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Questo A? il prezzo (escluse le spese di spedizione e imballaggio) al quale il venditore ha messo in vendita lo stesso oggetto, o uno quasi identico, di recente.
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Migliora le possibilitA  di aggiudicarti l'oggetto impostando un'offerta massima piA? alta. I took a few more pictures of both the old and new sensors, still poor but hopefully a bit clearer.
Only the new design allows for a correction of response linearity, but even then it's not a trivial task as you'd have to adapt the shape of the flux concentrators and it's hard to predict what the actual result would be. L'importo e la percentuale dello sconto indicano semplicemente la differenza calcolata tra il prezzo originale dell'oggetto specificato dal venditore e il prezzo scontato corrente del venditore. La confezione deve essere la stessa che si puA? trovare in negozio, a meno che l'oggetto non sia stato confezionato dal produttore in una confezione anonima, come una busta di plastica o una scatola senza stampa. Contatta il venditore- si apre in una nuova finestra o scheda e chiedi il servizio di spedizione per il tuo indirizzo.

I suppose the best material to use would be that used in electric motor rotors and transformer cores? I might just consider plopping a couple into my Strike Force 3D (which uses Cougar-style mini-pots) in the process of modifying the gimbals, but I'm concerned about the force-feedback motors possibly interfering with their operation. Try to get a hold of an electric reciprocating saw if you can, and be very careful during the cut. A drop-in replacement like this (even if mechanically, but not electrically) for the average pot could turn a desire into reality for many people.Extending what Mike said, have you tried mounting the magnets on a non-ferrous material, in the same way? Essentially you could obtain a linear response working by attempts, building new concentrators and measuring each new shape. For optimal performance it should be made out of mild steel or another magnetically permeable metal. Se sei residente in uno stato membro dell'Unione Europea eccetto il Regno Unito, non puoi recuperare l'IVA per questo oggetto. I scratched the surface to give more bite surface for the CA glue to hold the flux concentrators in place.The hall sensor used is the Allegro A1302, not the most sensitive one but apparently it's good enough. I have not measured the readings from the new sensor, but the joystick output seems to give me repeatable centering.
Sure you'd need either glue or some kind of non-ferrous strap to hold them in place - but the linearity and sensitivity should be good. However, as Mike pointed out, this approach introduces new drawbacks that require better, more expensive materials.
In any case, I am not going to gut my Speccy, and if I had a Commodore 64 I'd probably leave it alone as well I bet that the casing from old PC PSU's will do just as well, though it probably is a lower grade of mild steel. I have a rougher (essentially the magnets are attached to a short shaped shaft through the C shaped piece of tin, while the hall sensor is attached to a plastic bracket holding it between the magnets) equivalent of the old arrangement in the throttle, pitch and roll axes of my Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar and I get fine control through the whole range.
Assuming the rudder is deflected on average each way about 50% of the time, the centering should work over time. If you are also widening the pedal base make sure that both pedals are well supported, perhaps adding small rollers underneath the pantograph arms. However with this latest design hysteresis is a non-issue, so annealing shouldn't be needed anyway. However this this does not hold true, especially when flying helicopters, so this new approach will drift over time.
In my pedals the drawer slides tend to bend under the weight and catch on the fixing screws if turning while braking fully. There's also quadrature chips that offer you perfect linearity, since they compare the readings from sensors placed at 90 degrees rather than reading an absolute.

On both sensors the potentiometer tracks were filed down to break the electric contact, and neither respects the original potentiometer pinout, so be careful if you try to replicate this. I think I will recover the sensor from the older setup and rebuild it with a new flux concentrator, this time in the shape of a ring running around the whole assembly, and still fixed to the magnets. I suspect that these have a digital output, but there might be some that offer an analogue output instead.
The actual hall sensor is buried in a slot between two metal flux concentrators, cut out from three washers stacked and glued with CA glue. The way I added the sensors in my joystick means that the original gimbals are untouched by the mod. The older arrangement cannot be linear, it will by necessity read the central portion of a sinusoidal signal. With a bit of care you can just try one sensor and see if the joystick can handle it properly. The problem with this approach, or at least with this iteration is that the full range is over 180 degrees of swing rather than over 90 degrees, that would suite me better for my direct drive setup.
All modern joysticks use a voltage divider arrangement, so it really ought to work as a drop in replacement.
What I am trying to do is to increase the flux by providing a shorter magnetic path for the magnet's free poles. The advantage is that it does use a single magnet and is slightly more compact, at least in thickness.
If you plan to build your own sensors, the 2 magnet approach seems to work the best as Mike pointed out. I bet that the sensing angle can be made smaller by using shorter arcs for the flux rings, and that the linearity can be adjusted by careful shaping of the flux concentrators.
Hopefully I will have an updated version of that to test soon, using a flux concentrator that should interfere less with the flux between the magnets. That said, it seems to be already strong enough that the hall sensor is saturated at 45 degrees deflection, so I might have to use smaller magnets if I want to get a greater range of movement.

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