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This year, over two million people all around the world anxiously waited at their computer screens for the release of Tomorrowland tickets.
Not only should you have a few fast computers handy with different IP addresses but if you have a tablet or fast mobile device include that as well, my Nexus 7 made it into the ticket shop no problem! We highly recommend using computers with Ethernet cables as opposed to laptops via Wi-Fi, however we were operating off Starbuck’s Wi-Fi and a mobile internet stick so it is very possible to make it in without the fastest internet connection.
Refresh the page for the ticket shop a couple minutes before the time of sale—we were able to get access a minute early which was surprising enough but helped when it came to making it to the payment details page quickly! Electric VoyagerElectric Voyager is a new EDM blog created to bring you news and reviews that cover more than just big room house. The festival sold out all of its 360,000 tickets within an hour, despite extending from one to two weekends in July, doubling its capacity for the 10th anniversary.

Usually in January the pre-registration opens up for a few weeks and this is a necessary step to get access to the ticket shop. Use anything and everything you have at your disposal (unless it’s your 4 year old dusty beast-of-a-laptop from high school). Not only is our blog for the seasoned ravers but also for the newcomers that want to experience good music. Arguably the biggest, craziest, most sought-after music festival in the world, Tomorrowland is a real-life fairytale. People will not only try to sell you fake ones, but you need a matching ID to the name on your ticket. It is also streamed live on Tomorrowland TV on YouTube so you can take part in the madness no matter where you are.

The incredible stage production, a line-up of world class DJ’s, and attendees from over 220 countries makes it a truly unique experience.
There is also Tomorrowworld which is held in Atlanta, Georgia in September and tickets are currently available. Good luck Voyagers! They also go on sale before regular ticket sales which gives you an extra opportunity in case it doesn’t work. They usually open this up straight after the event selling out and then close it in early May.

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