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Mu-metal es una aleacion de niquel-hierro (aproximadamente 75% de niquel, 15% de hierro, ademas de cobre y molibdeno) que tiene una permeabilidad magnetica muy alta. Los objetos de mu-metal requieren un tratamiento termico despues de que adoptan su forma definitiva. IQS Directory is a top industrial directory listing of leading industrial MuMETALA® manufacturers and suppliers. Protect Your Hard Work with Mu MetalWhen it comes to EMI shielding, there are many options and coatings that can help reduce the exposure of EMI radiation and other electronic interference. La alta permeabilidad hace al mu-metal muy eficaz en la deteccion de campos magneticos estaticos o de baja frecuencia, que no puede ser atenuada por otros metodos. Ademas tiene baja coercitividad y magnetostriccion lo que da como resultado que la perdida por histeresis sean bajas. Este recocido en un campo magnetico en atmosfera de hidrogeno, al parecer aumenta la permeabilidad magnetica alrededor de 40 veces. Utilize our website to review and source MuMETALA® manufacturers with preview ads and detailed product descriptions. Without these protective measures, a product is sensitive to these disrupting factors, which could damage the equipment and render is completely useless.

Sus propiedades magneticas son similares a otras aleaciones de alta permeabilidad como Permalloy, pero es mas ductil y manejable. El recocido altera la estructura cristalina del material, alineando los granos y eliminando algunas impurezas, especialmente de carbono, que impiden el movimiento libre de los limites de los dominios magneticos. These MuMETALA® companies can design, engineer and manufacture MuMETALA® to your specifications and application need. Not only is this a waste of money and time, but it can result in a huge disruption of any industrial process.
Diferentes variantes de la aleacion se venden bajo nombres comerciales tales como Mumetal, MuMetal y MuShield; este articulo cubrira sus caracteristicas comunes. La flexion o la aplicacion de golpes despues del recocido puede alterar la alineacion de granos del material, dando lugar a una disminucion de la permeabilidad de las zonas afectadas, que puede ser restaurada mediante la repeticion de la etapa del recocido en atmosfera de hidrogeno. A quick and easy to use request for quote form is provided for you to contact these MuMETALA® manufacturers and suppliers.
Each company has detailed profile information, locations, phone number, website links, product videos and product information defined.
Mu metal is a type of EMI shield that offers protection against EMI radiation, RFI exposure, and other forms of electrical disruption.

Even products that give off EMI radiation use mu-metal shields to protect them from other equipment. We are the right resource for your information requirement whether its for a manufacturer of MuMETALA® sheet or MuMETALA® tape. You can find these shields used in electric power transformers, hard disks, cathode ray tubes, oscilloscopes, magnetic phonograph cartridges, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, magnetometers for magnetoencephalography and magnetocardiography, phtomultiplier tubes, superconducting circuits, vacuum chambers in experiments with low-energy electrons, and in many other places around the industrial world.
Any industry that deals with EMI exposure and radio frequency interference can use mu-metal products to protect their investment.
There is no reason to expose your product or the product of someone else to unnecessary EMI exposure, and with varying shields and coated metals, you can prevent almost all radiation. This protects your products and nearby factors, like people, other equipment, and the various components in your own machines.

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