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Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX allows shielding electronic circuitry, appliances and their chassis against magnetic interference even in highly sensible areas such as control centres, etc.. Installation is very easy especially when using Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX PLUS (self adhesive version), even for the amateur. Magnetic shielding performance can be adapted optimally to your requirements by applying several layers of the product. To shield large areas (for example, entire rooms or buildings) against magnetic fields, we recommend our industrial solution consisting of Aaronia MagnoShield DUR magnetic shielding panels. Let us remind you that any given information, advice or suggestions for solving problems in this publication cannot replace a visit to a doctor orientated to natural healing or a naturopath.

Information from Rayonex It goes without saying that many questions of alternative medicine are still unexplained and controversial going by the strict rules of science, but they are on the right path of establishing themselves.Therefore, please remember that many suggestions, recommendations and solutions proposed given by us cannot be a substitute for your visit to the non-medical practitioner or a naturopathic doctor.
45 Items Match Your Search Free Shipping Coupon Now Available on Most Orders Over $25!Coupon applicable for use within the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. Consist of a 5m long special grounding band (meshed wire) which allows a professional grounding of all Aaronia shielding products like A2000+, Aaronia-Shield, Aaronia X-Dream etc..
Please also note that the effects of bio-energetic oscillation are still neither accepted nor acknowledged by orthodox medicine. Coupon also DOES NOT apply to: International orders, oversize, truck or expedited shipping charges.

Should the shielding effect be insufficient, it is possible to add further layers without any problem. The shielding foil is also ideal to shield the low-frequency portion of the disturbance emitted from cables and wires. The cables will be overlapped and taped with this foil, thus affording safe protection against magnetic interference or dissemination.

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