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Las puntuaciones detalladas del vendedor no están disponibles cuando hay menos de 10 valoraciones. For the hazard stripes, I used masking tape to block out areas to be striped, before doing the drybrush stage above.
For the dings on the non-striped armour, I just omitted the brown stage and focused on edges, front-facing surfaces and corners.
I asked Ead to give us a quick lowdown on the muddy tracks too, as these are straight out of a military modellers magazine, he kindly took some pics as a guide. Pigment scattered and the second stage of fixer flooding in progress (where the powder is turning darker). And there you have it folks, a comprehensive guide to painting Iron Warriors, and a guide to weathering them up in your choice of filth.

Stay tuned as well have armies from those two jokers over on Eye of Horus Podcast Tim and Michael, as well as JP from the Age of Darkness cast coming our way soon, as well as my own Word Bearers, and a guide on painting and weathering. This entry was posted in Gaming, Horus Heresy, Painting & Modelling, Painting and Modelling Guides, Uncategorized, Warhammer 40k and tagged horus heresy, iron warriors by Paul.
Having been recently dragged back in to the fold via the Space Marine video game, Paul is now working toward upping his painting & weathering game, devouring the new fluff, while complaining its not 1991 anymore. CLICK TO ENLARGE Rust-Oleum 249131 11 oz Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic. His tanks look great, and given how popular both loyal and traitor Iron Warriors are, this is gonna come in useful for a whole load of folk. Use a dark(ish) brown as your base layer, dip a bit of the sponge in the paint and dab the surface to the required degree.

The sheet of paper is added to stop the pigment sitting on my paint station and staining every bastard thing it touches. You can add different tones, stick with one, do whatever your heart desires with the powders so long as you fix them, white spirit is usually the modelers choice but brands like AK and MIG to specialist fixer, no idea how this performs though.
Paul has promoted bands, run club nights and started a record label over the years, to greater or lesser levels of success. Remove every other stripe, and then the yellow was done with a mix of Tau Sept Ochre and Calthan Brown (?

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