to us we had just walked into the middle of the ‘Sook Ching’ massacre, a well-planned japanese purge of Chinese opponents, both real and potential. Next I saw a column of at least a hundred Chinese civilians being marched across a pedang in the same direction as us. The ‘Sook Ching’ massacre took place over several days immediately following the fall of Singapore.
The first day of the sixteen day stand against the Japanese by the massively outnumbered Queen's West Kents. IMDB describes Audition as, “A widower takes an offer to screen girls at a special audition, arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife. It seems that most of the scenes from Audition on YouTube are blocked for content (which is understandable) so I can’t really put them on here. Mutantville & Horror news, convention updates, reviews, filmmaking tips, and all things horror!

Burrito stuffed with Chicken, Chorizo, Cheeze, Beans, and a mix of alien dialects and flavors. Garlic Bread Basket – Sliced Ciabatta bread toasted and smothered with our own garlic butter.
It was a humiliating episode for those involved but the true horrors of becoming prisoners of the Japanese were yet to become apparent. Utterly dejected and deep in despair we trudged along, prodded on by bayonets and with stragglers subjected to vicious treatment by the japanese. We came face to face with a thicket of severed Chinese heads, speared on poles on both sides of the road. More than fifty thousand Chinese were murdered with the sickening sadism that seemed endemic in the japanese Army.
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The mutilated bodies of these poor souls lay nearby and the heads, with their eyes rolled back, presented a truly shocking spectacle.
Paradoxically it made me feel a little better about our own immediate future – after all we were not blindfolded. I’ve seen many others since, the most recent being Sukiyaki Western Django which starred Quentin Tarantino of all people.

One interesting thing about the film is when the film was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2000 it had a record number of walkouts. Retching and fighting the instinct to be sick, I shouted to the boys to keep their eyes to the ground. After the war the Japanese government paid compensation to Singapore but made no formal admission nor any formal apology. They were perhaps four miles away and already losing height in a wide sweeping turn to starboard over Grand Harbour. Now they straightened out on a northerly course with their noses down, and I knew they would be exceeding 400 mph. He’s directed 89 films since 1991 (Straw Shield is still in post production at this time).

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