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I entered another iPhone App movie contest, this time hosted by the site "From Bricks to Bothans." I  posted the movie and some production pictures on the "Lego Superhero App" page.
Stop Motion makes it really easy for you to create your own animated movie by bringing your pictures to life. With Stop Motion, you have all the necessary tools to turn your Lego pieces into animated characters, bring drawings on a piece of paper to life, and, pretty much, turn any collection of static images into something vibrant. One last thing, even if Stop Motion is free to download this week, some options and effects can be enjoyed through in-app purchase only. In today’s modern word driven by technology, the mobile phone industry is completely revolutionized with the advent of iPhone and iPad.
There are numerous categories and templates available with iPhone which enables the users to customize their own designs depending on their requirements. Offline data – The iPad application works perfectly offline and there is no necessity for updating large files or videos each time. Location-Specific Services – Using the iPad web apps, one can monetize features like geo-advertising, geo-social or geo-tagging and also analyze and save geographical information. Social Sharing – In order to enhance your business requirements, you can make several social interactions using the iPad web apps. Tablet Commerce – This feature allows the buyers to view complete catalogue of products and enables them to buy or sell the products effectively.
Push Notifications – It is a powerful tool that allows the users integrate push notifications with the iPad web apps with an easy-to-control list. The various tools and techniques used in the ipad web apps allow the users to create website with beautiful layouts, pinch-to-zoom features, along with portrait and landscape modes.
FontShuffle – Internet users who have problem with typography can use iPhone application which consists of more than 650 font families. Color Expert – This iPhone application enables the website designers to create a perfect color scheme and also makes the work like translation, identification and capturing of color easy for the designers.
Jobs – One of the best iPhone applications that allow the users to track the time allotted for completing a work.
IBlueSky – This application offers brain-storming and mind-mapping solutions that can be easily collected and organized in PDF or PNG format.
Brushes – This application has prominent features designed especially for iPhone and iPad which include large varieties of realistic brushes with effective features. Jason Wu shows how to take a basic tab structure and transform it into a refined and highly sophisticated dashboard. The concept does not have an appearance of a regular calendar at all; however, this fact makes it leap to the eye. Simple Bookie App fascinates you with a hefty dose of skeuomorphism and equilibrium of color, graphics, and textures. Getbelongings iPad app demonstrates an amazing interfusion of sleek flat styled areas and semi-realistic leather textured backgrounds.
This is another masterpiece by Vladimir Kudinov that draws the attention with the sophisticated performance.
This is another awesome texture-rich interface in our collection that was built by means of Pandora UI. The product with its versatility and a large amount of essentials enables to kill two birds with one stone.
The interface has an accurate flat design that houses standard blocks of information pretty naturally.

Being an interface of the backend for administrators that should display lots of stats in an unobtrusive fashion, it certainly breaks away from the similar solutions. Movie HD lets you watch free HD movies and TV shows on your Android phone or tablet with Chromecast support. So, you can only imagine how hard it must have been for Walt Disney back in the days when Mickey Mouse was just a drawing on a piece of paper. Just take some pictures in a row, press Play, and witness your pictures as they turn from static images to a real animated movie. But once you start exploring it, you'll discover all sorts of special effects that will make your animation look even more professional.
The only thing that would have made me like this app even more, would have been a drawing mode.
I can't say they're all worth the money, and neither can I say I would pay to download Stop Motion.
If you want to know what's going on in the world of home theater and home automation, here's where you find it. The outstanding and cool interface designs available with these applications allow the users to easily customize or create their own designs. Website plays an essential role in improving the productivity of a business and the iPhone and iPad applications greatly influences the growth of the mobile industry. It is perfect for showcasing business presentations and is allowed to host numerous web apps.
The various social features offered are GPS, photos, calendar, IM and video conference which can make your social life vibrant. The ipad web apps help the users to personalize and manage their products over the internet which in turn enhances their mobile experience. Even complex queries can be resolved without using the keyboard and it mainly works as a MySQL for an iPhone. You need not possess type design knowledge to access these typefaces and can view about 24 types of faces in a single list.
The work features masterful manipulations with white space, light neutral coloring, graphics, shadows, emboss effect and arrangement of data. It is populated with numerous features that are arranged in a unique yet straightforward way.
While the light gray palette is prevailing on the design to set up a formal and businesslike atmosphere, splashes of bright colors that mark titles of various sections and buttons bring a subtle note of playfulness into the scene. Created with the help of an outstanding and massive Pandora UI kit that is a perfect choice for crafting traditional iPad and iPhone interfaces, it meets retina displays as well as complies with the Apple’s doctrine of qualitative designs. The right block that mimics traditional folder with papers naturally flows into the digital environment. However, the stable two-column structure saves the day, arranging the data pretty efficiently. And it is not surprising since this premium product hides numerous instruments to compose concepts of various kinds.
You are able to compose clean and neat interfaces using the default blue option for UI elements, or if it is needed you can go for a lavish and sophisticated skeuomorphic designs with the help of items made in a pseudo-realistic manner. The well-thought-out color palette increases the visual appeal of the project as well as improves information hierarchy. Although the concept is marked by visual complexity, including leather textures, paper textures, metallic details, stitched touches, embossed effect, shadows, however, everything looks fine and professionally tuned up.

Then, the only thing left for you to do is to save your project, and share it with your fiends. Because besides being able to add cool pictures and voice-overs, you have all sorts of effects to spice things up a bit. I think this would have turned Stop Motion into an even more professional tool by giving the user the satisfaction of witnessing his own drawings being brought to life. Released earlier in the summer, Crestron Mobile lets users use their iPHONE or iPOD touch just like a Crestron wireless touchpanel, to control various systems. Although the interface gets its sheer beauty from the synthesis of various natural textures such as wood or paper; however, it still masterfully balances generous amount of content and avoids overwhelming and messy look. A sheet of paper that seems to be torn from a school notebook is a vital feature that gives the interface a lifelike feeling and a subtle artistic flavor. Comes with six excellent skins (leather, wood, cloth, knit, basic blue and energetic orange), a bulk of elements (including controls, pics, tags, headers, and forms) and predefined templates it encourages your imagination to run wild and bring various ideas into existence in minutes.
Every piece of the project can boast of well-thought-out design that leads to a harmonious and eye-pleasing overall aesthetics.
The package covers all the sorts of controls, graphics, and widgets that are retina-ready, scalable, fully-layered and good-looking. Opting in favor of icons instead of captions, the designer is managed to save some precious space and improve the app in terms of intuitive exploration. And technology has brought us so far that today you can make your own animated movie in just a couple minutes. Leather texture, cloth texture, polished metallic surfaces and a stitched touch create buzz. While there is a great deal of content, yet bright yellow and green CTAs easily stand out from the flow. But, in the end, all that matters is what you're looking for in this sort of app: to share a funny video or to make a real impression with your video? Far from just allowing control within the residence, Crestron Mobile leverages the power of the 3G and edge networks to give users total control from anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet, 3G or edge network. My main interests are web development, playing video games once in a while, Apple, Marketing and SEO. It is those limitations which Crestron Mobile Pro aims to address, notably the inabilty of Crestron Mobile to go much beyond 15 pages.
While that may be fnie for limited control, such as security and audio, some projects demand far greater control capability. Crestron Mobile Pro Delivers this in spades, with virtually unlimited control power (is that like horsepower?).Another advantage of Crestron Mobile Pro is the ability to use dynamic graphics on the touch panel. Another advantage to the Pro version of the app is that it can be used in SystemBuilder, Crestron's wizard based programming software. The standard version is not included in system builder, and must be programmed using SimplWindows, Crestron's more advanced programming environment.Unlike the standard version, which is free, Mobile Pro will cost you $99 at the ITunes store (Which is a heck of a lot cheaper than a Crestron touch panel).

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